Posted on September 27, 2013

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Dear GOP, I will stay at home again in 2016. 23:18:04
New American Federal Reserve Tokens (AFRTs) 22:26:08
Dianne Feinstein Accidentally Confirms That NSA Tapped The Internet Backbone 21:19:48
2016 GOP Presidential Poll - Can You Guess Who's Not Listed? 19:01:22
Best of luck to ya all! 18:40:22
Mayday! Mayday! Don't Lose Heart! Keep Fighting! 17:57:31
I Will Be The First To Say It- 17:22:25
Judge Napolitano On UN Arms Treaty: 'A Treaty Cannot Trump A Constitutional Right' 15:15:49
Thank You Lindsey Graham, no Really! 15:06:20
BBC News - Most popular headline today - Why are Americans giving up their citizenship? 14:25:29
New Video: Rise Up - Official Video 13:32:32
Ron Paul on John Stossel: Dispelling Common Home-Schooling Myths - Sept. 26, 2013 13:14:47
Sen. Rand Paul interview with Smiley and West 13:11:55
DHS Detains Oathkeepers Heading To Gun Rally 13:05:58
LIVE: Senate Vote NOW to End Debate (Cloture) and Return Bill (minus Obamacare exclusion) to House 12:14:31
POWERFUL! Sy Hersh: Obama Admin's Bin Laden Raid Fairytale is "One Big LIE, Not One Word of It is True"! 11:59:20
Mike Lee's Senate Speech = Amazing 9-27-13 11:52:00
How to call Police when you're old & don't move fast anymore. 11:38:45
Full Video: Ron Paul On The Tonight Show 9-26-13 11:18:34
Ron Paul, in 2007, You changed the World! The Rise of 'Ron PaulS,' OUTSIDE of America - the Australian Edition 10:57:32
WHOA! Gov Targets Private Bank Accounts: Seizes Funds Of Innocent Americans Without Charge or Trial (VIDEO) 10:11:18
Lauryn Hill Exposing the Industry 09:59:22
All My Heroes Have FBI Files 09:09:10
Paul warns son: You could get elected 09:03:52
Ron Paul On Jay Leno 08:21:36
My sons latest video... Armed Citizen Project 06:55:48
GOP tension grows as Tea Party senators push off ObamaCare vote 06:20:33
My Prayers For The Nystrom Family 03:27:15
Ron Paul On Gun Control - The Tonight Show With Jay Leno (9/26) 01:55:52
Database of cash-only doctors 00:19:19
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The Anatomy of a (neo)Con 23:46:41
Michael 23:37:32
GOP Senators Shun Senators Cruz and Lee Fri 9/27 PM 23:14:15
Liberty Magazine: The Church Versus State Debate 23:04:25
72 Representatives Warn Boehner: Abortion Slush Fund, Secrecy Clause Unacceptable! Also: Compassionate Late Term Abortionists? 22:40:55
Modern Israel is an artificially created state dominated by Jews who have no connections to biblical Israel. 22:39:46
Imagine if this clerk was a Ron Paul supporter... 22:38:15
Wanna show me where that airplane went again? 22:27:46
Comedian Sam Tripoli on PC, Ron Paul, and Naughtiness (video) 22:13:16
Feds Targeted Snowden’s Email Provider the Day After NSA Whistleblower Went Public 22:02:21
Is this Edward Snowden's Latest Leak or someone just using his name? 21:13:42
Poll: Cruz 2016 Frontrunner, New GOP Leader 21:00:32
New GOP presidential preference poll: Paul & Cruz capturing 37% of the total votes 20:08:23
Bugger the Bankers 20:05:41
Campaign for Liberty Just Called.. It Sounds Big. 19:58:43
Exclusive: McCain Hires Discredited Fraud and Syria "Analyst" Elizabeth O'Bagy 19:41:49
Coalition To Prevent Assault Weapon Violence 18:46:48
Are Tests Biased Against Students Who Don't Give A S#!t? 18:42:53
Nullification the Rightful Remedy 18:42:15
These 5 People Used an AR-15 to Defend Themselves and It May Have Saved Their Lives 18:39:56
The Prayer - Andrea Bocelli & Josh Groban 18:15:21
Jeff Flake - Living up to his name? 18:14:27
Rand Paul: I'm Not Going To Vote For One Penny For ObamaCare 18:05:05
Up in Smoke: 52% of Californian adults want to legalize marijuana 17:48:50
Flake & Hatch didn't vote 17:48:06
Ron Paul Slams Gun Control, Endorses Voluntaryism on Leno 17:29:21
For All Those With Constitutional Fetishes 17:20:04
The Blessed Republic Will Be Restored! 17:17:38
The man who shot Liberty Valance 17:11:51
getting around the minimum wage law 16:58:33
Here’s Your Senators Phone Number To Call 16:54:48
Love is God's Gift 16:48:44
SEIU Under Investigation Over Prop 4, 'Dues Skim' Took $35 Million From Medicaid Recipients 16:43:10
Are your senators serious about getting rid of Obamacare? 16:39:53
Senate defeats Cruz filibuster, passes bill that funds Obamacare 16:25:13
What Can You Do To Stop the NDAA? 16:24:19
POLL: Ted Cruz Now Leads GOP Presidential Pack 16:08:13
Major New Polls: Americans Are Sick of War 16:02:17
"The American people will always have the final word" - Senator Lee makes the final case to defund Obamacare 15:18:08
"Obama can invade any country for US energy needs" 15:12:07
Daryl Hannah Reveals Her Autism to Hollywood 15:09:31
Bernanke & the FED Is Indeed Driving the Stock Market 14:23:26
Movie Eyeborgs - 1984 like world we live in - not too distant future with Camera Survellance 14:15:45
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is no friend of Liberty yet advertises on the Daily Paul?! 13:46:31
War is a deception 13:26:58
Pro-Clinton Super PAC Creators Have Dubious Pasts 12:48:21
You Can't Make This Up! MSDNC literally 'married to' the WH! Well... at least One of their Propagandists: Alex Wagner 12:47:59
Tenth Amendment Center: Nullify Obamacare in 4 Steps 12:45:07
Ron Paul’s 2016 advice for Rand Paul: ‘Be very cautious; you could get elected.’ 12:36:58
Obamacare Video Contest Song - Please Share 12:12:21
Kurt Nimmo: "Government is a Suicide Bomber"! (Ain't That the TRUTH!) 11:48:52
Detroit's $300M bailout a distraction; FHA also gets $1.7B bailout today 11:19:57
Felony Friday: Man Charged For Killing Deer That Ate His Weed Plants 10:58:22
The Kiss of Judice: The Constitution Betrayed: A Coroner's Inquest and Report (Vols. 1-3) 10:52:51
AnCap vs. Anarchy vs. Voluntaryism 10:48:21
Somebody Stole 7 Milliseconds From the Federal Reserve 10:42:34
Why are Americans giving up their citizenship? 10:23:30
The ACA will benefit the Large Corporations; Small businesses will die 10:03:35
Secret Cold War Files Reveal US Spied On Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King Jr. 09:59:45
Federal Reserve President Speak Out-Post No Taper Decision 09:53:00
White House To Announce $300M In Aid Friday To Make Detroit Safer, Erase Blight 09:48:40
Who are the Remnant? 09:47:31
Who was Albert J Nock? and what did he say about the "remnant " (for all you Ron Paul Revolutionaries) 09:36:52
This is What Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Thinks About Your Privacy Rights 09:25:59
Who was William Belsham? and why did he hate war? 09:23:25
US-Backed Syrian Rebels Form New Alliance With Al-Qaeda Affiliate 09:08:38
Justin Raimondo: Time to Defund the Syrian Rebels 09:04:58
Judges Don’t Make Laws; They Render Opinions, And States Should Ignore Bad Judicial Opinions 08:56:57
Feds search Lumber Liquidators headquarters - Gibson Guitars 2.0 08:45:37
The Politics of Obedience: The Discourse of Voluntary Servitude 06:54:22
#StandWithRebelAlliance! The Rand - Ted - Mike Alliance, that is! Fiery Speech by Rand @ TC Filibuster! 05:17:32
Secret cold war files reveal US spied on Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King Jr 05:14:58
Not-so-random browsing... France, Detroit, and Obama's view about healthcare on Uncyclopedia 05:11:07
U.S. sues company over miner's religious objection to biometric hand scan 05:05:43
Christie warns: Allow dunes or we'll sue - Takes Couple's Property for $1 05:03:59
Anyone notice an improvement in Dr. Paul's interviews? 04:45:42
John Locke: Natural Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property 02:50:53
New Code Words For Lying Under Oath: "I don't want to put out anything that's classified." NSA chief Gen. Keith Alexander 02:24:17
Now I KNOW Something Good Is Happening In America - Team Calls It Quits After Football Death 02:20:05
Ambassador Samantha Power: The “Hellish Power” Who Bombs her Way Out of Genocide! 01:53:30
Bailouts could cost U.S. $23 trillion 01:47:23
5 Signs You’re Really More of a “Libertarian Republican” at Heart 01:47:20
Did McConnell show up for Cruz's telethon? 01:13:25
1927 Sears Roebuck Catalog 01:03:01
Use your imagination - Pat Buchanan 01:02:27
Texas r3VOL: Y'all gettin' Ready for THE Biggest GOP Presidential Straw Poll Ever, in 2014? 00:34:06
Obamascare: Cavuto Takes on Obama Over Fox News Criticism 00:00:27