Posted on September 13, 2013

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Cop Fail: Cop Tries to Intimidate Infowars Reporter 22:26:04
A 93-Year-Old Prophecy Comes To Pass 21:07:47
Ron Paul speaks to Packed Auditorium @ DePauw University, Indiana - September 10, 2013! 20:56:48
(Updated w/ Audio) UH-OH! Two JP Morgan Whistleblowers Confess Bank Manipulates Gold and Silver 20:55:03
In which I brag about the ecommerce software I just launched. And maybe a business idea for you! 19:11:51
Ron Paul Speech at Fatima Center Conference Interrupted By Standing Ovations 18:44:46
Update 9/16: TX State Troopers Now Lying After Unlawful Arrest for Open Carrying Black Powder Pistol (Video) 16:44:08
I need help with my wife's nail business. 15:44:59
Rubio's okay with NSA spying - Snowden leak is "dangerous"... 14:30:36
Washington Post: Rand Paul, 2016 Republican Front-Runner 14:25:26
Senate demands answers on EPA’s armed raid of Alaskan gold mine 13:32:02
Obama- Supplying Al-Qaeda w/ Assault Rifles, after pushing for US Assault Rifle ban? 12:58:41
‘Fascist’: Matt Drudge blasts Dianne Feinstein for trying to define who is and isn’t a ‘real reporter’ 12:48:52
Assad tells Obama to stop arming rebels, or no deal 12:37:37
UN Secy Gen.: National Sovereignty Is a Gift of the United Nations 11:26:33
Cyenk Uygur Takes A Swing At Capitalism, Unwittingly Attacks Socialism 08:39:32
HPD does it again: Cop beats entire family! 07:48:56
No Change in Obama's War Plans - US Troops In Ft Hood Receive Orders To Deploy To Syria 07:00:18
Sen. John McCain says foreign aid is not redistribution 21:11:23
MSNBC Nia Malika Henderson has no idea about bombing Syria 05:02:20
Phonebloks | A Phone Worth Keeping 02:28:48
Nigel Farage slams Global Warming scam, Borosso...and defends nation states. 01:02:32
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"Chasing Madoff" (Harry Markopolos) 23:58:27
The 2014 Paradigm Shift Are you Ready? 23:12:09
United States draws criticism for sale of 1300 cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia 22:42:31
The same guy who gave us Newt 22:28:22
Obama: No, the U.S. isn’t ruling out using force against Syria 21:48:47
Ben Swann - Police Brutality? Woman’s Face Seriously Injured During Dui Arrest (Video) 21:17:33
"Drink Up" - Michelle Obama's New Campaign Encouraging Americans to Drink More Flouride 20:42:28
John McCain hints at retirement in 2016 20:39:31
A Fish Called Obama 20:36:43
Texas Christian Pastor Falsely Arrested for Open Carry 20:23:51
We Are All Citizen Journalists 20:23:04
Four Minute Video of 'Exceptional' USA At Its Best 19:49:45
Texas Open Carry Activist Falsely Arrested 19:10:19
Monsanto Gets An Extension 18:43:33
Reuters - Al Qaeda to Strike the USA 18:35:18
Al Qaeda calls for attacks inside United States 18:26:19
Syria's Effect on Gold 18:25:39
Hillary Clinton presented 2013 Liberty Medal...then heckled! 18:25:00
Need a Break? Nina Conti live at the Apollo ,The art of ventriloquism at its best, with a twist 18:16:06
Chemtrails = Waste dumping 18:15:59
DHS Will Film Hockey Fans for Facial Recognition Test 18:15:03
A Little Music To Not Go To War in Syria With! 18:06:46
Love will keep us alive 17:39:12
Syria in Crisis: Ravi Zacharias on Turmoil in the Middle East 17:22:36
TIME Publishes Rand Paul's Response to President Putin, America IS Exceptional 16:45:02
NEW: DiFi Attacks New Media Journalists 16:41:30
Contact The CA Governor & Urge Him To Veto These Key Anti-Gun & Anti-Hunting Bills 16:33:23
While You were Sleeping II: Obama officially RENEWED Martial Law declared by GWB, Post-9/11; Just before Syria PR Speech 16:27:15
Ron Paul - The Weekly Broadcast (9/13/13) 16:26:04
Catchy anti-NSA song by "Brother." 16:24:17
Everyone will enjoy this! Send your liberal Friends! 16:21:11
Unconstitutional? Terry Jones Says Police Set Him Up to Prevent Quran-Burning 16:18:08
Love stands above all religions 16:11:37
What will be the post signifiying the wall of tyranny has fallen? 16:10:12
The Holy Spirit Will Restore This Long Abused Planet! 16:00:39
Zawahiri is an Austrian economist? 15:55:32
Chicago Gun Laws Get Gutted by City Council 15:30:55
9/11 Truth for Dummies: Wrap Your Head Around One Thing 15:30:28
You will not believe what you are about to hear. Canadian TV eviscerates Obama and Kerry 15:18:17
First Annual NorCal Liberty Summit! 15:10:44
And now it's global COOLING! 15:06:29
Rand Paul, 2016 Republican front-runner 14:58:17
What are your top three countries to live in? 14:38:29
Lions of Liberty Podcast! Ep 1: Stephan Kinsella 14:24:09
Support of Syrian "Rebels" is a Criminal Violation of US Law 14:19:31
John Stossel ~ The Politics Of War 13:54:48
Lew Rockwell ~ The Empire is Beginning to Crumble 13:53:23
Chicago ends gun registration requirement 13:31:04
Gohmert: Defund IRS, slap Lois Lerner with criminal penalties 13:29:37
Rand Paul is not a Berzerker. Get Over it! 13:28:07
Question About Buying Gold for My Friends at the DP 13:13:53
Michelle Obama Drink Up Water Initiative 13:12:46
George Will's Libertarian Evolution: Q&A Obama, Syria the Power of Choice 13:10:59
Proving Agenda 21 supports it doesn't disprove climate change 12:59:39
California lawmakers approve measure to allow driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants 12:44:24
BofA: If The American Economy Doesn't Accelerate Soon, It NEVER Will 12:32:52
GAO: Social Security Overpays $1.3 Billion In Benefits 12:27:21
NeoCon Jennifer Rubin Attacks Rand Paul (Again). This time over 9/11 12:16:37
The Best Way to Pray 12:08:38
In Surprisingly Bold Move, Sweden Offers a Home to All Syrian Refugees (Policymic) 12:06:16
Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's Hannity- September 12, 2013 (Video) 12:03:21
How the Tea Party Became the Anti-War Movement 12:02:42
Senate Conservatives: Mitch McConnell Refuses to Lead 11:54:44
Your wealth to be seized! 11:53:53
Looking for Ron Paul friendly neighbors-Home for sale to Homestead on! 11:43:10
Seaside Park NJ: Christie says, "Investigators always treat a fire as a crime scene..." What About WTC?! 11:35:23
Epic.Org - Electronic Privacy Information Center 11:15:00
Sen. Rand Paul: Fox Business News w/ Lou Dobbs (9/12/13) 11:10:56
Judge Napolitano Interviewed by Glenn Beck (Absolutely Fantastic Interview 9/11/13) 11:04:58
Felony Friday: The State Has A Gambling Addiction 11:00:54
BuzzFeed: Rand Paul on the War Path 10:53:47
"How Much Will the Defense Industry Make from a Missile Strike Against Syria?" 09:58:56
Fmr Professor Tells Students to F#&%Off in Profanity Laced Tirade 09:50:27
The Obama Bubble? 09:36:36
Saudi Prince Bandar behind chemical attack in Syria: Report 09:22:14
Friday 9/13/13: I Think Today Is The Day We Get Whacked 09:00:39
Syrian Christians Forced To Convert To Islam At Gunpoint By Rebels 08:47:25
Boston Bombing Information? 08:38:48
Guardian: Obama's NSA surveillance review panel did not discuss changes, attendees say 08:24:49
After the whistle: Revealers of government secrets share how their lives have changed 07:36:12
Google (Spy Agency) Gets 3 Million Gallons of Jet Fuel From Pentagon! 05:23:18
Conservative Christian Military Worship 05:06:06
What's Your Red Line? 04:13:00
UPDATE Syria News:Russia To Move In More War Ships 02:49:37
Jury duty and its implications in a "free" society 02:34:36
'Are We Being Unfair to Paul Krugman?' Er, 01:45:08
Ted Cruz's Comprehensive Foreign Policy Speech at Heritage 01:43:07
Did We Forget About This? 01:12:54
Poll: 44 percent of Americans oppose raising debt ceiling 00:26:52
I Have An Idea to Bombard the Internet...Help? 00:23:28
Meteorologists Predict Worst Autumn Ever 00:03:30