Posted on September 29, 2013

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That Dirty Rotten Mao. What a snake! A short history lesson. 23:21:22
The American People DRAWING The RED Line on Obama And The Congress 23:00:12
Liberal Democrats for Rand Paul 2016 22:08:17
I just went crazy and bought a domain name, help me decide what to do with it 20:42:00
Can fellow Ron Paulers and Libertarians help out one of their own? Just an upvote needed! 20:40:31
Jim Grant - The Fed Is A Danger To The U.S. & To The World 19:54:14
Top MIT scientist: Newest UN climate report is ‘hilariously’ flawed 19:14:34
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk For September 30, 2013: A Grand Bargain For Liberty (AUDIO) 17:51:32
Government threatens to go back home and move in with mother, nation still doesn't care. 19:33:58
"He (Ron Paul) was happy to know that an 8 year old was reading about him." 14:11:23
The EPA Takes an Axe to Self-Sufficiency: Most Woodburning Stoves Will Soon Be Illegal 14:02:02
Ted Cruz on Meet The Press. Defunding Obamacare - Full Interview 13:00:25
Don't worry. This is totally normal in a free country. 12:52:24
The Snowden Affair: Denying President Morales’ Plane Fuel Seen As Attempted Assassination 12:48:04
Rand Paul: Obama Can't Get Everything He Wants On ObamaCare - CBS Face The Nation 9/29/2013 12:24:56
Ut Oh: There’s a new problem with Obamacare 11:45:52
James Corbett Calls Out The Real Trolls, On Global Warming. Sunday Morning Watching. 10:20:51
Ron Paul @ CO Mesa Univ.: "Youth inspired by Dr. Ron Paul's visit to CMU" - Sept. 25, 2013 10:11:24
The Diner from Hell (How Democracy Really Works!) 09:12:16
How Did Rand Paul Become a Liberal Hero? 06:58:18
Mathematically impossible... 16 tril in GDP, 9 tril in local, state and federal spending with 150 million workers. 03:57:02
One Man, One Computer, 10 Million Students: How Khan Academy Is Reinventing Education 03:24:23
Please help a 13 year old liberty loving patriot with a quick vote! 02:19:40
Woot! Greenwald & Scahill Working Together! 00:46:05
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State and Local Taxes at All Time Highs 23:44:32
Cruz votes against Cruz 23:29:38
The Bush You Forgot (How Do We Prevent This in the Future) 22:58:42
Mind In A Box-Change (Music Video) 22:53:28
Constitution Hugger: "They have so much hatred for their own freedom. Such a shame" 22:13:26
Satisfries: Pop or Drop? 21:29:08
Booth review is BS! 21:19:40
How Will The End Of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers? 20:54:46
Robbery at J.P. Morgan Team Obama tries to destroy Jamie Dimon for not toeing their line. 20:09:39
US government shutdown likely over Obamacare row 19:48:14
Shedding the Light on Darksuckers - Incredible Technological Breakthrough! 19:26:19
Dukes of Heisenberg (aka: Breaking Bad: Hazzard County) 19:19:41 In U.S., Political Trust in "American People" at New Low 19:11:06
Will Obama Launch Economic False Flag To Blame Libertarians, Patriots & Conservatives? 18:40:25
The great strength of individualism 18:26:14
Total (non-financial and financial sector) System Credit increased to a record $57.563 TN 18:23:26
Vladimir Putin Full Length Documentary: The Putin System 18:07:16
Rethink911 Campaign Has Chance to Keep Times Square Billboard 17:52:16
Ted Cruz undecided on Rand's hemp amendment 17:49:02
Man Arrested, Incarcerated, and Pardoned for False Gun Charges Needs Help Clearing Name and Regaining Custody of His Son 17:48:36
Amber Lyon on C2Cam, Sep. 28, 2013: "I do Personally believe that It's Probable & Most Likely," Michael Hastings "was MURDERED!" 17:37:05
Just look at this chart showing how much Obamacare opponents have spent, compared to the folks trying to help people get health 17:33:15
Obamacare SNL style 17:31:31
Neuro-Linguistic Programming: How To Have Instant Rapport 17:24:02
This is What America Waking Up Looks Like! Trucker Speaks of the Ride to Restore Constitution, No Police State! 17:14:31
The Rise of 'Ron PaulS,' OUTSIDE of America, Part 2: Spectator UK Edition - Sept. 21, 2013 17:10:28
Poll: 93% Approve of Truckers to shut down America Rally 17:05:38 Madonna's Rǝʌoןution - VICE Interview 16:29:31
ABC’s Jonathan Karl: ‘Chances of a Government Shutdown at 99.9%' (VIDEO) 16:20:33
Peter Schiff - Discusses the budget debate as well as the coming debate over the debt ceiling. 16:07:01
Good Vibrations: The Cosmic 432 16:03:54
FORBES: If Republicans Want To SHUT Down Washington They'll Have To Ask China's Permission First 15:44:07
Group stages protest of National Defense Authorization Act 15:19:18
MRAPs be Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' Rollin': Dallas County joins TN & OH State Univ. PD in Militarizing CONUS 15:16:27
DHS propaganda to get us to spy on each other. 14:42:30
Did President Obama’s Lie at the UN Matter? 14:22:51
Larry McDonald on the Hot Seat 4 months before he was killed on KAL 007 14:22:07
AIPAC 101 — What Every American Should Know 14:04:44
A Curse On NYC?: Upper Manhattan Residents Say Skunks Are Stinking Up Neighborhood Skunks Roam Streets Near Fort Tryon Park 13:41:05
As gun owners meet, there are hints they are right 13:10:15
Kevin McCarthy: House Will Send Third Volley to Senate if Reid Rejects Last Night’s Bill 12:55:38
Justin Amash at high risk of being taken out of congress! Needs at least $12,000 before Monday! 12:41:53
The Snowden Affair: Denying President Morales’ Plane Fuel Seen As Attempted Assassination 11:42:07
The Ron Paul Curriculum 10:06:24
Rand Paul WINS Mackinac Island, MI Presidential Straw Poll (2nd such Win, This Yr), Sept. 23, 2013! 10:01:27
Fluoride , Weekend watching 09:55:27
UN Climate Change Report Ignores 15-Year 'Pause' in Warming (video) 09:51:40
Video: Stossel: Ron Paul Discusses The Problems With Public Schooling 09:15:05
Anarchist is the new racist: Reid finds a new bogeyman 09:06:59
Gary Johnson Slams DC for Potential Federal Government Shutdown 06:58:30
Jesse Ventura/Howard Stern ticket to run in 2016 06:45:38
hand stand determination walking learning disabilities hard work 04:45:01
Facepalm: Overheard Conversation at The Texas Tribune Festival in Austin 04:41:34
Modern Myth Exposed 03:14:07
Best Ever Chemtrail Lecture 02:26:29
A Dream I Keep Having Tom Petty 02:18:24
The Strange Death Of Zachary Taylor 02:11:49
MSM has you Believe There's a Terrorist Under Every Bed, Not! World Safer Than Ever Despite Terror Attacks And Mass Shooters 01:50:45
Florida Unity in Action Conference Oct 5: Oathkeepers,,C4L, many more... 00:20:55