Posted on September 23, 2013

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Ron Paul Portrait Sweepstakes 23:45:57
John McCain “F*cking hates” Ted Cruz 23:23:05
Movement Grows to Repeal Obamacare Exemption for Congress 22:06:30
Dr. Marc Faber: An Army of people coming out of universities are completely useless... 21:53:08
White House Announces Limited Support For Gunmen Holed Up in Kenya Mall 20:57:01
Huffpo: The Discovery of the Lost Papers of Ludwig von Mises in a Moscow Nazi Treasure Trove 20:51:01
Michael Douglas Slams U.S. Prison System After Emmy Win 20:39:09
Atlas Shrugged Movie "Who Is John Galt?" - Kickstarter 18:16:53
Is the CIA Involved in Drug Trafficking? "I think George Bush is deep into it" - Ron Paul 15:49:15
NA 14:40:30
Rand Paul Wants Chief Justice Roberts, and ALL Federal Workers to Enroll in Obamacare 12:54:29
#Anarchy in Detroit 12:15:02
Sen. Rand Paul Appears on Fox and Friends- September 23, 2013 11:39:42
Alabama District 1: Dean Young makes it to US Congress Runoff November 5th 10:00:32
Derrick Grayson (TMOT) 08:36:46
Snowden's Lawyer: Leaker Wears Disguises & 'I Am His Only Link With The Outside World' 07:44:17
Police Officer Shatters Car Window After Female Student Refuses to Roll It Down! 07:37:45
New iPhone, 5N(S)A Does it take your fingerprints and upload them to government databases? 03:36:48
Rep. Nancy Pelosi: Nothing Left To Cut In Budget - 'The Cupboard Is Bare’ 02:37:55
HACKED: iPhone 5s FingerPrint-ID 'Security' defeated by the German "Chaos Comp. Club" in Just 3 Days Since Apple's Hyped Launch! 02:22:58
FLU shot or not? 02:03:22
First Episode of the Tom Woods Show Airs Today! Interviewing Mike Boldin of the TAC! 01:12:47
Rand Paul: 'Constellation of Scandals' Has Taken Away President's Moral Authority To Lead The Nation 00:22:20
Maryland Common Core arrest followup: Why didn’t the cattle stand up for Robert Small? 00:04:32
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Arianna Huffington: Help The Onion Win A Pulitzer 23:29:45
Ben Sasse, Nebraska Republican for Senate: Could they be more out of touch? 23:16:26
Google Constitute - New project publishes world constitutions in one place; enables creating new ones and proposing amendments 22:17:25
Mitch McConnell, MIA on Immigration, Budget 22:11:31
An Atheist's Prayer 21:51:47
Research Finds Link Between Inflation and Laughter In Federal Reserve Meetings 21:47:11
From Flappers to Flivvers...: We Helped Make the '20s Roar! 21:35:58
Takes The Fall: Lois Lerner Out At IRS 21:32:46
Stupid Is As Stupid Does: "Grand Theft Auto 5," $1 Billion In Sales 21:10:38
Freedom fighters Unite at LPAC 2013 20:52:53
The Daily Paul Theme Song 20:52:11
*The Peace of God*: To those at the Daily Paul 20:22:17
Judicial Application of Redeeming Lawful Money 19:10:55
How do you do it, Michael? 18:51:33
Jim Rogers: Ron Paul should be Federal Reserve Chairman 12:36:09
Saudi Arabia Threatens to “End Career” of AP Reporter Over Chemical Weapons Story 18:23:14
What Happened to Protesting With Our Dollars? 18:21:12
Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: McCain & Graham = "Traitors" working w/Netanyahu to set America on War-footing vs Iran 17:41:35
So-called 'Trucker Strike' Launched by anti-Muslim Zealot Who says to 'F-' police 17:41:33
Terms and Conditions May Apply - 2013 Documentary Film - Trailer & Sneak Preview 17:36:01
Is the Tea Party fading and Paul Disciples taking over GOP? 17:34:37
Venezuela Sets Price Controls on Toilet Paper, Causes Shortage 17:23:47
1 Million Truckers to Shut Down America Launches New Website After Facebook Ban 16:56:58
Mondays with Murray: The Influence of Rothbard 16:48:35
Cracks in the GOP Wall 16:26:24
NPR: Russians Murder Each Other MORE than USA, with LESS Guns - September 21, 2013 16:01:58
ObamaCare: Lower Premiums to Due to Fewer Choices 15:58:16
Slow Mo Disaster in the Making: T Minus 7 Days until ObamaCare 15:42:40
NY Fed: Economy too weak to taper! 15:37:56
*Update* IRS Head Lois Learner, At the Heart of the Tea Party Scandal, Retires, and Will Keep Pension Worth Over $50,000 15:22:41
Assad: Terrorists may attack chemical weapons inspectors, blame Damascus 15:03:35
Syria: Russian Patience Running Thin with U.S. 15:01:43
Breitbart Exclusive - Rand Paul: Boehner Has Power To Kill Amnesty Once And For All 14:51:05
Israel's and Kenya's spooks have close ties. Countries working together in ALL levels 14:41:27
Psychology Today: What We Can't Know About the Economy 14:39:15
The Dumb Sh*it Did It Again!: Cheney's Gun Malfunctions In Charity Antelope Hunting Contest, None Hurt 14:05:11
Quantitative Easing Worked for the Weimar Rep. for a Little While Too 14:04:27
Quantitative Easing Worked For The Weimar Republic For A Little While Too 13:50:07
$3.39T Quantitative Explosion: Fed Owns More Treasuries and MBSs Than Publicly Held Debt Amassed From Washington Through Clinton 13:39:18
9/11 We Cannot Forget - Houston TX Macy's Gets Imploded - Looks Very Familiar 13:31:25
Hillary Clinton 13:11:46
A link to don'tfundobamacare website 12:57:37
NYPD handing out Flyers asking users to upgrade to iOS7 12:29:28
The Federal Government Has No Authority to Restrict Interstate Importation of Firearms or Arms of Any Type Into the State. 12:12:21
The fiction of memory 12:03:52
WND Exclusive: Did Americans Help Plot Kenya Terror Attack? 12:02:05
It's Official: Obamacare Will Increase Health Spending By $7,450 For A Typical Family of Four 11:52:34
September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor - Full version 11:46:36
Iran parades 30 2,000-km range missiles 11:38:09
Good petition to sign 11:30:58
The Young Turks logic is simplistic 11:01:21
Bono hanging out with war as a complete fraud. 10:18:36
Michael Scheuer on AIPAC, Syria, and the American Jewish Community. 09:37:22
Times Of India: Food Prices Rose 157% Between 2004 And 2013 09:22:32
Karl Rove Is NOT a Conservative 09:21:35
NWO shows up for Soros wedding. 09:07:59
German group claims to have hacked iphone fingerprint scanner 09:05:34
Ohio Cop Terrorizes Family: Witness Gets it on Video 08:18:01
'I was stop-and-frisked by the NYPD more than 100 times' – video 08:17:55
Is Minimum Wage the Worst Idea Ever? 08:17:47
The Tom Woods Show 08:15:20
About the most important word in the English language 07:10:50
August 1998: Following false-flag bombings against U.S. embassies in Nairobi East Africa, Bill Clinton starts 'War on Terror' 07:06:31
Michel Chossudovsky On Colbert Report: An Attack On Syria Could Lead To Disaster. 07:01:02
FARMER: DPS Detained, Then Released Illegal Aliens 05:02:42
"Patriotism" -poem 04:27:34
Songs that HEAL the soul! 03:07:11
Hell and High Water (poem) 03:02:09
Will It Blend? iPhone 5 vs Galaxy S3 02:33:56
New interview with Eric Sprott, Interviewed by Hunter 02:11:52
PA Democrat asks if she can kill a Republican Representative 02:05:57
DC Navy Yard Shooting Linked to Investigation of Obama for Treason - aka False Flag Nuke Attack on D.C.- Per DHS Play Book 01:53:04
Obama Administration Blackmails the Russians in Attempt to Wage War 01:40:12
Shutdown Countdown: 10 Days - Alan Greenspan Warns: 'no Viable Long-term Solution To Our Badly Warped Economy' Without Fixing P 01:29:14
Press Your Luck - No Whammies! Life Lessons From Game Show History 00:56:48