Posted on September 12, 2013

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This is a little over 7 minutes long. If you don't have the time to spare, don't open it because you won't stop. 23:04:32
Rand Paul: No Military Outcome Would Remove Any Chemical Weapons Or Make Them Less Likely To Be Used 22:46:50
Report of the United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict (Israel used Chemical Weapons) 21:06:10
Official Arizona GOP Body Passes Formal Rebuke of John McCain 20:29:18
Another Police out of control video 18:25:50
We're Past Complaining About Government 15:43:21
Judge Napolitano: Who Sounds Like A Nobel Peace Laureate Now? Obama Or Putin? 15:41:30
My Friend Fell into The Rabbit Hole Today 15:32:30
Ben Swann Reports - New Bombshell: IRS Email, “Tea Party Matter Is Very Dangerous” 14:45:44
Thread Summary: Recall Senator John McCain 14:45:11
Al-Qaeda Vows to Slaughter Christians After US “Liberates” Syria 14:17:56
Is 'Natural Born Citizenship' & the Constitution a 'Dead Letter?' 14:01:43
Official Arizona GOP Body Passes Formal Rebuke of John McCain 12:52:38
Harry Reid: "...the anarchists have taken over,” 12:47:37
WND: U.S. Military Confirms Rebels Had Sarin 12:44:11
My Position On Israel (Inspired by Granger) 12:24:54
Chipotle Takes On Industrial Food Complex - Chipotle presents, "The Scarecrow." 09:59:15
Naming Names: Your Real Government 09:48:46
Is This Why Obama is So Desperate for a Nice Little War? 08:47:18
Prepare For Tough Times If Your Job Has Anything To Do With Real Estate Or Mortgages 08:40:54
Politico - Ron Paul: US 'Triggered' 9-11 Event 06:48:51
Facebook Picture illustration: 'May 15, 2007 The Shot Heard 'Round the World' 04:08:00
The 'After-Paul' Generation 02:41:19
Pope Francis' Message To Atheists and Agnostics: Live A Moral Life and listen To Your Conscience 02:34:51
The Email I Got Today from Representative Alan Grayson 01:55:34
Did anyone else feel "The Fire" again? 01:42:52
WaPo: CIA Has Started Delivering Weapons to Syrian Rebels 00:31:50
David Petraeus chased out of fraudulent CUNY teaching job by college kids chanting War Criminal Fascist 00:12:19
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Putin Warns Of False Flag On Israel 23:51:40
Earth Magnetic Pole Shift by October, 2013? 23:49:02
US study finds link between gun ownership and homicide 23:21:01
RT Coverage- Fight for Maaloula 23:07:26
Let's play the game: Can you guess the next False Flag that will start the Syrian War? 22:26:55
Brazil projects canceling nearly 900 million in debt owed by African countries. (Forgiveness Isn't Always Free) 22:09:32
Rethink911 Report: Big Media Coverage of 9/11 Truth Billboards, What You Can Do! 21:37:01
I nominate Vladimir Putin for the Nobel Peace Prize 21:33:13
The 7 Choices Left to the Military-Industrial Complex 21:29:31
Another Nineteen suspects - Mind bending 9/11 'coincidences' 21:25:16
Libertarian Republic is SUPECT.. 21:13:07
Sydney Morning Herald: Content Unavailable: The Video Is Not Authorized For Your Location (USA) 20:39:52
NSA Threatens High-Tech Execs with Charges of Treason and Incarceration Says Yahoo CEO 20:39:06
Alert! Leak Out Of Fort Hood Reveals U.S. Troops To Be Deployed To Syria 20:03:28
kindness vs revolution 19:41:05
Vegans Petitioning Because They Can’t Drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes 19:39:27
The War on Syria Compilation 19:02:23
Who knew the NSA was a Pink Floyd fan? 18:52:18
Controversial Group which Sponsored Ron Paul's September 11th Speech Not Releasing it to the Public 18:04:02
Zen In The Car T.V. Hangs Out With The Militia 17:49:34
City Coucilman Justifies Purchase of B.E.A.R.C.A.T 17:41:30
Paul Craig Roberts New Book - Buy It! 17:16:25
Defund Obamacare is great BUT even better is that the House does not implement Obamacare Taxes 16:58:57
Aussies to Dump Carbon Tax... 16:38:49
Iced Earth guitarist Jon Schaffer’s James U. Blanchard III Moment in 'Silver Circle' 16:36:41
Bank War of 1833 16:33:26
Unbelievable "Advice" from USAA to Customers on How to Prepare for a Government Shutdown 16:04:24
Distinguished U.S Marine Stands Up for American People and 9/11 Truth 15:59:33
(Onion News) John Kerry Costs U.S. Defense Industry $400 Billion 15:29:37
Smug Walter Block, EPJ outwitted by Rand Paul 15:20:20
My credit card company just invited me to get private account information through Facebook 15:11:34
Ben Swann: Muslims Or Bikers, We All Have The Right To Free Speech 14:50:46
Daily LOL: Harry Reid Thinks Tea Partiers Are “Anarchists;” Are Taking Over 14:49:45
Did 9/11 feel more hyped this year? 14:30:57
“Going Easy on Terrorists”. Senator John McCain Arrested by the FBI 14:22:32
"The Corporation" 14:18:05
Patrick Leahy taps Rand Paul to fight drug sentences 14:14:30
Emails Show IRS’ Lois Lerner Specifically Targeted Tea Party 14:13:07
Syrians in Damascus celebrate Assad's 48th birthday 14:01:05
FLASHBACK - Henry Hazlitt Was Right! It's All Coming To An End: 'The FAILURE Of KEYNESIAN Economics' 13:48:53
Assad: Syria to hand over chem arms in 1 month, only if US drops strike plans 13:43:46
My Position on the Other 191 Countries of the World 13:42:03
Hostages Claim Rebels to Blame for Chemical Weapon Attack 13:41:45
Harry 'The Demagogue': Reid Calls 'Tea Party Republicans "Anarchists" (Video) 13:33:56
Senator Ted Cruz "On The Record" W / Greta Van Susteren - Fox News - 10 PM ET - 9/12/12 13:17:01
UPDATE on 9/11 publication! 13:04:22
When City Ordinances Become Ridiculous: Some Pittsburgh Residents Being Fined For Parking In Their Own Driveway 12:57:41
Western Maryland Conservative Group Fed up With Taxes and Democrats Wants to Create 51st State 12:56:55
Obama's Unions: Misgivings on Health Law 12:51:15
Help Kickstart World War Three 12:48:57
The Pope has spoken: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven 12:43:42
Brazilian Govt Sending Delegation to Interview Snowden Re: NSA Industrial Espionage 12:41:54
Beyond Blowback - A Deistic view of the religious motivations behind 911 12:31:31
Syria will hand over its chemical weapons, says Bashar al-Assad 12:20:34
Help me come up with a good caption 12:20:10
Show and Tell 12:02:08
Jobs - Butlers $150K 11:51:47
Greek Unemployment Rate hovering around 28% 11:48:21
Politico: The Koch Brothers' Secret Bank 11:33:52
USS Obama en route to Syria 11:05:01
A Short History of Bio-Chemical Weapons 10:50:05
What Putin's NYT Op-Ed Syria piece should have said 10:46:29
U.S. Senator Pat Toomey‏ Response On Obamacare 10:41:18
Kerry set to test Russia on Syria weapons 10:26:55
Politico Quiz: How well do you know Rand Paul? 10:11:40
POLITICO: Rand Paul mocks Cory Booker 10:08:35
World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudes: The World Will Reject Central Bankers (Sept 10th, 2013) 09:21:44
SNOWDEN: NSA shares raw intelligence data with Israel... 09:09:15
Talk Radio on 9/11 09:02:04
CIA Begins Sending Weapons To Syria Rebels 09:01:18
CONFIRMED! McCain Posed with Known Terrorists in Syria 08:35:42
9/11 Commission Chair: Director of Intelligence James Clapper Should Be Indicted for Perjury regarding NSA Spying 08:35:36
Home Bible Study now illegal in the United States 07:10:33
Tea Party movement comes of age 06:28:41
Smiles from Ben Swann...:-) 05:02:25
Putin Learns Putin Behind Plot To Assassinate Putin 04:43:52
Colbert Bashes Rand Paul 02:45:37
US Can't Prove Bashar Assad Approve Chemical Attacks In Syria 02:42:28
Former agnostic goes all religulous on the DP 02:30:50
911 - Echoes of Darkness Mini-documentary Video By: StormCloudsGathering 01:13:35
A comment on Putins Op-Ed 00:53:00
Strange Headline for a Free Society 00:37:05
More than 400 Concord residents sign anti-BearCat petition 00:03:26