Posted on September 24, 2013

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Rand Paul Joins Ted Cruz on Senate Floor On Defunding Obamacare - 9/24/13 23:02:19
Palin tells Cruz to Read the Bill if he runs out of stuff to say - Read the Bill, Read the Bill, Read the Bill 22:09:41
SHOCK! Secretary of State John Kerry To Sign UN Arms Treaty Despite Senators Opposition 22:01:41
What are the chances Rand becomes the Minority Leader? 20:51:05
For those speaking against Ted Cruz today 20:04:01
Obama's Road Signs 19:23:21
Attorney General: "Identifying antidepressants Lanza was taking could “cause a lot of people to stop taking their medications" 18:54:50
Sarah Palin on FOX to Karl Rove "F" you 16:32:28
Rand needs to dump his support for McConnell - every McConnel line is full because of outraged Republicans calling in 15:42:21
Senator Ted Cruz Filibuster Ends; Continuing Senate Coverage on CSPAN 15:25:32
Terry McAuliffe Pledges Colorado-Like Gun Control if Elected 15:12:54
ALERT! Small Business Owners About To Get Shafted With Online Sales Tax 14:27:58
Supreme Court May Get Second Chance to Kill Obamacare Insurance Mandate 14:21:53
Blowback: America's Most Insidious Export 13:48:48
Photos: New York Cop Steals Resident’s Pro-Second Amendment Signs 13:30:40
Vetting Ted Cruz 13:01:15
Rand Paul To Introduce Amendment Outlawing Obamacare Exemptions For Government Employees 11:53:36
Open Letter to $400 Million Columbia SC Powerball winner 11:47:32
Mother Earth News, what do you think? 10:09:52
NSA surveillance goes beyond Orwell's imagination – Alan Rusbridger 10:09:39
Real Life "Strike-Back?" An Off-Duty British SAS Soldier saves 100 Lives, Armed w/ Only a Pistol @ Kenyan Mall Massacre! 09:34:24
Whatever happened to the Ozone Hole? 09:08:03
Pelosi: Death Of 40-hour Work Week Means Freedom To ‘Follow Your Passion’ 08:51:32
ALL Charges Dropped Against Dad Who Was Arrested After Speaking Out Against Common Core at Public Meeting 08:38:36
Alabama Election Results: Pro Constitution Candidate Moves On To November 5th Runoff 08:37:46
FINALLY: Stefan Molyneux debates Peter Joseph of ZeitGeist Movement + Moly on Joe Rogan Show - 9/24/2013! 08:36:09
Breitbart Exclusive: McConnell, Cornyn Whipping Votes Against Ted Cruz 07:12:56
US Government Unemployment Numbers Explained by Abbott and Costello 05:53:05
Vertical Farming in Singapore 03:22:56
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How to avoid being secretly poisoned by MSG 23:58:14
The 29-Hour Work Week Is ...Good 23:33:54
Rant from a worker ant! 22:51:54
Daffodils - poem 22:30:47
GOP’s Rand Paul Carving Out His Own Campaign Path 22:25:47
Dell - poem 22:21:47
Far the years after my death - poem 22:18:01
Few things - poem 22:14:30
Silver & Gold - Hidden Secrets Of Money 3 - Dollar Crisis To Golden Opportunity 22:14:29
Real-life 'Blue Man' dies after heart attack, stroke 22:14:06
The circle of life; pain, suffering and delusion. 21:57:40
The unlike Revere1776 is underway lets see how many unlikes we can get for him 21:52:47
Obamacare Supporters Sign Petition to Add Sterilants to Water Supply To Reduce Birthrates (VIDEO) 21:52:38
Democracy And Racism Explained.. 21:41:03
:-) 21:30:18
KK well, we dont need to know if Ted Cruz is for or against us we dont have time to dissect anyone, take the gold and leave the 21:29:58
Reality Check: Obamacare Navigators Won’t Have To Pass Background Checks (VIDEO) 21:25:00
Ted Cruz Reads #DefundObamacareBecause Tweets on Senate Floor 20:56:10
Distributivism - Economic Theory 20:54:41
Buffett: Scrap Obamacare and Start All Over 20:16:09
Mall Attack - Not Sure What To Make Of This 19:24:53
HUGE! Church Committee Testifier Robert "Tosh" Plumlee: Benghazi = 'Mop-Up' vs. Witnesses to O's Direct Gun-Running to AlQaeda! 19:06:04
Oh Lookie - NDAA Biometric Identification Bigger and More Intrusive Government Marco Rubio Is On C-Span 18:29:12
Mint Press Story of Ghouta Chemical Attack Retracted by Sited AP Journalist 17:56:16
iPhone’s Fingerprint ID Technology May Threaten Privacy 17:21:28
I Think Ted Cruz is Trying to CO-OPT Rand 16:38:31
Carl and Richard Bunce running for Nevada State Senate and Assembly in 2014 16:05:35
Dark Journalist: Richard Dolan- The Breakaway Civilization 15:35:42
The Pope Condemns the Idolatry of Money. The Pope is Right. 15:32:01
Ted Cruz Filibuster 15:25:25
New Unseen Footage Emerges from the 9/11 Attacks 15:09:45
Samuel L. Jackson To Obama: “Stop Trying To ‘Relate’” and “Be F*king Presidential” (VIDEO) 14:02:33
Lessons On Freedom (From The Mouths of Brazilians…) 13:58:59
Seventh Graders Suspended For Nine Months For Playing With Toy Gun… At Home (Video) 13:47:58
new footage 9/11 2001 13:43:10
Obama Hides Aid For Criminals In Immigration Bill 13:12:21
Humor: Syria Really Needs Our Help 13:00:56
REUTERS: At U.N., Brazil's Rousseff Blasts U.S. Spying As Breach Of Law 12:44:47
Where Next for the Price of Gold & Silver? 12:41:09
Putin: Aggression against Syria would violate international law 12:07:59
Rick Santorum now running movie studio 12:00:50
Need reader thoughts on this pic. Is it a stretch or a maybe? 11:55:26
How to Defeat ObamaCare with or without Congress 11:49:22
Napolitano on Obamacare for Everyone 11:43:51
Gallup: Americans' Belief That Gov't Is Too Powerful at Record Level 11:24:20
McConnell Breaks With Tea Party: Won't Support Cruz on Obamacare Vote 11:21:25
Obama's UN speech 11:09:32
Brazil's president rebukes Obama at UN over NSA spying 11:05:27
MLK Jr. on just and unjust laws - Civil disobedience 11:04:40
Rand Paul Wins Mackinac Conference vote for Pres. 11:00:20
The Pope Condemns Idolatry Of Cash In Capitalism. The Pope Is Wrong. 10:48:06
Local Parking Authority Compiles Database Capable Of Tracking Vehicle Movement 10:41:20
Lois Lerner’s lawyers negotiating with Oversight Committee on immunity 10:29:12
Obama announces financial aid to Syria 10:27:32
51 UN Countries Vote to Keep Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Hidden from Public View 10:26:32
fake/joke ad claims ios7 makes iphones waterproof. gullible people buy it and get angry! 10:14:29
Suspended for airsoft guns on private property 09:59:15
Lawrence Wilkerson Interview: 'John McCain and Lindsey Graham Need to Shut Their Mouths' 09:57:44
edit; Facebook Picture Illustration: 'America forward - Health Insurance, Tax Penalty, or Incarceration' 08:19:22
Google's Compiling World's Constitutions; 'Because You're Not Using nor Following Yours'-Edition 07:22:47
US government to sue JPMorgan in mortgage case: Sources 07:02:23
Dahlia Wasfi Epic Speech 06:33:21
No 5th Amendment: Highland, Ca falsely claims motorists "must" identify driver in red-light camera tickets 06:23:15
Random Insight 02:49:09
Reverie no. 1 and 2 - poem 01:54:01
Anyone Annoyed by "Texting and Driving" Laws? 00:50:57
Is there an event planned for October 1, 2013? 00:41:46
The Estate 00:18:00
'The Worst Hard Time' Epic Book, Epic Hard Times 00:04:49