Posted on January 12, 2013

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Two armed strangers rescue man robbed at gunpoint... 22:46:53
Report: Harry Reid fingered in bribery case 16:45:21
The Ron Paul Legacy 15:08:49
Hacker, Activist Aaron Swartz Suicide 13:00:29
Mark Sanford planning Congressional Run 11:50:09
No More Talking! The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming! 11:21:37
News: Rand Paul Will Run For President 00:13:11
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The Next Bush?: George P. Bush Weighing Run In Texas 23:32:42
VIDEO: The Future Of Ice Cream, O Pretty Slick 23:26:54
The Real Truth Will Stand Up To Any Question 23:23:19
State Rep. Steve Toth wants federal weapons ban illegal in Texas 23:22:30
Rash of Overnight Robberies in D.C.: Eight over a seven-hour span 23:05:53
SCOTUS to hold conference on Obama eligibility 22:53:58
Oakland County Teachers Will Receive Active Shooter Training 22:50:17
anyone get an email from a 22:46:20
Have you seen this Salon Article? Is the Hitler meme wrong? 22:44:40
Armed vigilante groups policing 2 Mexican towns 22:43:56
Arthur McBride Tells The British To Kiss His Arse... 22:43:17
Votes on DP posts are measures of emotion 22:41:40
Bronx Residents Accosted by NYPD Win Court Ruling Deeming "Stop and Frisk" Tactic Illegal 22:35:22
Kevin Tuma: Why not Ron Paul for Governor of Texas? 22:21:53
Sheriff's Dept. Offers Free Firearms Training For Children 22:21:37
Sheriff Mack: Sheriffs CAN Block Federal Gun Control 21:57:13
Vowing revenge, 15,000 rally in Paris over Kurd killings- The beginning of a worldwide revolution? 21:51:28
Please help me with 2nd Amendment Preservation Legislation 21:49:15
Norway 79 people lost sense of smell - flu shot 2009 21:36:42
IRT: Meet the Boom Bust Prophet (ft Reggie Middleton) 21:33:23
Hyperinflation In Action: Beer For Bag Of Cash - Video 21:28:49
From My Cold, Dead Hands Larken Rose 21:21:48
How many Ayn Rand references can you guys find in my new music video? 21:20:54
ENOUGH! (Guns, Active Shooters And Pharma) 21:11:41
Drinking with Bob F*CK George Bush, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter 21:06:30
Patriotic Group To Build Armed 'Defensible' Neighborhood Fortress 21:03:34
Charlie Daniels: 'They Want Your Guns, Don't Just Wait and See' 20:57:05
.. 20:56:37
NY Governor Cuomo Issues Executive Order To Expand Flu Shots 20:46:48
Actor Jackie Chan: U.S. More Corrupt Than China 20:23:24
18 Facts That Prove That Piers Morgan Is Flat Out Lying About Gun Control 20:12:59
Is It Time For Ben Swann To Get A National Show? 20:11:37
Happily Awaiting Your Total Enslavement 19:48:43
26-yr old Reddit Co-Founder Suicided! 19:15:22
What Do Jews Mean When We Say Goy? 18:53:17
Rand Paul's Son Charged With Assault 18:39:07
25 reasons for a private citizen to own a gun 18:38:48
I know this is from a left-leaning/anti-war website...but this war atrocity saddens me to the core. 18:33:34
The Economics Of Star Trek 18:31:19
France sends in combat troops and runs mirage sorties to northern Mali to combat terrorists. 18:30:27
DHS Suspends Patriots Handgun Permit Because Of Threatening Second Amendment Video 18:21:18
Demand for gold rises as central banks diversify reserve holdings 18:13:03
Full Page "Genocide Chart". Perfect for papering your town with the FACTS about Gun Control. 18:09:37
Store Owner Shanks Customer, When He takes It Too Far! 17:47:40
Here's your typical gun control advocate...they all look the same 17:46:26
The Hierarchy of the Machine 17:44:48
More very odd interviews from Sandy Hook family members. 17:35:34
A book that gives excellent insight to what has caused the downfall of the US Government 17:20:41
US Government asks its users to Disable Java to avoid being hacked 17:14:49
Defense Attorney Blames Victim in India Gang R* Murder Case 17:11:10
Piers Morgan Takes A Break From Gun Debate To Have Poison Injected Directly Into His Body 17:08:42
How to collapse the system peacefully 17:02:16
Flu Shot Propaganda 16:57:23
No Retreat to Safety or No Wiggle Room to Back Off. The Establishment is in Trouble. This is Why They Want Us Disarmed 16:48:24
Sandy Hook raw helicopter footage 16:47:46
Wyoming Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Nullify Federal Gun Control Measures, Jail Federal Agents 16:47:07
Rand Paul in 2016 16:45:45
The Death Star? California State Officials Ink Deal To Bring Justice To the Rest of the Universe 16:23:37
Why Are We Allowed To Have These? 16:18:11
... 16:09:16
Ron Paul Invited To Speak At CPAC 2013 16:07:08
Go Broncos! 15:58:23
VIDEO: A Man From Boston Says America Is Worth Saving 15:56:34
Marine Shows Alex Jones How To Debate Piers Morgan & Fox News About Guns 15:28:24
Sandy Hook Shooting: Which Scenario Is It? 15:22:44
Archie Bunker on Gun Control 15:14:57
Comedy Gold - Fear of Disease 15:09:39
Let's Stop Using Collectivism Against the Police 15:07:47
Sandy Hook Planned: Weeks Before Massacre 12:06:20
Parkinson's or Alzheimer's? 14:56:10
Black Boxes of Mystery (current news in local paper) 14:51:06
Under Construction: The World's Largest Thermal Solar Plant 14:49:59
Video: What An 'Awesome' Looking Vehicle! 14:49:50
VIDEO: Very Amusing Baby Bobcat Rescue 14:40:35
160,000 Flu Shots Recalled: Particles Seen Floating in Vials 14:30:32
So what's your best anti-Rand argument? 14:23:52
Sad Jokes: Releasing Mouse In wild Goes Wrong! 14:05:12
Humor educating about police state tyranny 13:49:29
My Dad died of Leukemia 13:43:49
A bad intersection. 13:41:07
The Alex Jones national FREAKOUTS hurt Liberty gains! 13:36:06
America's #1 Problem: Our Justice System Has Been Hijacked by DECEPTION! (Re-Edit) 13:32:19
Rothbard: America's Two Just Wars 13:22:51
Producer of popular gun-related videos found fatally shot 13:17:54
Wyoming Bill Would Nullify Obama Gun Control, Jail Feds 13:12:34
Most people at Daily Paul sux and I'm leaving forever! 12:36:06
Tpb Afk: the Pirate Bay Doc Official Trailer 12:35:32
The horror. The Horror! 12:24:08
Liberty Threat Level Orange - The Evidence - FEDs Possibly Baiting/Setting Up DP Members In Email Threads 12:22:56
Open Source Social network. Diaspora. New home for this libertarian. 12:13:50
Whitehouse Petition actually worth signing. 12:12:06
My Closing Argument on the 2013 Gun Debate 11:58:42
Aaron Swartz, Computer Whiz - Suicide at 26 11:50:30
New island emerges off the German Coast 11:24:02
"Roadside safety checks are nothing but a revenue generating machine" 11:23:42
Declassified Documents Prove that the U.S. was ready to fake terrorist attacks to justify war with Cuba 10:34:43
Audit the Gold Petition at White House dot gov 10:11:15
The Royal Family is worried about global collapse 10:05:20
I noticed there isn't very many auto tuned type songs of Ron Paul or his speeches 10:00:11
Breasts Cause Cancer 09:46:27
Crony capitalism: Obama going for gun control with tactic used to pass Obamacare 09:25:02
Video Reminder. Lew Rockwell: Rand Paul is NO Libertarian 08:54:50
Video: University Professor Takes Apart Sandy Hook Official Story - Incredible 15:05:47
General blows whistle on Obama deal with Lightsquared's new bandwidth - media hears nothing. 08:40:50
Sen. Rand Paul in the Mideast I am not anti-Israel’ 08:36:25
Minority Report has arrived: Maryland and Pennsylvania using computers to predict future crimes 08:26:17
Several Ron Paul Car Stickers Available for Free! 08:22:22
Don't let perfect be the enemy of good 08:07:40
WH petition to publicly assay and validate the US Treasury's 8,100 tons of Gold 07:55:59
Clay Shirky: How the Internet will (one day) transform government 07:35:05
Millions of New Mexicans Living Openly Inside the United States 06:04:45
Temporary 06:00:33
Stoney Larue Oklahoma Breakdown 05:28:47
1952 Vincent Black Lightning 05:12:06
Great Britain vs Piers Morgan and Anyone against banning guns 05:04:52
If You're Going to Sign One of the Sham Petitions 04:54:15
Ed Rendell on MSNBC: Boosting Gun Control is the 'Good Thing' About Sandy Hook 04:45:36
Long Way Home 04:29:35
4 Polish Soldiers on trial again for war crimes 04:16:57
Update! Orlando City council seeks new restrictions on front yard gardens (video in link) 04:14:22
If I'm going down I'm going down in flames 04:13:02
RFK children speak about assassination in Dallas 04:10:37
karma-new site funny,visit, google trend up 04:01:33
Petition Response: Our States Remain United 03:59:33
I'm Back Baby...For A Call To Arms 03:59:32
Phthalate Ducky! 03:56:40
To Open a New and open investigation of building 7 in NYC. Ron Paul, J Ventura, Judge Napalatono are the peoples choice | We the 03:44:28
2nd Amendment - George Washington Prescribes "Guns Everywhere"! 03:34:28
2nd Amendment Cannot Be Modified 03:26:23
Alex Jones Mad?, he is spot on! 03:20:55
Ex-Marine Charles Dyer Captured in Texas 03:20:02
Kentucky Sheriff to Obama: No Gun Disarmament in My County 03:12:10
Secession 02:37:41
Rand Paul Truce 2.0 02:09:20
No Flu shot for me! 02:04:23
Rand Paul Truce 01:59:46
State And Local Officials Plan To Defend Citizens from NDAA Detentions And Gun Confiscations 01:58:02
Alex Jones on Democide - Blueprint of Madmen 01:25:56
Lincoln and the Obama Comparison. Predictive Programming? 01:17:42
Democratic voters and Republican voters like Rand Paul when he speaks 00:42:30
Eric Holder - What ever happened with him being in contempt of Congress? 00:33:50
Bought a brand new Michigan 20 Gauge 00:09:34
Right Here Right Now~There is no other place I'd rather be! 00:01:08