Posted on January 15, 2013

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German Budesbank To Repatriate Gold from New York Fed 23:21:22
Investigating Investigative Journalism: Best Daily Show Segment! So True, It Wasn't Even Funny! 18:59:31
Sandy Hook: Read the last sentence in today's Newtown Bee newspaper article: 17:24:07
Texas Tells Feds and Obama to Screw Off - Drudge 16:59:14
Tom Davis Introduces Joint Resolution to Nullify Executive Orders on Guns 16:16:09
Prosecuted to death: The hacker's suicide note. 15:07:05
Obama plans to surround himself with children during gun control announcement 14:45:18
The Upcoming Sequestration Cuts Explained 14:36:19
Update: Malware False Flag Alert on the DP (Again); Also Affecting Tech Crunch, Other Sites 13:47:41
Video: NY State Senator Says "Gun Bill Passed In Middle of Night Turns Law-Abiding Citizens Into Criminals" 20:39:19
Update: Ben Swann guest on A. Jones 1-15-13; did not happen 13:14:16
2012 military suicides hit record high of 349 11:38:55
Stealth Wear: New Counter-Surveillance Clothing Makes You Invisible to Drones 11:36:21
Lawrence Lessig on DOJ Bullying Aaron Swartz to Death 15:00:35
. 01:37:07
Mark Levin Rips Obama: "We Have An Imperial President!" 00:12:35
Video: Patriot Kentucky Sheriff: 'I Will Not Enforce Federal Gun Grabbing Laws' 19:32:32
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Boycott New York! 23:58:49
White House Petition: Ban Assault Drones 23:52:53
10 Biggest Killers in the US 23:52:50
Washington Post "Gun Survey" Data Oddities 23:42:38
Grandfather who comforted Sandy Hook Elementary kids says 'truthers' are targeting him 23:33:42
If Capable - New York Gun Owners Should Move 23:27:28
One Year Ago I gave a Stump Speech for Ron Paul 23:23:20
Private Pilot Nearly Shot Down For Violating "Secret No-Fly Zone" 23:15:32
R.I.P. Retirement: 28% of Americans are Raiding Their 401k Plans 23:05:13
Just When You Thought Things Can't Get Any Worse In NY: NYPD To Plant GPS Chips In Pill Bottles 22:56:45
Bank of America Blocking Gun and Ammo Sales? 22:55:54
Upvoting, Downvoting Problems 22:49:23
. 22:38:27
What The Navy Is Like.. 22:28:27
Secret Obama Gun Plan? 22:28:05
That's Cold 22:20:08
Americans Move to Impeach Obama 22:19:05
Physics 101 - Awesome! 22:14:47
Video - Your Next TV 22:04:38
The MOtive Behind Sandy Hook? To Disarm The American People 22:00:42
Liberty talking point to everybody I know, Can't follow a law that was created illegally 21:58:41
New York's New Gun Controls Make the PATRIOT Act Look Like a Model of Legislative Deliberation 21:48:36
Urgent! How do six kids shot fleeing Soto's class wind up on Sandy Hook grandpa's lawn? 21:45:13
Ron Paul's Truth Marches on In Iowa, Nevada State Republican Parties 21:45:02
Why Glen Beck is a Neo-Con Douchebag 21:40:53
UKIP Second in the Polls: Nigel Farage On Sky News 21:35:18
John Stossel: Whatever happened to Transparency 21:20:36
Thanks, RP sticker guy on Sam Houston Tollway 21:15:35
Judge Napolitano Reacts to Biden's Remarks About Obama Considering for Gun Control 21:12:18
Ron Paul at Washington and Lee 07:00 pm Tonight 21:10:04
I Have A Drone - Barack Obama Vs Mitt Romney Rap News 16 21:07:23
New York State Safe Act 2013 (Passed few hours ago) 21:03:01
More Great Stuff over at Storm Clouds Gathering 20:54:49
Alex Jones is a Tiger - can you choke down the truth? Maybe you are really just a wee goat? 20:47:18
5 Creepy New Ways For Police To Intrude On Your Rights 20:44:57
Obama Phone Lady Facebook 20:39:04
Another shooting in Hazard, Kentucky - a community college 20:37:06
Kentucky Sheriff: You're never going to pull guns out of here 20:37:03
Saturation Point: Facebook Loses 1.3 Million US Users 20:26:24
Regarding the President's Authority to Use Lethal Force Against Americans 20:24:06
What is the BEST chess move? The one that most disturbs your opponent. 20:21:14
Cloward and Pivens Welfare State: The True Roots of President Obama's Views As Community Organizer and Political Activist 19:40:00
One People's Public Trust is Alive and Well 19:28:49
Why not a moneybomb for the Gun Owners of America? 19:27:57
I have to ask a sincere question... 19:13:28
Wal-Mart plans $50 billion "buy American" push 19:02:33
NY passed Tougher Firearms Legislation 18:59:31
Get on down to Washington & Lee tonite to see Ron Paul! 18:52:44
Does it matter if you're right when you're hurting our movment. 18:00:02
Sandy Hook Conspiracy - I Don't Get It 17:57:42
Alex Jones Wakes Up Obama Phone Lady 17:39:30
Another shooting, this time at a St. Louis, MO college 17:03:26
Germany pulling gold from Paris and US 16:50:39
DHS Insider interview 16:48:26
From Federal Reserve Board Bank, United States 16:34:30
America; Unwavering, Resolute, And Ever So Bright, Fuels The Fires Of Liberty 16:31:45
Dirty: Corrupting Minds In Hey Arnold Show!? 16:29:51
Both Obama and Biden Should be Prosecuted if... 16:29:50
While You Were Tinkering around the Edges 16:29:20
Ron Paul's Republican Legacy Growing In Caucus States Like Iowa And Nevada 16:24:55
Aaron Swartz: Guerrilla Open Source Manifesto (2008) 16:20:14
Daily PAUL Malware: Know what else is a virus? 15:59:26
Gotta wonder where the "gunpowder democrats" are in all this. 15:53:30
Infowars reporter Paul Joseph Watson needs your help on Sandy Hook article he's writing 15:47:25
Emailed my NY Sheriff today... 15:46:52
Young Adults Left Behind by Marijuana Legalization in Colorado, Washington 15:26:14
DailyPaul Blocked by Chrome as Malware Site 15:13:51
Where each state stands on gun-control legislation 14:45:45
Time for a Malware check! Daily Paul listed as an attack page with Firefox!? 14:28:26
How We All Became Alex Jones 14:19:28
Oath of Office 14:17:34
Deleted 14:08:58
First The Simpsons, Now Front-Page-Linked NFL Article Talks About Fed "Funny Money"(negatively), Hayek (positively!) 14:08:42
Liberty 2016 14:05:07
Trygve Olson Article in US News: What the GOP can learn from Ron Paul 13:58:20
'Obama Phone Lady' on Alex Jones: "We'd (have) been better off with just a 911 cell phone." 18:44:22
Daily Paul Moderators! Malicious software Warning on Google Chrome. 13:54:27
Ben Swann on A.J. Today 13:24:24
A New Wave of Barbarism 13:23:40
Sandy Hook Kindly Grandpa (Gene Rosen) Being Harassed 13:23:09
VIDEO - SAPD: Car thief killed, another wounded by homeowner at Stone Oak home 13:16:01
If We're Not Free, Can We Have Some Full and Honest Disclosure? 13:09:37
Anti-Zionist Protesters Attacked By An AIPAC Attendee In Washington DC 13:08:04
VIDEO: Two robbery suspects shot dead by clerk in Hollywood, NE Miami-Dade 13:07:46
Biden to report gun violence findings Tuesday 13:00:26
Three Dirty Tricks The Government Will Try to Use to Confiscate the Guns 12:58:47
Apple Is Getting Seriously Nuked Today 12:53:18
Rand Paul's Three Sons 12:45:22
The Best Set of Videos to Wake Up People 12:36:27
Rand Paul confirms he will speak at Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2013 12:32:26
Malicious Page warning when you try to view chrono again... 12:15:01
An Appeal To Stewart Rhodes, Oathkeeper 12:10:05
MO Consent of the Governed Rally w/ Tom Woods 12:09:33
Missouri Bill introduced to preserve 2nd amendment like WY 11:53:35
All Gun Owners Should Sell Their Wal-Mart Stock and Buy Guns and Ammunition 11:36:01
I Have A Strong, Absolute And Definite Opinion Of Alex Jones. 11:35:21
Study: Generous Financial Support in College Leads to Lower Grades 11:31:00
Texas Nationalist Movement's Official Response To White House Petitions Saying No to Secession 11:15:46
A Time to Kill 10:57:28
Fitch: Raise debt ceiling and cut deficit, or face downgrade 10:49:36
Classical Conditioning Experiment(humor) 10:49:26
Pardon my French, but "baisage France." 10:35:10
Whom Does God Help? 10:33:21
The Bill of Needs 10:27:36
Video: Alex Jones Blows Up During 'the Young Turks' Interview With Cenk Unger 1-14-13 12:23:49
Move on assault weapons creates risks for Obama 10:07:08
Cenk Uygur Interviews Alex Jones 09:51:51
New York Has Gun Deal With Emphasis on Mental Illness 09:51:49
Statements of 19 State Senators who opposed the New York gun ban 09:38:26
The Myth of Taxing Corporations 09:14:27
Rand Paul Son Busted For Assault 08:36:10
Bloomberg is Obama's Goebell's, Congress is totally irrelevant to him. 08:34:53
5th Amendment on the ropes. Does silence = guilt? 07:50:23
New Video: It's Just a Ride 07:05:23
New York Approves Gun Control Bill 06:19:33
Michael Savage Makes a U-Turn on Vaccines 06:06:22
America, Flirting with the Dark Side of History 05:51:19
False Flags, Guns, Democide and Purges 04:50:37
National Protest For Second Amendment Rights (Should Be Sooner) 03:45:55
Portland Christmas Bomb Plot Trial - Jury nullification nullification 03:35:46
SHEEPLE Shock Treatment: Let Me Know if I Got Through - Please Also Let Other People Know if You Were Ever a Sheeple Too 03:23:03
Austrian School of Economics mentioned on The Simpsons... Please post to front page to help Robert Murphy and get views! 02:56:42
Debt Ceiling Showdown: Obama Vs. Obama 02:50:59
O war! Thou son of hell... 02:24:11
The subtle misrepresentation about Member Service in Finance. 02:19:57
College Essay Help - Emory 02:10:51
Unreported link in mass shootings: Psychiatric drugs 02:09:13
Adult Twins Euthanized in Belgium for Fear of Going Blind 01:55:41
Take a Break From The Horror Show... Just For a Minute and Pretend Everything's Gonna Be Alright 01:49:28
Joke: How do you know it's the end of the World in 2016? Because Glen Beck is 01:38:03
Six months until Obama picks new Fed Chairman. Bloomberg anyone? 01:28:16
Charges dropped against Aaron Swartz? 01:22:03
Oracle releases v11 fix for zero-day Java security flaw 01:19:12
* 01:07:06
Watch at your own disbelief. 00:24:10
"Vintage Flying Saucer" sighting startles Thai school students 00:14:47
R.I.P. Aaron Swartz 00:06:43
DARPA's deep-sea sleeper drones fly out of the ocean 00:05:03
Veterans' hospital exposes hundreds to HIV and hepatitis 00:02:23
The inspiring heroism of Aaron Swartz 00:00:20