Posted on January 31, 2013

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Film Contest: Next Paul Revere to Win $100,000 23:09:14
Bad News For Middle Class America: IRS Says Cheapest Obamacare Plan Will Be $20,000 Per Family 22:34:31
The Government wants your guns, not to protect you, but to protect themselves from you 20:12:13
Pastor Who Left Sanctimonious Tip Gets Waitress Fired from Applebee’s 17:00:45
New Hydroponic System I built that is efficient for those of us who are spatially challenged! 20:09:24
I wasn't born until 26 years later... 12:41:09
The NDAA: Fear and Oathing in D.C. 12:30:44
Homeland Security Tip: Fend Off Shooter With Scissors 11:47:13
A brilliant essay: The Linchpin Lie: How Global Collapse Will Be Sold To The Masses 11:37:59
Senate Confirmation Hearing: NeoCons vs. McCain 18:11:16
The police are ordered TWICE to return confiscated property 10:10:32
Bernanke Dissatisfied With Growth Will Press on With Pace of QE 08:09:12
The Most Paranoid Conspiracy Theorist of All 01:36:05
Vaccine Legislation - Action Needed Now! 01:00:19
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Notice of Default of Defendant Barack Obama (Court Documents) 23:59:02
How can we prepare for possible nuclear war? Cloth. Maybe newspaper. 23:09:59
VIDEO: Gun control for dummies...only 5 minutes - Do YOU know what the 3rd amendment says? 22:59:59
Police report, unlawful detainment, Prescott Valley AZ 22:47:54
NEW - Author G. Edward Griffin on Collectivism and Ignoring the Fed 22:45:47
Cannibalism of the apostates and infidels...really? 22:26:00
The Latest Obama Disgrace: Effort to abolish local sheriffs a stealth federal power grab? 22:06:09
VIDEO: 7 Year - Old Boy Arrested, Handcuffed and Taunted by NYPD 21:52:47
Rand Paul convinces Mitch McConnell to come out for legalizing industrial hemp! 21:27:13
Court Says Obama Appointments Violate Constitution 21:08:06
Why are authorities so desperate pushing people to quit smoking? 21:03:41
Federal Court Indicts President Obama Will not see end of his second term? Part 1 21:02:52
Ron Paul warns of looming tyranny 21:01:06
Frank VanderSloot - Truth loving Idahoans worst enemy 20:55:24
Video: So You Want to Topple the U.S. Government? 20:05:46
Marc Faber: Gold And Silver Won't Collapse... Unless... 20:05:46
Why are Democrats so nice to one another? 20:02:39
Confederacy 19:34:06
Judge Napolitano making sense like always (Clip from Fox and Friends this morning, I think) 19:28:21
"Disappeared" Sandy Hook article from the day it happened. 19:25:05
Any pharmacists? 19:23:26
9 judges charged with Philadelphia ticket fixing 19:17:41
School shooting in Atlanta today. 19:13:24
Police and media protect UK high ranking pedophiles. 19:13:22
'The Corrupt Banking System' by Victoria Grant (12 year old Canadian girl that's got it going on!) 19:09:32
Senate Approves Debt Cieling Bill 64-34. 18:51:08
Happy Anniversary, Ron & Carol! 56 Years, Feb. 1st! 18:24:06
free icky 18:17:54
Hagel says that invading Iraq was most fundamentally bad, dangerous decision since Vietnam 17:58:06
Chuck Baldwin: County Sheriff: Power to Protect 17:54:17
Rand Paul: We Don't Have To Pay England To Be Our Friend, Why Do We Have to Pay Egypt? 17:50:59
Here ya' go, Texas! A false flag, especially for you! Asst DA shot and killed 17:50:13
This Dog Can Send You to Jail 17:45:23
Obama's 'Second-Term Blues' Have Begun 17:42:27
The Battle Of Athens 17:41:49
Ron Paul exposes Obama's 'undeclared war' in Mali 17:36:44
Al Gore gets called out on hypocrisy during book tour (video in link) 17:27:32
Doug Casey interviews Peter Schiff 17:22:47
"What if we're wrong about sanctions?" 17:20:13
Iran/Syria threaten retaliation against Israel 17:16:19
"Counter terrorism Unit" at Sandy Hook speaking HEBREW? 17:09:25
Listen, and understand! 16:32:12
Israel attacks Syria 16:21:01
Fox, CNN reporting another school shooting: 16:20:44
NYPD arrested and interrogated 7-year old boy over lunchroom incident involving $5 16:16:29
Active Shooter Situation: Homeland Security ASS Awareness Program 16:12:19
4:50 AM… Federal Agents pull up, two Flash Bang Grenades and then… 16:11:22
VIDEO: Tough question follow Al Gore book tour 15:49:49
Amazon link not working? Looking for "The Mouse that Roared" by wead/hunter 15:37:42
Ron Paul says members of both parties are trying to “gut our 2nd Amendment freedoms” 15:37:19
Illuminati Signaling Superbowl False Flag? 15:31:41
Mexico’s Maize and Anti-GMO Revolution 15:24:26
Will Rand Paul vote to confirm Hagel? 15:18:51
Sen. Rand Paul Introduces Legislation Prohibiting U.S. from Sending F-16's & M1's to Egypt 15:00:43
Politico: Rubio Comes Out Against Hagel 14:45:31
Neocon McCain Gets Heated With Hagel Over Iraq Troop Surge 14:37:18
American Exceptionalism dupes neo-cons; here's how... 14:09:34
The Hagel Hearings: The Last, Best Chance for the Truth about a Lost War and America's War - Making Future 14:08:01
Gumroad: Get Paid For Anything You Make, Even Daily Paul Blog Posts! 14:05:25
The Rise Of America's Lunatic Fringe - Lunacy or Truth? 14:00:26
Rush To Safety: Americans Buy Nearly Half a Billion Dollars of Gold & Silver in January 13:53:45
JP Morgan might have just gone long silver. Bypassing Comex. 13:49:28
Doctors kill 2,450% more Americans than all gun - related deaths combined 13:46:19
WSJ: Some Unions Grow Wary of Health Law They Backed 13:43:55
Web project, Houston local 13:41:51
Russian MIG Buzzes Israel After Attack on Syria, U.S. Forces in Jordan on Alert 13:40:39
Woman Opens Fire On 3 Home Invaders 13:39:42
Is the Economy going to crash soon? 13:33:55
Fish caught near Fukushima shows more than 2,500 times legal radiation limit for human consumption 13:33:02
Judge Napolitano: Stricter Gun Control Is Part of the Progressive Ideology to 'Tell Us How to Live' 13:31:58
1st Letter-to-the-Editor on Chemicals (Aspartame representing Oregon! 13:29:41
Proposed Bill Will Protect Tennessean's Right To Keep and Bear Arms 13:23:42
Want to share an instrumental song I wrote and performed. 13:18:54
VIDEO: Super Bowl Fans to Face Mandatory TSA Pat Downs 13:16:57
Obama responds to Rand? 13:14:50
Revisiting the Film "Esoteric Agenda" 13:09:54
Jack Blood Interviews G. Edward Griffin 1.30.13 13:07:56
Conservative Daily: First Economic Collapse: Then Martial Law 12:55:51
Wyoming passes the bill against possible executive orders. Go Patriots! 12:52:06
Occupy Their Minds 12:40:14
Record Withdrawals at U.S. Banks in January 12:25:41
Court By-Passes Congress and Indicts Obama 12:16:22
Spy Drone Can See What You're Wearing From 17,500 Feet 12:10:32
Interview with Pasha Roberts (director of Silver Circle) 12:01:58
Officer Dot Com (Police Forum) 11:52:00
High Tunnel Construction 11:30:08
More of our tax dollars at work . 11:28:33
Psyop in the Media, Military Psyop in the News Rooms of America, Psyop Crowd Induced Trances During Elections 11:19:10
Why Obamacare should more accurately be called "The Kill Off the Pensioners Quicker Act" 11:17:05
To any Obama (or GOP) supporter I would ask 2 questions - why are you such a strong supporter of the big banks and large 11:13:35
Conspiracy Theories Swirl Around Germany’s Gold 10:37:23
FOMC 2013: Keep those printing presses well greased boys! 10:33:21
1100 Green Berets Signed this Letter About Protecting the Second Amendment 10:09:50
How Roberts Was Blackmailed To Support ObamaCare 10:00:21
An Evening With Ron Paul - Homeschooling Conference 09:50:45
Ban sharp things UK "child" (16) murdered with swords. 09:47:31
AMPAC announces "Million Muslim March" on DC 9-11-13 09:45:34
American Presidents Packing Heat (photos) 09:35:06
Iceland President: 'Why Do We Treat Banks Like Holy Churches? It's Time To Stop The Bailouts And Let Them Go Bankrupt!' 10:10:53
Student Loan Consequences: Real, Costly, and Personal 08:57:21
Argus Drone Can See What You are Wearing From 17,500 Feet 08:41:20
Black Caucus to join push for Amnesty, Immigration 08:13:33
Considering silver? One chart tells the tale. 08:05:15
Should the United States have created the state of Israel? 07:15:43
The Great 2010 Prophecy: There's something about an Aqua Buddha man … 06:52:28
RuPaul Tops Piers Morgan In Ratings 06:32:40
Col. Harding Organizing Veterans to Defeat DOMESTIC Enemy! "Greater Threat Than Foreign Enemy" 06:16:27
Doctors kill 2,450% more Americans than all gun-related deaths combined 03:50:10
Can you post great music on the Daily Paul? 03:02:50
(Please Help) Writing Essays/ Articles and Making Videos :) 02:21:16
From Tahrir Square to the U.S. Media & Muslim Brotherhood: 02:04:03
YouTube To Begin Charging Monthly Fee To Subscribe To Some Pages 01:14:49
Big Brother "Wayne" Vs Big Brother "Fed" 01:05:20
DP Originals - Here's the Plan Guys. 10:43:59
Ben Swann's 'Release the Sandy Hook Surveillance Tapes' Video Goes Viral, Swann Smeared for Asking Questions 00:56:46
Richard Nixon on Blacks and Jews 00:56:36
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OK, I've been meaning to donate and I can't find the 'donate' button. 00:49:55
House Republicans Focus on Minority Outreach at Former Slave Plantation So They Can Learn How To Talk To Black People 00:35:54
Military Conducting More Illegal Urban Warfare Training South of Houston in Galveston Tx! 00:21:24
Obama, On the way out? 00:16:28
The next generation of surveillance. 00:04:07