Posted on September 30, 2013

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Rand Paul's Comment on Healthcare - SHOCKING 23:49:40
HELP! Someone who knows Austrian Economics, please help me! 22:07:20
New Jersey Senate race now at 8% difference and closing because of Obamacare 20:52:18
Jean Luc Picard vs NSA: "The Drumhead," a Cautionary Tale vs Surveillance PoliceState where EVERYTHING = 'Evidence' against You! 20:34:03
Never let a Crisis go to Waste. House Republicans Work Immigration Behind Scenes 19:05:08
UPDATE: Silver Out Sells Gold 364 to 1 in September 18:37:48
Rand Paul on Hannity Radio this afternoon: Who Cares if Obamacare is the law of the land? 18:05:20
Obamacare Slush Fund: Lost: $67 Million. If Found, Please Return To IRS 17:51:04
SHOCKING! (Okay...Not Really, by Now) NYT: NSA spying on Anyone Suspected of a 'Crime!' 17:32:12
Homeless shelters prepare for worst in nation's capital. 17:12:07
The DNC Is Broke! 17:06:49
Dude…You’ve Got A “Kill List” 16:20:50
Big Money Floods in Against McConnell 15:34:36
Majority Of Senate Republicans Cave On Obamacare Funding 14:56:32
Grain Brain: How to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease 13:09:19
Police: South Texas Store Owner Arrested After Killing Robber 13:08:19
Neil Cavuto Destroys Obama Over Blatant ObamaCare Lies 13:01:00
WOW! BOOM! CNN's Hillary Clinton film scrapped as director blames lack of co-operation 12:57:30
Parkland: New Movie about the JFK Assassination 12:30:16
Florida arrested and Prosecuted Homeschooling family who obeyed the letter of the law 11:57:49
Rick Santorum Preparing For 2016 Run: "Middle Class" is "Marxism Talk!" 11:54:04
The Republican Revolution: A Future For Liberty and Youth 10:54:22
Baby panda will die if government doesn't raise the debt ceiling 10:31:22
All the Ways to Get Out of Obamacare 09:45:23
Video: House Hearing Room Bursts Out Laughing at Obama's ‘Red Line’ on CR 07:57:12
John McAfee (McAfee Antivirus) reveals details on gadget to thwart NSA 03:54:34
The Hunger Games is about the power of Love 01:36:20
Ben Swann Is In A Popularity Contest And Needs Your Vote. 01:23:52
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Sarah Palin: Sometimes we elect pinpricks 22:55:07
SHOCKING: Gang of Bikers Terrorize Family in high-speed Chase 22:48:51
Anti-Euro party in Germany breakthrough! 22:34:38
Obama Administration: Lawmakers, Staff Can Get Abortion Coverage 22:22:29
Is Iran really another Hitler? 22:20:27
"Assassination of Russia" - Documentary on False Flag Russian Apartment Bombings 22:08:26
Rand Paul on the Smiley and West Show 9/29 22:01:31
Turkey decides to buy Chinese Missiles instead of US missiles 22:00:46
Committed Constitutionalist George Brikho Attends LPAC conference 21:43:42
RT.Abby Martin - Miko Peled (Grandson of Israeli Statehood Signatory) dispels Myths: Zionism, Anti-Semitism, 'Jewish' State 21:42:17
As liberty grows, most of our newcomers will have voted for extreme tyranny. 21:36:12
Ending Foreign Aid NOW Would Allow Federal Government To Operate For Another Month... 21:32:25
Fencing coach stops robbery in shopping center with video 21:29:06
Will the House or the Senate Cave First? 21:03:52
8 Ways Rand Paul is Different from Ron Paul 20:48:39
Big Brother really IS watching you - Julian Assange's tips on how to keep your data safe 20:35:47
Schoolhouse Rock: "I'm just a bill, sitting here on Capitol Hill." 20:04:06
GOP Civil War Rages On 20:01:55
Harry Reid: Turning libertarians into moderates with "anarchism" 19:59:20
La Carte Television. Pay only for the programs you want to watch 19:56:18
Homeland Security Launches 'Pink Bullets For A Cure' Campaign to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness 19:51:43
Obama: Government shutdown 'entirely preventable' if House GOP drops demands 19:27:07
Positive Media Coverage of Ron Paul's Speech under the Blue Republican banner. 19:22:36
Criminal Interrogation: Law and Tactics by Devallis Rutledge 18:25:13
Cool Upside-down Text Tool 18:01:54
CNN: Former NSA Contractor designs 'Surveillance-Proof' Font 17:47:58
Income Tax Debate On Radio Tonight! 17:47:01
Lew Rockwell: Have Hope, Despite the State 17:35:01
Investing In 3D-Printer INK Manufacturers - Energy & Capital Newsletter 17:28:10
US Senate rejects House budget, shutdown imminent 17:12:49 "NSA Has Built Its Own, Secret, Warrantless, Shadow Social Network, And You've Already Joined It"! 17:00:03
Government Shutdown Would Only Affect ‘Non-Essential’ Services 16:57:59
Truckers Plan to Shut Down D.C. Themselves 16:12:48
NSA Spying 15:52:18
GOP Postmortem and Prognosis For Senile American Democracy 15:48:30
CFTC Investigation PROVES Silver Bullet Silver Shield Is Right 15:35:35
Guardian: NSA stores metadata of millions of web users for up to a year, secret files show 15:32:20
Religion In A Nutshell 15:31:10
Syrian FM to UN: 'Terrorists from 83 countries fighting in Syria' 15:22:14
Emergent Anti-Obamacare Senate Candidate Breaks Fundraising Record in Nebraska 13:28:13
‘Government Shut Down’ Won’t Actually Shut Down Government 13:24:16
Syria President al-Assad Interview: “We Focus Today on Getting Rid of Terrorists and their Ideology” 12:48:53
The Guardian: If the US government shuts down: what services would be affected? 12:47:28
A New Site... To Promote Patriots... And Take Jabs At Statists 12:42:56
Cota system transmits power wirelessly at up to 30 feet 12:26:21
N.S.A. Gathers Data on Social Connections of U.S. Citizens 12:24:14
Obamacare Website Quietly Deletes Reference to 'Free Health Care' 12:24:13
Murray Rothbard on Ayn Rand 11:54:41
My Petition To Apple: End The War On Jailbreaking And Set Ios Free! 11:32:13
Misplaced Trust: Government And Our Security - Shawn Gregory 09:10:30
What EXACTLY Does 'Common Sense' Gun Control Mean? 09:09:03
Rand Paul Controls the Wacko Bird Flight 08:38:26
Obama To Sue NC 07:43:54
Tennis Anyone? 06:43:07
The Top 10 Ridiculous Ways the Government Shutdown Will Affect You According to CNN 06:32:21
Syrian Chemical Weapons Deal - So Far, So good - Washington Post Article 04:44:46
NYC cost per inmate almost equals Ivy League education; Expenses tied to Rikers boost cost 04:22:25
Fa Che Piova (Let it Rain) The Real DP Theme Song 03:38:30
Question Everything 03:31:07
What Russians are doing to Chernobyl that the Japanese MUST do, but Aren't: Entombing Fukushima, COMPLETELY! 00:53:07
Game Theory: Is Super Mario a Communist? 00:35:13
Ron Paul: A Grand Bargain For Liberty? 00:19:35