Posted on September 28, 2013

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The Government Shutdown Brouhaha 23:32:46
Reading about permaculture, thought I would share 22:05:06
19 US Senators Declare “Game on!” Shot Heard ‘Round the World 21:55:17
I had a Nightmare 21:28:10
Official DP Government Shutdown Thread 20:32:14
Harry Reid: ‘Tea Party…Backed by Very Wealthy Group’ in ‘Effort to Destroy Our Government 20:26:41
Schoolchildren Nationwide Pointing Their Fingers, Saying 'Bang' in Hopes of Being Suspended, Expelled 19:33:33
Republican Takeover - New Strategy 18:14:54
Debra Medina Is Considering Running For Governor Of Texas In 2014 As An Independent 16:22:43
Video! "Over A Decade Of Fear " 15:52:25
Sen. Rand Paul on possibly becoming President Paul 14:26:27
Firsthand Update on Panama Bank Holiday 14:22:22
Will Dick Cheney be Arrested in Canada on War Crime Charges? 14:05:55
How People Disappear - Vsauce Video 14:00:17
War Is The New Cool 13:44:20
“Yes We Can” Defund Obamacare by Not Complying and Refusing to Buy Overpriced Poor Insurance Plans 13:24:19
DP's Political Cartoon Thread 12:30:27
Just saw the movie "Lawless" 11:21:13
Empire USA: Navy’s "biggest, baddest" and costliest – piece of hardware ever. 09:52:30
Open carrying property owner arrested after confronting a trespasser, footage erased but recovered 05:48:08
Found it! Ted Cruz, Goldman Sachs, Bush Relationship 03:18:02
The downplay of Rand Paul has already begun... 01:32:59
Gov. Jesse Ventura Reveals Shocking JFK Info in New Book 01:00:01
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Demand for chicken is down, so the gov't will buy 138 million lbs. of unwanted chicken products 23:19:36
Dallas County now have their own military SUV 22:57:36
Police caught on camera removing pro gun signs from man's lawn 22:54:57
NSA Analyst spied on love interest (video) 22:53:07
$5.25m For Senate Hair Care & 21 Other Ways Politicians Are Living The High Life At Your Expense 22:51:52
Gun discovered in above ceiling panel at JFK airport 22:24:18
Help Nancy Mace spread the truth about Lindsey Graham! 21:54:49
No Lights, No Traffic 21:49:32
Cspan twitter poll NOW who is at fault for O'care mess #cspanchat 21:31:24
Is supporting Democracy TREASON? or is it just a criminal offense? 21:27:06
This Train Is Bound For Glory 21:26:47
Do Libertarians "Praise Brutality"? 21:05:14
NO! First, Honey Bees, and Now: Monarch Butterflies Disappearing... by 90%! Yikes .o/ 21:03:01
"...the inevitable photographs of the two shaking hands – proved too controversial however." 21:01:48
Eric Margolis on Switzerland: Most Armed; Most Free 20:53:28
UPDATE:Change of title: The cooking thread. 20:32:02
$67 Million Goes “missing” From Obamacare Implementation Fund 20:29:18
Yahoo CEO: We faced jail if we revealed NSA secrets “If you don’t comply, it’s treason!” 20:19:03
Political Idiot or Savant? What's Ted Cruz up to? 20:15:08
Stewart Rhodes on Coast 2 Coast 09/26 20:11:03
Operation But Who Will _____________? #ShutDownQuestions 19:48:49
The Meaning of Life 19:38:19
I need to right a wrong here friends 19:26:59
7th Grader suspended for 2" Arcade Toy Gun KEYCHAIN! More Anti-Gun Hoplophobic Hypochondria 19:26:44
Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - And It's All Small Stuff by Richard Carlson MD 19:25:48
Mind Your Business Coin And Paper Money! 19:23:06
How Long Before Americans Demand A Rejection Of the Empire & A Restoration of the Republic? 18:55:28
The Weak Minded Put Hope in Man. 18:20:31
TWI Demonstrates Hand-Held Laser Rifle ( VIDEO ) 18:03:51
If These are The Fastest Growing Jobs in America – We’re Doomed 17:53:43
Cruz's Wife, Heidi, CFR/North American Union Task Force Member! 16:47:53
'Who Pukes First' App For Iphone? 15:39:49
A Sign That People Are Waking Up 15:39:26
Fed Presidents on QE Taper Talk Offensive 15:03:16
NBC Launches Week of Programming to Help Obamacare Succeed 14:56:28
Come And Take It!: The Battle for Texas Independence From Mexico 14:26:58
Gifted Hands - The Benjamin Carson Story 14:13:48
Boy who brought weapons to school sentenced to home confinement 14:11:36
BOMBSHELL! Visa Goes Anti-Gun: Restricts America’s Largest Gun Store From Processing Transactions 14:04:08
Shocking Facts About US Veterans: 1 Suicide Every 65 Minutes 14:02:39
CARSON: Obamacare fight is the new Alamo; no reinforcements coming 13:55:48
Supremacy is in the Constitution; And NOT in ANY Law Made by the Federal Legislature. 13:53:37
All veterans’ benefit payments will be disrupted if a shutdown goes beyond two weeks 13:33:46
Forget Boehner. Jim DeMint is Congressional Republicans' Shadow Speaker 13:19:17
To The Smart People Here On The Daily Paul - I Need Your Help And Fast! 13:17:47
Why Senate Republicans Hate Ted Cruz 13:13:51
A plan that drastically increases the chances of a government shutdown... 13:00:50
Dr Ben Carson opposes Obamacare on FOX. This guy is also a potential Presidential candidate in 2016. 12:41:31
"Get Outta My Way" The Dirt Daubers 12:33:35
The Truth About Common Core 12:23:33
Parents Pay it Forward with Pumpkin Spice Lattes 11:36:33
In Government Shutdown, Congress Members Still Get Paid 11:36:04
History of health care legislation book? 10:27:02
John Forbes Kerry Is A Traitor 10:25:23
Now it's your problem too .White House to announce $300M in aid Friday to make Detroit safer, erase blig 09:11:18
The Fundamentals of Marketing 04:56:23
The ONE person to blame for Obamacare (Outside of Obama himself)... 04:43:54
Even Levin now Calling for an ARTICLE V Convention 04:19:36
I'm confused by what Ron Paul said. Can someone explain? 03:57:37
US Military Interventions Chronologically - a great starting point for further research 03:56:40
Solution: Restore the 2nd Amend. & our Constitutional Republic.. Practical way to regulate Militias (Regulate = To make Regular) 03:16:31
. 02:49:30
Syria News, 9/26/2013 : Lavrov : "I Handed Kerry a Compilation of Evidence on Terrorist Use of Chemical Weapons" 02:20:04
Ever wonder what our 6 Month Posting Frequencies would sound like? 01:46:08
What Happened to the 2.3 Trillion Dollars Missing From the Budget announced the Day Before 9-11 by Rumsfeld 01:39:08
Obama Care Supporters Plan to Add Birth Control to Water Supply 01:37:47
Liberty, it ain't it! 01:29:43
The Corbett Report - IPCC Exposed 01:24:10
Goodnight all 01:13:06
Existential Cat 00:53:57
Dennis Kucinich Interviews Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad 00:24:08