Posted on January 3, 2013

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Rand Paul: Fiscal Cliff Bill Was Brought to Floor at 1:36AM, We Voted at 1:39AM. No One Read It. 22:30:19
Fed Admits It’s Running Out of Bullets 17:25:45
Demand a Real Plan: Alex Jones on Democide (Death by Government) 18:00:13
The Jerusalem Post: US Senator Rand Paul set to visit Israel 15:40:24
Judge: Obama doesn't have to publicly disclose justification for drone attacks 15:04:12
Speaker of the House Vote (Final - Boehner Re-Elected) and First Session of Congress 14:05:38
Have You Seen the ‘Guns Are Welcome’ Sign That’s Burning up the Internet? 12:53:47
A New Year's Gift From Congress: Higher Taxes For Just About Everyone! 12:31:40
Joe Scarborough: 'The Seeds Are Being Planted For The Destruction Of The House Republican Majority' (VIDEO) 12:24:35
"Pow!" You're expelled, kid! Rotten 6-year old - what is wrong with you? 11:44:19
Jesse Benton: "I have never been more proud of a boss than I am of Senator McConnell right now." 17:17:07
Ron Paul: We Are Already Over the Fiscal Cliff 11:47:17
Seth Godin at TEDxYouth@BCS: Stop Stealing Dreams 22:49:41
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6-Year old boy suspended from Maryland elementary school for pointing his finger at 3 classmates -Video 23:42:46
Ron on Rand, 12/30/12: "He's doing a great job." 23:34:20
4409 - Political RATS using SANDY as an excuse to Bailout their STATES 23:31:42
Marine Writes letter To Diane Feinstein: "I Will Not Be Disarmed!" 23:30:25
Cell Phone Education YEEEEEES! 23:23:39
We can vote in our own Speaker of the House..Anyone is eligible 23:01:38
Before Ron Paul and the Libertarian Party, There was "Coin" Harvey and the Liberty Party 22:58:45
A Russian Warning: "Americans Never Give Up Your Guns" 22:54:43
Ted Cruz Sworn In; Will Introduce Bill to Repeal Obama Care 22:53:30
Rand Paul on Senate Foreign Relations Committee With Marco Rubio 22:51:04
Details of The Fiscal Cliff Tax Deal 22:43:53
Have You Had Your Enzymes Today? 22:36:21
The Administration Really Doesn't Want to Talk About the Drone That Killed an American Citizen 22:30:17
Klaus Amnesty in the 1000s 22:26:42
You Can't See The Obvious If You're Looking For It In The Shadows 22:23:21
Rare San Francisco River Otter Stumps Researchers 22:19:16
Louie Giglio Passion 2013: Giving $ to Unions? 22:03:23
First bill 113th Congress will vote on is to increase FEMA's debt limit 21:59:40
Alex Jones at his own Austin City Council 2010 re: The Patriot Act 21:55:57
Pennsylvania Police Chief Proposes ’2nd Amendment Preservation’ Ordinance 21:39:01
Hannity Guest Literally Covers His Ears In Protest Of Hannity’s Questioning 21:29:39
An Excerpt from Thomas DiLorenzo's Essay - 4,000 Years of Price Control 21:14:35
Why Are We Talking About Banning Guns When Knives Seem to be a MUCH Bigger Problem? 20:52:49
Demand Drives Supply (aka The Market Provides) Toward Panicking Parents 20:47:51
Documents Uncovered by Judicial Watch Indicate FBI Knew Anwar al-Aulaqi Purchased Airline Tickets 20:44:33
Judicial Watch: Washington’s Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians For 2012 20:41:07
Brazilian Teen Auctions Virginity 20:27:50
Ron Paul receives MOST write-in votes around Texas 20:25:55
Did The DHS Just Award An Ammunition Contract To A Shell Corporation? 20:22:32
This world is dead 20:19:28
Boehner got re-elected 20:18:44
Not only does the US have funny money, now Canada has “melting” money 20:08:38
Remember The Great Famine? 19:55:57
The Solution? 19:43:37
2A-attack has officially started 19:28:02
What Gun Control Will Look Like In America 19:28:02
Legal justification for the targeted killing of US citizens to remain secret. 19:25:11
Good Grief! Can They Milk This Thing Any More? Gabby Giffords to visit Newtown tomorrow. 19:15:11
Regarding Rand Paul's visit to Israel - A "What if?"question/thought for you folks 19:08:18
Alex Jones New VIDEO - Fall of the Republic 19:01:02
Demand A Plan! 18:54:52
Feinstein Walks Out On Reporter 18:44:01
$500M appropriated for dubious programs under 1 yr Extension of Agricultural Programs 18:30:55
Gun Control, History, Philosophy and Ethics by Stefan Molyneux 18:21:37
American Community Survey? 18:19:24
Sandy Hook a hoax? 18:15:21
Penn and Teller: The 2nd Amendment 18:00:23
New Sandy Hook School Opens After Attack 17:46:29
New York Senate S1422-2013 to increase penalties and redefine "assault weapon" 17:44:57
. 17:43:22
Doug Wead: Today's Presidents Don't Assume Responsibility - Fox News 1/3/2012 17:33:22
Company wants to introduce marijuana vending machines to Washington 17:21:33
Atoms Reach Record Temperature, Colder than Absolute Zero 17:18:08
My Contribution to the 2nd Amendment - Ammo 17:15:43
Judge Napolitano On Spending: 'You Don't Cut Cancer Out One Cell At A Time, You Cut It All Out' 17:13:26
Been There, Done That, Are You Ready To Start Over? 16:42:33
A look into the thoughts of a normal everyday Liberty activist 16:28:42
video~Democide- Demand a Real Plan 16:27:47
Cop fired for allegedly falsifying dozens of DUI arrests 16:13:31
Alternative currency Greek people have started to awaken to alternatives. Very well written article. 15:50:41
The American Revolution Against British Gun Control 15:41:06
CFR gets hit with new IE Zero-Day 15:36:56
The Most Telling Video! 15:26:41
Why Do Mass Killings Occur? 15:26:12
Doug Wead on FOX Singing the Praises of Lincoln and FDR...What gives? 15:14:05
Illinois Lawmakers Commit Open Treason - Video 15:10:50
Obama: "We Raised Taxes, But The Rich Still Aren't Paying Their Fair Share" -Video 14:48:43
Constitution Party candidate 2014 run for Govenor 14:42:45
Geithner out before the end of January 14:36:15
Nevada Governor candidate warns of potential Civil War 14:32:24
Fiscal cliff deal pushed new unemployment claims UP 14:30:36
A Thank You To Ron Paul. 14:11:35
Is John J Duncan Ron Paul's political heir? 14:08:15
Obedience to Authority, Should We Trust the Government? 14:06:17
Washington Free Beacon Reports Radiation Leak at Iran’s Isfahan Nuke Site 14:05:11
The Administration Really Doesn't Want to Talk About the Drone That Killed an American Citizen 13:55:12
Transformable car concept makes the sportscar family friendly 13:48:28
FBI: Gun checks soar 39 percent, set new record in December 13:45:06
Obama signed NDAA 2013 13:44:48
Obama signs NDAA 2013 without objecting to indefinite detention of Americans 13:36:57
Why is Safeway financing a Gun Buy back program? 13:23:31
Texas House Speaker's Race: David Simpson Needs Your Help 13:18:11
Al Jazeera just bought Current TV - Not for the content, but the channel 13:12:21
Gambian president to open herbal AIDS-cure hospital, Receives Criticism from west 13:08:10
Pregnant in America 12:55:03
The Imagined, ‘Sinister’ Iranian Threat in Latin America 12:46:28
The World's Strangest Currencies 12:41:53
Drudge Report 12:39:25
My local paper on Gun Control-Please comment-Dominate! 11:57:09
Please Stop Blowing Smoke Up My A* and Telling Me I'm Free 11:43:49
Newborns Know Their Native Tongue, Study Finds 11:39:56
Veterans Quietly Forced into Mental Hospitals to Silence Dissidents and Usher in Gun Ban 10:48:34
NeoCon gives crocodile tears to Ron Paul, my FB response 10:39:19
Thomas Sowell: Republicans Deserve to Lose 10:29:31
Daily Space Weather Reporter - check him out 10:26:06
Why Ron Paul Never Fit in on Capitol Hill by Gary North 10:13:55
Law Enforcement findings on Obama birth certificate. 10:01:02 09:49:59
Counter-terrorism expert says there were 3 Sandy Hook shooters 09:43:08
Police kicked out of Denny's 09:42:06
Gupta and CNN looks at SSRI - shooter link 09:30:07
25 Facts That The Mainstream Media Doesn’t Really Want To Talk About Right Now 09:29:10
Gerald Celente - Trunews - December 19, 2012 09:23:05
Gunman kills 3 people, wounds 2 in Swiss village 09:09:20
Iran evacuates city of 1.5 million - possible nuclear leak 09:04:29
List of Demand a Plan Celebrities to Boycott for Their Gun Control Hypocrisy 08:51:45
Gerald Celente - Stansberry Radio - December 27, 2012 08:49:03
Choose Your Own Crime Stats 08:04:04
. 07:33:17
Did Ron Paul sell out? 06:02:02
N.C. Police Lieutenant warns of Martial Law in Early 2013 04:51:24
My response to op-ed on giving up on the constitution 03:14:16
Alice Texas Man Arrested For Recording Cop Nick Juarez - Police Report Lies About Reason For Arrest 02:26:54
FORBES: "Assault Weapon" Is Just A PR Stunt Meant To Fool The Gullible 02:22:08
Is Earth Really Overpopulated? 02:04:19
Why Attacking the Constitution is Treason - A Brief Analysis of the Treason Clause 01:32:00
Organic "Tsunami bomb" tested in 1945 off New Zealand coast 01:22:15
Illinois needs your help! All info on IL gun grab! (Updated 11:00pm) 01:00:38
Awesome Ammo Resource Guide: The Big Page of Cartridge Comparisons 00:57:35
20 Minute Response Time? 00:55:37
Head engineer of N.I.S.T. caught LYING on camera. Need anymore evidence of 9-11 fraud and coverup? 00:47:37
Fiscal cliff deal means funding cuts for hospitals 00:38:51
Ben Swann Reality Check: The Ugly Truth of the "Fiscal Cliff" Deal 00:33:24
Help me get rid of my police state cell phone... 00:33:20
Fiscal cliff deal will delay your tax refund checks - Video 00:31:57
Anyone need an used automobile? 00:14:34