Posted on September 11, 2013

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<3 <3 When Pitchforks go Wild: CUNY Students scream "War Criminal POS!" as Gen. Petraeus jaywalks away like a Douchebag! 23:56:16
Smudge Pot's Awesome Make Your Own Sticker And Be A Subversive Contest Which You Totally Want To Dominate! 22:50:24
KWN: People Can’t Get Their Gold Out Of GLD As Inventories Plunge 22:50:09
Vladimir Putin Addresses America in NYT Editorial 22:47:02
Hillary Mann Leverett: Awesome Lady hitting the Airwaves AGAINST Syria War = Advisor @ Ron Paul Inst. for Peace & Prosperity! 22:26:14
NY Times Op Ed by Putin: It's really good 21:39:41
GREAT News: Fed. Judge rules FOR Jesse Trentadue's Case to have OKC Bombing Security Videos Examined! 20:22:17
Missouri House Votes to Override Veto of Gun Bill 20:03:44
Why Go to Church? 19:31:15
Sen. Barbara Boxer Insists Rand Paul Owes President Obama a Huge Apology 19:11:08
Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's Cavuto- September 11, 2013 (VIDEO) 18:36:53
We are about to win big in Texas again... and They are really really scared! 18:15:49
Toddler Forced To Watch Execution Of Parents While Chained By Obama-Backed Syrian Rebels 18:06:09 leads attack on #RonPaul today 17:44:39
What Happens When You Squeeze An Orange? 16:39:04
Nigel Farage's latest exciting, common sense rant in the EU Commission re Syria 15:59:00
'The Guardian' Has Embarrassed Obama Tremendously By Exposing His Administration’s Questionable Activities 15:13:35
POLITICO - Curveball: Woman Behind Case For Syria Strike Fired For Lying 15:04:28
Federal Agents are now having provocations with the bikers in DC for weapons searches 15:03:46
Oh Don’t Worry, We Won’t Forget 14:58:23
Obama Showed Up! 14:56:36
Update 2: No War - It's Time To 3VOLve (t-shirt design + Sticker) 14:47:54
A fellow patriot and Ron Paul supporter responds to Dina Titus's cookie cutter e-mail. 13:53:05
The Real Reason The Federal Government Is Coming Around On Marijuana Legalization 11:50:05
"NSA shares raw intelligence including Americans' data with Israel" Glenn Greenwald/ The Guardian 11:29:39
Good news from Syria 11:25:19
New Greenwald Disclosure: "The NSA Is TARGETING/ENGAGING In Industrial Espionage .. Not (Just) Terrorism" 11:20:07
This is an Orange. 11:09:12
WTC7 in Freefall: No Longer Controversial 10:02:17
Awesome Letter That A Dying Military Veteran Sent To His Representatives In Congress 09:27:54
Massive 'Comet Of The Century' Could Light Skies Up For Weeks In December, January 09:14:50
“I feel badly, very badly for my friends in the Free Syrian Army today" ~ John McCain 09:14:04
Thunder Is Rolling - "2 Million Bikers" Videos Of "2 Million Bikers" Group On Their Way To D.C. 08:37:36
2 Colo. lawmakers ousted in gun control recalls 08:16:36
Russell Brand Speaks With British Parliament About Drug Addiction And Solutions 02:06:57
Are We Better Knowing? 00:50:50
Americans Stood Up to Stop War with Syria! Will We Feel Emboldened to Stop NSA Spying, DHS and More? 00:37:38
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Jon Stewart Destroys Fox News Over Syria Coverage: 'Who Cares HOW We Avoided A War...' (VIDEO) 23:12:37
Want to know what was in Building 7 on 9/11? 23:06:50
Too many years of lies: From Mossadeq to 9/11 22:51:12
How can Obama say he has cut the deficit in half? 22:46:46
Ok So It Feels Like Syria Is On Hiatus 22:31:57
UK man wins court case against BBC for 911 cover up 22:31:41
Well, We Made It Through 9/11/13 Safely - Thanks To T.S.A., N.S.A., C.I.A., D.H.S, D.O.D, I.R.S., I.C.E, F.B.I., P.O.T.U.S, 22:24:17
! Police Blow Up "pressure Cooker" Found Next To Gas Pumps 22:16:25
The Ooga Booger Man Is Alive! Again! And On September 11th No Less! 22:07:27
Has McCain and his ilk squandered the USA's SuperPower Status? (more fuel for ATruepatriot) 22:06:13
Rethink 9/11: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It 21:45:50
been surfin for Million Muslim March coverage 21:29:07
Global Warming Takes Center Stage in Lindsey Graham Primary 20:38:24
What on Earth Are they Spraying on Us? (from 20:33:16
Syrian Rebels war crimes collection 20:14:58
Secret NSA and FISA Court documents released 20:08:29
Brazil pols want to interview Snowden on NSA 20:07:43
9/11 Truth: Who Is Osama Bin Laden? 19:51:40
Ron Paul Predicted the 9/11 Attacks in 1997, 1999 & 2001 19:48:42
Saudi Arabia: Death-row Inmates sent to fight Assad in Syria 19:46:48
An idea whose time has come, cannot be stopped by any army or any government ! 19:38:53
Put me in charge of food stamps, Medicaid & government housing 19:38:14
Because the terrorist threat continues, the national emergency declared on September 14, 2001, is extended for another year 19:18:02
They never send their sons to die for their lies 19:17:10
Annhilation 19:07:28
End This War! A very appropriate throwback. 19:06:44
Conflict is on the American horizon 19:03:59
Poll: Obama Worse Than Bush On Foreign Policy 19:03:39
Do vaccines cause autism? 19:03:22
9/11 Debunked in Under 5 Minutes 18:58:41
NSA Spying Costing US Companies Billions and American Job Loss 18:54:47
9/11: Twelve Years of War, Lies and Deception 18:54:03
Let's Have a War 18:45:20
Rand Paul To White House: 'Call Off Syria Vote' 18:44:51
Fiddle and the drum 18:43:02
Chicago Abolishes Gun Registry 18:33:52
Corbett Report - A Brief History of False Flag Terror 18:02:34
Rethink 9/11: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It 17:55:29
NC Considers In-Home Diet Inspections for Overweight Mothers 17:31:21
EXCLUSIVE: Richard Gage Talks Global ReThink 911 Campaign 17:25:48
911 - Echoes of Darkness 17:16:15
Unions For People Who Distrust Unions 16:49:34
Assad Denies Fool Play But US Intelligence Has Evidence (First Blog Post) 16:40:18
How do I contact Michael Nystrom 16:37:36
Help! Open State Senate Seat in Georgia 16:17:39
Michael Nystrom You Rock! 15:56:27
Congressman Randy Weber (TX-14) Opposes Military Action In Syria 15:35:04
WTC7 was a controlled demolition 15:28:28
Complaint: Durham (NC) police chief said public defender should be shot 15:22:10
Bloomberg BACKLASH!: Colorado Lawmakers Ousted in Recall Vote Over Gun Law 15:12:46
Michael Scheuer Vs. Bill Maher on Israel 15:04:39
Ben Swann: The Two Major Problems With President Obama’s Syria Address 14:55:29
Ed Asner: Hollywood Stars Fear Being Labeled Racist if They Oppose Obama on Syria (VIDEO) 14:29:04
Americans: War on Terror Won’t be ‘Won’ in Next 10 Years 14:23:18
Commemorating September 11, 2001: Too Many Years Of Lies. From Mossadeq to 9/11 14:17:38
Obama torn to shreds on Fox News over Syria 14:07:20
More Great News! The Colorado recall election was successful. 14:04:45
Why can't we bribe politicians for Peace? 13:54:38
Twelve Years After 9-11: Let’s End the Politics of Fear 13:23:35
Explaining to a 10 Year Old the Prison a Mind Can Not See 13:02:39
The Official "I love Michael Nystrom" Thread 12:52:47
New 9/11 Video About The WTC 7 Collapse Investigation 12:30:32
9/11 - Never Forget 11:28:38
Attorney General Releases New Federal Guidelines for Medical Marijuana. 11:27:06
9/11 Pentagon Attack – Behind the Smoke Curtain – Barbara Honegger 11:20:11
Congressman Promises to Hold Stratospheric Sulfate Aerosols Spraying (Chemtrail) Hearing 11:08:26
2 Million Bikers...Traffic Feed & Update...Police Escort 10:47:14
Official ReThink911 Video 10:44:17
Why the "Recovery" is Over- A Written Analysis 10:38:58
Two great leaders for liberty 10:34:01
Poll: More Americans Believe World Trade Center 7 Was Demolished On 9/11 than Believe the Government’s Explanation 10:32:43
Benghazi or Ben Ghazi: What Do College Students Really Know These Days? 10:17:11
A 9/11 Thank You 10:10:38
Should all police wear cameras? 10:00:30
Social Bookmarking - A Supply Of Backlinks To Your Website 09:59:37
Poll: More Americans Believe World Trade Center 7 Was Demolished On 9/11 than Believe the Government’s Explanation 09:41:39
Couldn't help but think of this PHOTO last night during the President's Address. 09:38:43
His Plan Was Never Good: “Obama…Can’t Tell the Difference Between Showbiz and Strategy” 09:34:01
CIA Director Pledges to Make Benghazi Survivors Available to Talk 09:21:16
Explosion damages Libya's Foreign Ministry on anniversary of 9/11 attack on U.S. Consulate 09:04:26
Border Patrol Wants 40,000 Rounds Of .308 Hornady Ammo For Its Top Marksmen 08:58:04
The NSA machine: Too big for anyone to understand 08:53:14
Are you for the Muslim march or the bikers? Quick poll 08:38:40
VIDEO: Americans Think Building 7 Was Brought Down With Controlled Demolition 08:30:26
AP Fact Check: Obama's Syria Case Still Lacks Proof - Post Speech Night 08:21:19
Barack Obama - The Candyman - "He Can Take Tomorrow, Spend It All Today..." 07:38:50
The Recovery is Over 07:13:26
Tupelo Tea Party against bombing Syria 06:30:11
Obama possesses the authority to order military strikes without Congress? 05:20:23
"In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation" -Alan Greenspan! 04:06:41
* 03:07:04
Bashar Al Assad I believe is innocent, CBS/Westinghouse more likely guilty, Following the Money Trail 02:55:52
Reince Priebus: Obama's "Rudderless Diplomacy Has Embarrassed America" 02:21:49
Could the UN have prevented World War 1? 02:20:05
Patty Murray App Yeahhhhhh 02:01:31
Dr. Paul on Aljazeera America 01:44:07
Intelligence insider speaks on the record about false flags & government lies 01:12:14
Write Congressmen and Senators again after President's speech. 01:00:39
PS4 Watch Dogs - Michael Hastings Connection 00:50:11
Was John Kerry Hit by a Chemical Weapon? 00:00:30