Posted on September 22, 2013

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Trey Grayson, Rand Paul’s 2010 Primary Opponent, Reflects on His Adversary's Meteoric Rise 22:48:17
Frank Rich: It’s Hard to Hate Rand Paul 22:44:01
Sons of Liberty Biker Club 22:20:44
‘Dabbing:’ Dangerous New Drug Seized in Maryland... dun Dun DUNNNNN! 21:05:49
Chris Wallace Stunned: "GOP Leaders Sent Me Opposition Research on Ted Cruz!" - Video 20:54:19
Rand Paul Poster Boy 20:48:22
Iran's Big Push for Peace 20:35:18
Staging the Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria; GRTV Backgrounder with James Corbett 19:19:52
Greenspan: Americans Being Pulled Apart In Ways Unrivaled Since 1929... 19:01:21
VIDEO: Open Carry Activists Shocked To Encounter Constitutional Sheriff 18:09:41
BUSTED! Governments Hire Web Trolls to Sway Public Opinion 17:51:48 Prohibition And Prostitution 17:23:37
Ben Swann: Maryland Parent Arrested For Challenging Common Core (VIDEO) 17:15:43
Lavrov: US pressuring Russia into passing UN resolution on Syria allowing military force 15:58:53
Fast Bike 15:17:27
New Apple Friend Bar Gives Customers Someone To Talk At About Mac Products 15:14:12
Rand Loved Our Sign 15:00:12
RPI: Did Senator Reid Let Slip Secret Plan to Use Navy Yard Killings as Excuse for New Medical Privacy Violations? 14:54:09
You Won't Believe How Beautiful This UK Seat Belt Commercial Is Without A Single Word. 14:35:13
Quotes 14:23:39
Lawmaker to Obama: "You're Not a Dictator" (audio) 12:24:17
This is called blowback Mr. Obama 11:32:00
Link Fixed: How to Shoot a Gun without Embarrassing Yourself 10:28:47
Checkmate: If Dems send back funding bill with Obamacare stripped out, House then are able to piecemeal it. 10:14:33
Idiocracy-Actual: "The Dark Side of the iPhone 5S Lines" - When Apple iPhone Zombies Attack! 10:10:33
Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version 07:55:23
Any RP supporters want to protest war in Atlanta, Georgia? 06:17:21
REVEALING: Const. Oath-Clueless Connecticut Superior Court Judge says "No One in this Country should have Guns!" 05:57:53
High-Performance Agriculture Can Increase Your Garden Yield Eightfold - Psst, Amish Secret 01:47:37
Exclusive: Rand Paul Fires Back at AP, Says He'll Continue to Fight ObamaCare Funding 00:19:07
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The Underground - A Hidden Reality and The True Story of Phil Schneider 23:52:36
Not Just "Another Climate Change Post" - A Game Changer 23:34:41
Fall Fashion Review 2013! 22:18:27
Trying to Connect Dots... 22:15:52
Navy Yard Shooting Was A False Flag, May Have Involved Craft International 22:14:16
A few great photos.. 21:56:16
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk - September 23, 2013: Internet Sales Tax Is Bad 21:48:39
Great idea for Senator Rand Paul! 21:41:16
Ahmadinejad Working as a Professor? 21:36:24
Remove the Second Amendment and learn Tai Kwon Do 21:35:46
Rand Paul Educates and Humiliates MSNBC Liberals on War of Syria 21:15:44
Sunday Update: Ted Cruz Still Insisting on Filibuster to Block Budget Bill if it funds Obamacare 20:59:36
Children cross Mexican border to receive a U.S. education 20:56:33
Dr. Group: The Dangers of Radiation 20:15:56
The Other Shot Heard 'Round the World 19:09:18
Ted Cruz' Father 17:38:45
WOW! This is a great commercial. Not a word spoken, and none needed. 17:31:44
Libertarian Dream: Privatized Police Force in Oakland. 16:37:54
American gun use is out of control. Shouldn't the world intervene? (INSANE Guardian "Opinion"!) 16:21:57
Suicide Attack on Christian Church Kills 78 People 15:54:25
Socialist Magazine Joins Chicago Teacher's Union Campaign on ‘Neo-Liberal’ Education 15:53:57
REUTERS: Pope Francis Attacks Global Economics For Worshipping The 'God Of Money' 15:53:28
The Good, The Bad and The Ukulele 15:48:46
Hillary Clinton Will Do Whatever She Can "To Advocate For The Values and the Policies I Think Are Right for the Country." 15:43:23
iPhone 4 models committing mass suicide. 15:29:25
Impasse - the canyon has no gates: poem 15:08:23
Was the creation of the Federal Reserve the End Of Freedom? 15:06:42
Anti Communist Putin: Don't know who did all of this, but it should give you a chuckle... 14:58:59
This is FUN to watch, and to listen to! 14:45:51
Ron Paul Institute Advisor Dennis Kucinich Interviews Assad 14:36:46
10 Ways to Restore Liberty and End Tyranny in America 14:11:02
I have questions about the Keystone Project 14:07:43
Why Not Mandate the Federal Reserve Corporation Fund Obamacare Conditionally for Charter Renewal? 13:47:30
Lawful Sheriff Does His Duty With Open Carry Protestors 13:33:36
A Republic is Based Upon an Original Compact That Cannot Change. 13:25:52
A Scientist will someday destroy us. 13:15:46
'Still Fighting The War' 12:34:44
Detroit Looks To Health Exchange To Resolve Bankruptcy 12:30:51
Democrat Official Allan Brauer Wishes Death to Children of Cruz Staffer 12:11:07
Declassified Report: 1961 Mishap Nearly Detonated Nuclear Bombs Over US - North Carolina. 11:52:51
Meet The Press has Facebook poll who is to Blame for Gov. shutdown. 10:19:32
Gerald Celente's "Home of the American Renaissance:" The Academy Update 05:36:20
People STILL getting Blown-Up in Iraq; Russia Today: "Over 90 kills in one day" - Sept. 21, 2013 04:32:17
When the Lights Go Out On November 13, 2013 03:12:00
Scalia Forms Search Committee for New Pope 03:03:59
Karen Hudes Interview 02:25:07
Something for Nothing 01:11:28
Stealing from the 1% Isn't The Solution, It Is The Problem 00:49:45