Posted on September 25, 2013

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Sen. Rand Paul Discusses Filibuster on CNN's "The Situation Room" W / Wolf Blitzer - 9/25/13 (VIDEO) 22:41:08
Ted Cruz, Harry Reid Spar on Senate Rules. This is Leadership. Regardless who does it. 21:54:12
Watch Senator Cruz Absolutely OWN Dick Durbin (Video) 21:45:51
Citing Trolls, 'Popular Science' Website Shuts Down Comments 21:41:43
CNN headline : Surprise! Obamacare foe Cruz votes with Democrats on spending plan 20:51:11
Michael Hastings 20:10:23
100% of Income Tax Going to Interest on DEBT - What? Allison Bricker Show 09-25-2013 @7pm EST 18:28:03
Northern California Counties Vote to Secede from California, Form New State Called 'Jefferson' 18:10:10
Comic Rob Schneider Explains That Americans Have No Right to Sue for Vaccine Injury 18:06:53
RandSlide vs CruzControl Filibuster Postmortem; the ONLY Relevant Metric: Did It Change the Conversation? 16:55:32
Peter Schiff Was Right - 'Taper' Edition 15:32:33
Comedian Michael Connell Explains: Money Vs. Currency 15:24:56
The Worst Law Ever Passed In The United States? 15:19:31
John Kerry Signs UN Small Arms Treaty! 15:04:17
Tonight! Ron Paul on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno 14:51:53
U.S.: "ATF misplaced 420 million cigarettes in stings" - Wow! Government Really Is Criminal Org. 14:49:13
Record Gun Sales in Maryland as Tyrannical Law Looms (VIDEO) 12:34:38
Obamacare is the most massive transfer of power to the Executive Branch of government that has ever occurred 12:23:37
Little Johnny masters Obamacare 12:07:46
"I do not like this Uncle Sam. I do not like this healthcare scam." Photo of Cruz' daughters as he reads them Green Eggs & Ham 11:54:44
Somebody stole 7 milliseconds from the Federal Reserve 10:19:10
Internal Senate email warns lawmakers not to sign up for Obamacare yet 9/25/2013 09:23:25
Vote No on Texas Proposition 6, Nov 5th, 2013 09:08:30
Ben Swann Made Round 2 @ Intuit's Super Bowl Commercial Contest! 08:57:46
Clinton Admits Ponzi Scheme of Obamacare 07:35:06
Why I Call Myself Pol Pot 00:55:28
Drudge Tweet: Cruz, Paul 'Heart' of Republican Party 00:45:42
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The US dollar is just another government program.. 23:42:12
Iran-American Rapprochement: Scheherazade! A Tale of One Thousand and One Nights! 23:42:09
Ben Swann should interview Ted Cruz 23:31:21
Why Is Obamacare so Unaffordable? Because It Was Conceived As A Political Weapon of Mass Economic Destruction 23:26:58
Top 45 Lies in Obama’s Speech at UN 23:26:05
She courted him relentlessly until he finally surrendered lmao 23:23:09
George H.W. Bush is witness at same-sex marriage in Maine 23:18:14
"Never Enough": A Book About The Welfare State 23:11:35
Ben Swann: Media Attacks Ron Paul For Supporting Homeschooling (VIDEO) 23:06:27
New South Park Season 17 Premiere Mocking NSA - Tonight 23:04:20
Sen. Rand Paul On 'Your World" W / Neil Cavuto - Fox News - 9/25/13 (VIDEO) 23:00:10
Who Was Granger? And Why Does She Hate Michael Nystrom? 22:59:21
rhino: This is what I think is going to happen 22:42:00
Aaaron "No Motive" Alexis. ReviewManify Breaks it Down 22:31:30
What Is a Political Movement? 22:00:07
How much for Obamacare? Depends on where you live... 21:50:32
Michael Savage moves to 2-5:00 PM Central Time Slot, Competes with Hannity 21:45:54
Sept 25 - Cartman infiltrates the NSA 21:44:36
Have you met America's #1 power couple? 21:32:47
PNAC's 7-Nation War Plans: Luke Rudkowski confronts Gen. Wesley Clark, the Butcher of Balkans, on What He thinks, Now! 21:21:32
The Season 17 Premiere Of ‘South Park’ Will Pit Cartman Against The NSA 21:16:54
Rand on Hannity Tonight 21:13:18
Luke Rudkowski Is A Horrible Moron 21:04:38
This Is What Happens When Americans Place Their Trust In The State 20:58:45
One Million Truckers Ride to Restore the Constitution Going Viral 20:49:21
The Shocking Truth About Secret Documents & The CFTC 20:30:02
Looking for liberty minded job advice! 20:25:55
I wonder how much money John McCain lost... 20:16:00
I'm reading and enjoying Ron Paul's new book and I urge you to do the same! 20:04:55
Bitcoin - An Emerging Global Payment System - CoinAxis 19:59:12
Cruz has set the bar. 19:56:04
So Video Was Released From The Navy Yard Shooting... 19:34:04
IRS Watchdog: $67 Million Missing from Obamacare Slush Fund 19:11:25
Obama Finally Embraces The Free Market! 19:03:16
"If all else fails, Obama will raise debt ceiling himself" 17:43:54
Drama Unfolds Behind the Scenes in the Kokesh Camp, Donation Money Goes Missing 17:32:59
Blue-man Paul Karason (known for using colloidal silver) dead at 62 17:29:07
Mitch McConnell Gets on the 'Rand' Wagon (half-way), Backs End to Congressional Exemption: Do We Trust Him? (No) 17:08:26
"Hey, it's me, Michelle Obama" 17:07:07
Janet Yellen will be a Good and Friendly Fed Chairman! 16:46:38
Are You Ready For a Complete Power Grid Blackout? 16:45:52
Nine in 10 British men fake their love of sports to impress their friends and colleagues 16:20:50
Without claim to "National Security" FBI releases video of Navy yard shooter. 16:13:01
Ventura suing over 'American Sniper' book in Minn. court 16:07:46
! Devil Warns American Patriots His New World Order Plan Almost Complete 15:57:39
CNBC: The Fed's 'hidden agenda' behind money-printing 15:35:16
In South Florida? Consider attending Ron Paul leader led Constitution Party Meeting in Fort Lauderdale 14:52:16
CFTC Closes 5 Year Silver Investigation - No Viable Evidence of Manipulation 14:49:53
I think it's over, America is a lost cause 14:43:50
CFTC Closes 5 Year Silver Investigation- No Viable Evidence of Manipulation 14:18:32
Senator Ted Cruz and Wife Heidi Nelson Cruz Bios 14:02:34
Principles of Liberty event in Skamania County Thursday 9/26 13:52:34
Google to Encrypt ALL Keyword Searches: Say Goodbye to Keyword Data 13:41:44
Senate Floor: Sen. Paul Joins Sen. Cruz On DEFUNDING Obamacare (VIDEO) 13:37:47
Facebook Page “Truckers to Shut Down America,” Has Been Pulled Off The Web 13:16:52
DOJ: Al Qaeda Crashed the Housing Market 13:08:50 Exclusive: Albany New York’s City Council Attempting To Block NDAA 13:05:39
1% rise in inflation corresponds to a 75% increase in laughter during Federal Reserve Meetings 13:04:19
As Afghan War Nears End, US to Spend Billions on Shipping Weapons Back Home 12:45:48
Representing Liberty at South Florida String Festival 12:39:38
9/25 - Good News! Senate Could Strike The Monsanto Protection Act Contact Your Senators Today! 12:26:28
Tennessee: Obamacare Will Triple Men's Premiums, Double Women's 12:26:21
DRUDGE Report: Cruz To Continue On Limbaugh Today - Check Local Listings 12:20:01
Wow - Brazilian President rakes Obama rakes Obama in UN speech over sovereignty/privacy/spying... 11:52:25
An Isolationist Foreign Policy 11:26:37
Cure for Malaria Hidden From Public 11:18:52
I'm tired of the cynicism that is pervading this site. 10:58:37
What exactly is Cruz trying to accomplish by not yielding the floor? 10:19:22
A 9/11 started in (1991) see all the motives, people,and the WHY 9/11 happened 10:12:14
Charles Gregory 09:02:02
Deleted/Apologies 07:25:31
The Management of Savagery 06:41:17
Twice In A Row 04:08:44
Thomas Sowell : Obama's Failed Economic Policies 03:41:45
Democratic Senator Enters 16,948th Hour of Filibuster 03:34:36
I am not qualified to register an opinion. 03:16:51
Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Mike Lee are really F-ing with Senate Rules at this AM Filibuster Hour 03:14:08
UPDATED: Modoc County Joins Siskiyou In State Of Jefferson Bid For Secession 02:34:36
Race 4 POTUS 2016 is on! 02:19:29
This guy is on fire! Do we like him? 02:14:59
Author Bio : Frédéric Bastiat 01:50:05
Rand vs. Cruz: Who Will Hold Their Pee Longest? 01:25:28
Open carrying Ron Paul supporters confronted by liberty loving Sheriff 01:20:33
Hidden Secrets Of Money 3 : Dollar Crisis To Golden Opportunity (Mike Maloney, 9/24/2013) 00:15:45
I'm Riveted Watching Senator Ted Cruz Filibuster on C-SPAN, I Didn't Look at MSM Crap at all Today 00:10:32