Posted on September 20, 2013

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Turning The Tables - Citizens Arrest - This Thread Is Open For Debate 21:49:13
What do we do when it all shuts down? 20:43:44
USS Obamacare Is Going Down And The IRS Is Going Down With It 20:39:21
1 Million Truckers Protest Now Joined By Canadian Counterparts 20:22:24
Larry Pratt to Bashir: Do You Have Any Remorse For Those Killed In Gun Free Zones 20:09:34
People Prepare to Ignore Federal Regulations and Business Booms with Government Shutdown 19:30:33
Peter King: Ted Cruz is a Fraud! 19:29:42
Rand Paul: GOP "Winning" Like Charlie Sheen 18:56:35
Lindsey Graham, Facts - InfoGraphic 18:12:34
World's top climate scientists told to 'cover up' the fact that the Earth's temperature hasn't risen for the last 15 years 17:54:00
Lindsey Graham, John McCain on the 'Extreme Fringes of American Society,' says Justin Amash 17:39:14
SPLC supplied hit list for terrorist, Media covers it up. 17:15:04
Congressman Becerra thinks people are not forced to pay taxes? 16:33:39
Bolivian President to Sue US Govt for Crimes Against Humanity 14:58:02
Is FEMA area III preparing for something big? 14:21:02
Stocks are about to plunge, Wells Fargo warns 13:58:50
Check out the posts on this CNN Chicago Gun Violence article... 12:26:45
*NEWSFLASH via Drudge*: Nobamacare: House Votes to Defund Obamacare, Boehner claims: Victory for Common Sense 11:58:31
Liberty Rising: BOOM! House Passes Bill, 230 - 189 To DEFUND Obamacare 11:58:06
Hardball: NWO Oil Begins Shunning Brazil | BRIC Rescues! 11:37:04
Russia Will Defend National Identity, Based On Religious Values - Putin 10:36:16
Fresh Meat for Daily Paul-1st Amendment only for "Specific Journalists" 10:32:45
Graveyard of Civil Liberties - How Liberty Activists Work on Halloween 10:32:07
Now It's Getting real Serious: Cleveland Clinic cuts jobs and budget over Obamacare 10:23:09
The Dog Is Now Training The Master: Home Depot Sending 20,000 Part-Timers to Health Exchanges 09:31:24
Journalism Professor Hopes for Death of NRA Members’ Children After Navy Yard Shooting 09:28:27
"Parents have threatened me," Holloway, a three-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl XX veteran, told ABC News 08:58:29
Thaddeus Russell: Contrary to Popular Myth, Most of the Wars in 20th & 21st Century have been STARTED by Democrats! 06:49:31
. 04:47:24
How Do 90 Million Unemployed Americans of Working Age with No Paycheck Comply with Obamacare Mandate? 03:08:56
It's Begun: War Assets Officially become Domesticated: MRAP given to Ohio State University, 'Free of Charge!' 02:51:52
Twerkin' Toward Damascus with Death in Tow 01:24:31
Ron Paul: The Word That Best Defines Libertarianism Is Non-Intervention - Charlie Rose 9/19/2013 00:36:54
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Liberty Candidate needs to win an online poll 23:23:48
An Op-Ed By Syrian President Bashar al-Assad 23:19:27
Soon To Be GOP Presidential Candidate Chris Christe Signs GUN Control Measure Into Law 23:08:34
My heart's calling! 22:59:10
In a field - poem 22:57:13
The Fifth Estate Official Trailer 22:54:52
Video - Sole sewer diver in Mexico City 22:54:20
White - poem 22:54:05
The Heart of God - poem 22:50:10
On a farm in Tangent, Oregon - poem 22:39:53
WHO Refuses to Publish Report on Cancers and Birth Defects in Iraq Caused by Depleted Uranium Ammunition 22:31:27
Mors Dilecti - poem 22:28:29
The Global Elite’s Crimes Against Humanity: The Subversion Of Happiness And Truth 22:21:49
La Mer (a place for peace poem 22:14:35
I - Xvi - Mcmxxvi - Poem 22:11:44
Intimation of Heaven - poem 22:05:42
BRILLIANT Illusion - David Copperfield - Soaring with Eagles 21:50:47
Mrs. Brown is at it again. English humor. I love it! 21:39:09
How to take back America! 21:34:48
Ben Swann Reports: House Votes To Cut $40 Billion From Food Stamp Program – But Don’t Expect Spending To Actually Decrease 21:31:42
Ben Swann EXCLUSIVE: Common Core Paying Off Republican Politicians? 21:18:19
The Perfect Law of Liberty 21:13:50
WAPO: Push For Amnesty Bill In House Collapses - BOOM! 21:05:41
Obama: Republicans ‘Trying To Mess With Me,’ Obama Tells Crowd At Missouri Auto Plant 20:57:01
I Wrote a Christian E-Book 20:56:10
A poem inspired by a Piano Sonata in B minor - poem 20:52:11
Baby's miracle escape goes viral after car crash 20:22:26
Two minutes of song for grandmother - poem 20:05:09
Ted Cruz: All in with a weak hand. 19:49:21
What Faith Can Do - Kutless 19:42:39
Obama Denies Venezuelan President Travel Through US Airspace! 19:22:19
Defunding Obamacare: A Better Strategy - Letter to the Denver Post 19:14:10
open letter to prominent conservatives: apologize to Ron Paul 18:39:31
Friday Gun News! Gallup: Mental Health more @Fault, NOT Guns! CNN's Don Lemon kinda Wakes Up citing CDC Report vs Hoplophobes! 18:05:03
Did the Pope Just Say He is Libertarian? Pic in article of Ron Paul in Pope garb 17:58:53
Woman fined for sending 3-year-old son 'Jihad' to school in 9/11 T-shirt 17:42:41
Scenes from Rethink911 Rally in NYC Last Week , on 9/11 17:42:28
NSA’s Star Trek War Room Is a Replica of the Starship Enterprise 17:17:35
Newsflash - BBC: Navy Shooting, SWAT Team Ordered to Stand Down 16:21:45
Carrie Underwood - Jesus, Take The Wheel 16:00:50
Sen. Blumenthal Tells FDA to Ban Electronic Cigarette Flavors, Online Sales 15:51:13
Filibuster the House CR? Cruz, Other Conservatives Say ‘Yes’ (Updated) 15:38:09
The flags of Love 15:26:56
Levin vs Localist Solutions on Stopping Judicial Tyranny 15:16:29
Democratic Official Allan Brauer Wishes Death on Ted Cruz Aide’s Children 15:12:15
FBI Infiltrator in Anti-War Movement 15:05:19
Grand Thefto Auto 5 PRANK: Banning Violent Video Games (VIDEO) 14:23:03
President: Obamacare will boost exports 14:08:02
TSA Employees Commit Sexual Assault, Theft, Violate Civil Rights Then Only Get Fired, Suspended For Illegal Gambling 13:48:44
Portrayal Of Obama As Snob Hailed As Step Forward For Blacks 13:27:36
Sen. Paul Appears on Fox's Hannity - September 19, 2013 (VIDEO) 13:05:49
One Cross 12:56:16
I hate Windows 8 Song. 12:43:03
America Is Waking Up!: 7 in 10 Americans Think Government Is For The Banks And Big Corps (Not The People) 12:06:17
Cop shakes down pot smokers, smacks cell phone because he was being recorded. 12:04:12
NEWS - House passes spending bill to defund Obamacare 12:01:55
Julie Borowski - Why a $9 Minimum Wage is a Bad Idea 11:54:49
Can ObamaCare Start A Depression? 11:33:01
Rep. Thompson to GOP: Support My Gun Control Bill Or Come Up With Better One 10:49:23
Local Police Announce Purchase of New Tasers 10:38:30
Less Than Half Of Americans Want Stricter Gun Laws 10:13:42
ALERT! (Update: Vote In 20 Minutes) House Vote To Set The Stage On Government Shutdown 09:58:34
South Side Of CHICAGOLAND: 13 People, Including 3-year-Old Boy, Shot At South Side Park 09:39:23
Cia Nsa Blowback 09:30:10
Taper Talk is Back! St. Louis Fed President Says Taper May be on in October-Silver & Gold Take a Dive 09:13:38
You’re Much More Likely to Be Killed By Lightning than by a Terrorist 09:10:09
The Pope is like Blackberry trying to survive the smartphone revolution. 09:08:27
(Mark Dice) Petition to ban gold coins - the government needs it to stimulate the economy! 08:59:13
People's Republic Of San Leandro CA?: BOOM! Citizen Outrage Kills Mayors Plan To Fly Red Chinese Flag (VIDEO) 08:45:03
Daytona's Embry-Riddle Offers Master's in Drone Warfare 08:44:45
Pennsylvania Police Chief in Deep Kimchi for Gun Remarks 08:30:08
Developing... BBC: Ceasefire Reached Between Al Qaeda Backed Rebel Groups & the Free Syrian Army - 9/20/2013 07:24:27
Auto-Brewery Syndrome 06:55:31
The most libertarian ad you will ever see - opt out, the exam, Creepy Uncle Sam 06:43:34
Get ready for the flood of Turkish propaganda troops, Should fit in with the Israeli Hasbara and others 06:39:11
Hmm...Is the Destruction of the Dollar and the Evil US Foreign Policy Linked? 06:00:08
Natural and environmental disasters and phenomena in less of three weeks of September 03:07:13
Ron Paul: To Continue To Destroy Our Currency Is Always Bad, It Destroys The Middle Class 03:05:19
A Political Allegory 02:53:00
Washington D.C. elite tactical police units were ordered to stand down while massacre took place at Navy Yard 02:49:51
This three minute commercial puts full-length Hollywood films to shame 02:47:16
POLITICO - Pelosi On Obama: 'He Has Been Practically Apolitical, Certainly Nonpartisan' (Video) 02:39:21
Sen. Lindsey Graham to seek authorization for U.S. attack on Iran 01:53:55
And here comes the handoff... 01:10:02
How to tell if your dog is involved in a sex scandal 00:54:30
Orb - Poem 00:54:23
Go Go AsylumFest! When a Theo-Con faces off vs. er... a CON: Michele Bachmann vs Charlie Rangel! Hilarity Ensues! 00:53:26
Greenbacker or Anti-Statist Libertarian….which one are you? 00:51:50
Holy Police State Academy Batman! Behold: NY 'We Shoot Innocent Bystanders for Your Safety'-PD's New NE Baghdad Vatican! 00:47:46
I'm Developing A Thick Skin 00:39:14
What do you guys make of this? 00:34:59
I don't really like Bernanke 00:29:32
delete 00:06:54