Posted on September 9, 2013

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ZH: Ron Paul Warned 'Warmongers' A Year Ago: "Leave Syria Alone" 23:40:37
Mother Of Three Fends Off Armed Carjackers With Her Own Gun (VIDEO) 22:03:59
My doctor ordered an HIV test for me. 21:51:43
Harry Reid Cancels Syria Senate Vote and Obama Confuses Everyone; His family wants peace! 19:42:37
US Senate Delays Syria Vote 19:38:30
Video Update: Rand Paul is on CNN's new Crossfire show-Newt is a host 18:33:18
Colorado recall election tomorrow, please call who you know and help kick the gun grabbers out. 18:00:45
Alan Grayson: Obama Will Struggle To Get 100 Syria Votes in The House 16:59:34
Rand Paul Issues a "Dear Colleague" Opposing Syrian Intervention 16:55:57
Adam Kokesh Released from Solitary Confinement but Still in a Cage 16:27:20
ALERT! Syrian Rebels-kidnapped Belgian Teacher: "Moral duty to say this"; Rebels said Assad NOT Behind Chemical Weapons Attack! 16:26:08
Justin Raimondo: Can This War Be Stopped? 15:28:04
Ron Paul on the Geraldo Rivera Show 9/9/13: "Historic" if Syria resolution gets voted down, "greatest thing that could happen" 14:58:00
RT sources: Syrian rebels plan chem attack on Israel from Assad-controlled territories 13:45:47
Update: Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Charlie Rose - Full Interview - 9/9/13 13:21:26
The Rule Of Zombies: Why Are Obama and Kerry So Desperate to Start a New War? 13:15:34
"Ghetto Tracker" App Creator Turns Down CNN, MSNBC, etc to Interview w/Ben Swann First 13:07:28
Audio: Ron Paul Responds to Heated Interview with MSNBC's Alex Wagner 12:31:55
Dr. Jeffrey Sachs BLASTS Morning Joe Out of the Water! 12:11:15
Russia Urges Syria: Surrender Chemical Weapons (or Destroy) To Avoid Strike / Syria Welcomes Idea 11:38:24
Video: Juan Williams favors bombing Syria 21:58:19
2 millions bikers ready to run through DC on September 11th, heres a pic, they got denied their permit LOL 10:33:40
Secretary of State John Kerry Gives Syria Week To Hand Over Chemical Weapons Or Face Attack! 10:19:51
Youtube added, Ron Paul on Syria: "I think it is a false flag" interview with Joyce Riley 09/09/2013 09:48:27
Syria: Assad not Responsible for Ghouta Gas Attack, Says Freed Hostage Pierre Piccinin 09:28:45
Matisyahu-One Day~No More War ! 08:33:29
Anti-War Protests Against War on Syria 06:14:09
Texas Open Carry Activists Try to Enter State Capital with Rifles 05:39:36
ALERT! Guardian UK: "Syria chemical weapons attack NOT ordered by Assad, says German press"! 03:36:04
Welcome to the New and Improved Daily Paul 02:35:03
Joe Biden 2012: If Romney Wins, We’ll Go To War In Syria Video/Quicklink 01:38:26
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British National Party - Syria strike talking points for Americans 23:50:10
Mother Agnes Mariam, mother superior of St. James Monastery: "Proof the footage of attack in Syria was fabricated" 23:48:30
there needs to be armed naked marches on dc 23:25:52
It's Official! Mr. Hope & Change Is Finished As 'Commander & Cheat' 23:20:17
Congressman Replies To My Concern Over Syria: Would Likely vote Yea on Military action 23:19:49
Barack "Shaft" Obama - He's Got Them Syrians So Scared They're Rolling Over! 23:14:17
MSM Used War Salesmen Selling us Broken Down Middle East War Lemons - Fail! 23:12:46
Dennis Kucinich: How the White House and the CIA Are Marketing a War in the YouTube Era 23:04:33
Ron Paul Channel: Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul Discuss Syria 22:43:21
The NSA and the Voting Tallies: Paging Justin Amash and Alan Grayson! 22:37:19
Daily Paul Time Warp 22:27:15
Video Interview: THRIVE creator Foster Gamble discusses... well, everything going on. 22:20:45
The Hypocrisy Of American Foreign Policy: US Covered-Up for Decades the Largest Use of Biological & Chemical Weapons in History 22:09:52
NATO airstrike kills 15; nine of them civilians, including women and children. 22:08:00
Corbett Interview 9-9-13 - Kevin Ryan Exposes “Another 19″ 9/11 Suspects 21:53:28
*New Fleet of Destroyers and Manning Rules* 21:40:07
Remember to spread love faster than hate. 21:35:09
Some of you may have already seen this video, those that have not, please take a moment to watch, it’s 2.5 minutes. 21:28:15
Continuity of Genocide 21:28:01
"we've Also Seen An Islamic Rebel Eating The Heart Of A Soldier!" Sen Rand Paul Vs Sen Menendez Pt.1-moxnews 21:26:48
Blame it on Romney 21:26:02
Syria & Chemical Weapons - Where's The Evidence? 21:20:57
A dose of "reality" for the children, from the first day of school to the Last. 21:08:22
New Ron Paul homeschooling curriculum teaches self-discipline, liberty 20:43:25
EXCLUSIVE: Lt. Colonel Connor: “If Assad Did This, He’d Be The Stupidest Military Leader On The Face Of The Earth (VIDEO) 20:34:13
Obama Drama: The Hill to the rescue on Syria Don't hold your breath 20:27:04
Deal or no deal: John Kerry's historic diplomatic "mistake" proves that Obama does not want peace 20:21:19
The victims in the Syria gas attack videos were actually kidnapped supporters of al-Assad 20:19:53
Democratic Establishment tries to stop Grassroots GOP's growing momentum in GOP Civil War! 20:03:00
Companies benefiting from war 19:51:30
Beware of this Data Mining site 19:19:38
New Poll Finds Most Americans Open to 9/11 Truth 19:16:26
Ron Paul Thinks Syria "Is A False Flag" 19:14:02
John McCain Formally Accused of Accepting Bribes From The Rothschilds 19:05:49
Liberty Minded Noypi 18:50:02
The (farcical) emperor is naked 18:38:50
Florida Sen. Bill Nelson's reply to my email about Syria 18:24:38
Very Sick people 18:19:17
Plot by Syria Terrorists to Carry out a Chemical Weapons Attack against Israel and Blame it on Bashar Al Assad, Says RT 18:05:46
If Congress votes no on the war and the President sends us into war in Syria it is nothing more than a stamp on the Constitution 17:59:29
Easton, PA Man Pays Property Taxes in $7143 One Dollar Bills 17:33:24
Do not abandon this planet! 17:24:39
GOP Congressman Pompeo, out of touch with the American people and even most of the establishment GOP against the bombing 17:17:57
Exclusive: Lt. Colonel Connor: “If Assad did this, he’d be the stupidest military leader on the face of the earth” 17:14:00
I just have to post this speech from time to time on hear for some who may not have ever seen it, it is amazing you will love it 17:11:34
Avenged Sevenfold - Nightmare 17:09:36
EPA Unleashes SWAT Team on Gold Miners During Routine Inspection 16:58:58
Does Assad actually want the US to bomb Syria? Chuck Norris thinks so... 16:56:32
Gold and Silver Classifieds Website 16:53:49
Gerald Celente Talks Syria W/ Alex Jones 16:37:16
Politico: Rand Paul: Syria plan too little, too much 16:24:40
Flashback-Election '08 : Obama Win Causes Obsessed Backers To See How Empty Their Lives Are 15:53:58
Doors opened and shut 15:06:30
The MicroSoft National Broadcasting Company: "Alex Jones is Racist!" - but is it true? 14:36:39
CSPAN Live Feed - Senate Debate - Use of Force in Syria 14:15:22
Just trying to help out a great leader and patriot 14:05:31
Nationwide Vigils Against Syria Attack Monday Night 14:03:50
Get your MBA from Wharton for free! 13:40:46
Just trying to help out a great leader and patriot 13:33:16
Rand has endorsed Steve Lonegan for Senate. Partisan pandering or Liberty-lite candidate? 13:13:23
Chemtrail Poisons Are Ruining Your Health From Above, And You May Not Know It 13:01:31
Dyess Air Force Base Refuses to Deny Secret Nuke Transfer 12:56:51
There is a simmering hostility that we need to be aware of. 12:51:56
Obama: I was elected to end wars. (VIDEO) 12:47:02
WND Exclusive: Bill Ayers Turns Against Obama On Syria 12:39:25
Obama Apologists are Bloodthirsty for War 12:28:42
As liberty becomes more popular, why is the Daily Paul becoming more fringe? 12:12:45
An oldie but goodie: John McCain sings "bomb, bomb Iran" (2007) 12:01:47
NorCal Liberty Summit - Fun in Sacramento! 12:00:56
We should offer Obama and his lap dogs a deal 11:56:38
Ron Paul Live In-Person DePauw University Tuesday 9/10/13 7:30pm 10:53:10
Boy makes weapons for Syria - best photo-op ever! 10:44:41
Libertarian Vs. Authoritarian: The Real History Of The Left/Right Paradigm 10:30:33
Monsanto leading super-secret 'above Congress' Obama trade scheme to outlaw GMO labeling worldwide 09:33:49
Murray Rothbard on Syria War Propaganda 09:28:43
Beware: Wall St. Debt Repackaging machine is back; 2008 All Over Again? 09:27:20
Here's the best News you can find on Reddit 08:59:48
Charlie Rose interviews Syrian President Bashar Assad 08:47:08
Congressman Peter King: 'I’m running for president' 08:21:36
Obama To Conduct Six Interviews Today In Desperate Push For War On Syria 08:13:55
The Daily Reckoning 02:04:27
Trenton Independent Gazette goes LIVE, Sanity Check Adds Philly Broadcasting! 02:01:05
The Question Libertarians Just Can't Answer Answered! 00:20:39
Why I Am Not A Librarian 00:01:19