Posted on January 6, 2013

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Iowa GOP Co-Chair: Ron Paul supporters disenfranchising Republicans (Video) 20:57:40
House GOP seeks to abolish IRS, replace income tax with consumption tax 17:35:10
Texas Secession Movement Gains Traction - Fox News 1/6/2013 17:20:28
Boehner Coup Attempt Larger Than First Thought 18:35:56
Social Security: It's Worse Than You Think 15:38:15
New York Congressman Introduces Bill to Abolish Presidential Term Limits 15:23:57
Rand Paul's Son Arrested 13:32:27
Mark Willis for RNC Chair 12:20:24
"I am too old to run" 11:46:26
Liberal Chick: The State Is My Shepherd... 11:05:48
Family Farmers to Travel to Washington, D.C. to Take on Monsanto 11:10:22
Watch Out! Early Flu Season Accelerates 10:55:31
Update: U.S. Borrowing Limit Already Breached By $12B & Counting 01:06:22
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Good News: Gun Registry Assault Weapon Ban Pulled From Consideration In Illinois House 23:39:33
Justin Amash votes against billions in Hurricane Sandy relief 23:37:26
What book are you reading? 23:23:10
4409 - Man Uses Carpool Lane With Corporation Papers! 23:16:19
Drone childs toy . SICK! 23:15:25
Why Don't We Ever Get Honest Politicans Fearless Enough To Tell The Whole Truth? 23:12:51
Mother Shoots Home Intruder Six Times after Being Cornered in Attic 22:10:46
Video - A Must Have In Every Home In America! 22:02:54
Flashback: ATF Lying M%R - FU%&$R 21:59:21
Let's have a discussion about Police Officers 21:46:52
It's Official: Obama to nominate Chuck Hagel for defense secretary 21:42:21
Fireball and explosion in sky over Santiago del Estero, Argentina 21:38:31
Nuclear Security Helicopters Testing Radiation Levels Above DC Area 21:36:29
"Unconstitutional laws aren't laws" 21:35:51
Cornered in an Attic with her Kids, Georgia Mom Shoots Intruder Five Times 21:32:21
Property, Rule of Law & Freedom 21:23:16
DONATE to the Iowa State Republican Party TODAY! 21:00:12
TONIGHT: New York State - Gov. Cuomo State Address on Gun Control 20:59:54
"I'm a Daddy and I Know it" 2 + triplets (parody of "Sexy and I Know it") 20:50:07
Powerful Crazy Candid Camera! 20:49:39
Thread Pulled...Vote Cancelled 20:47:35
March on Washington for MORE gun control scheduled for January 26th 20:41:31
Officials: Suspected U.S. drone strike kills 17 in Pakistan's tribal region 20:37:11
Coming soon, 57% Taxes! 20:16:29
QE3, QE4 aren't all they're cracked up to be! 20:11:34
The idea behind private prisons 19:54:30
Did DHS just award ammunition contract to a Shell corporation? 19:42:49
Ron Paul's Grandson Arrested in NC 19:25:13
Boondocks Humor 19:18:43
NYT: Banks Close to Buying Off Their Criminality (With Funds They Get For Free from The Fed Anyways) 18:56:55
Alex Jones will be on the Piers Morgan show live! 18:49:40
New Texas Straight Talk number? 18:47:05
BEWARE: The Politics of The Devil w/ Ron Masters - Video 18:14:57
A challenge for Conspiracy Skeptics 17:38:28
"British Government put me to work yesterday." Sir Alan Greenspan, 9-26-02 17:38:02
Health Insurance Premiums Going Up Double Digits As Government Solutions Fail Again 17:33:41
United States has torture chambers all over the world: Joe Iosbaker 17:28:51
NDAA bans Iran’s Press TV from U.S. airwaves 17:25:35
North Dakota Rep Set to Propose Bill Limiting Drone Use 17:19:29
Help Educate the National Guard 17:00:49
Obama to use crony capitalism to pass gun control? 16:54:20
Coup attempt on Boehner called off at list minute... 16:48:11
"Opportunity Conservatism:" Ted Cruz on the Future of the Republican Party 16:20:40
Freedomworks Poll 2016 - Vote 16:09:28
Washington and Baltimore: Among the drunkest US Cities 15:38:40
BLOOMBERG: Banks Win Watered Down Liquidity Rule After Basel Group Deal 15:30:37
Rep. Jose Serrano reintroduces bill to repeal presidential term limit 14:54:50
White House weighs broad gun-control agenda in wake of Newtown shootings 14:51:06
Mother hides twins and then shoots intruder 5 times (video) 14:46:09
Empires Rise and Empires Fall 13:52:11
Sen. Rand Paul now leading FreedomWorks presidential poll 13:38:50
Rupert Murdoch Helped Al Gore Get Current TV On Air & Helped Capitalize It 13:32:30
America’s Biggest Killers: The Chart Anti-Gunners Don’t Want You To See 13:31:57
Propaganda 13:22:08
NH's Biggest Threat - Join the Fray 13:16:36
Libertarians Not Welcome Here, Says NH State Rep 13:13:56
Police: Teen arrested at airport claims to be Ron Paul's grandson 13:13:55
Ten biggest killers in the U.S. 13:10:57
H.J. Res 15 Bill ... Obama President For Life? 13:07:26
H.J.Res.15: Proposing to remove term limitations on POTUS. (introduced 1-4-13) 13:07:19
America’s Biggest Killers: The Chart Anti-Gunners Don’t Want You To See 12:59:10
Vitamin C and Your Immune System 12:59:09
The electric shock that could cure a headache 12:56:20
$12m donation to Freedomworks laundered thru shell company may have violated 11:58:54
Matt Taibbi : Secrets and lies of the bank bailout 11:41:42
Pray for Peace, Protest with Passion, and Prepare Yourself for War. 11:38:37
Murray Rothbard: The Health Plan's Devilish Principles (Audio) 11:31:25
Are You Discrediting and Hurting the Liberty Movement? 11:29:51
Rand Paul has had a quiet round of meetings with Dan Senor 11:27:36
Military used against Civilians? Did you know about Patton? 11:24:39
The Year 2012 In Review — No, not the kind you're probably thinking of — 11:19:11
Murray Rothbard: Repudiating The National Debt (Audio) 11:12:18
4409 - Man uses HOV lane with Corporation Papers! 10:40:51
Obama circumvents campaign finance laws with $375,000 bribe. 10:15:15
I voted 10:13:11
Obama’s plan for gun control taking shape 10:03:19
Fiscal Cliff Deal. Obama's Corporate sell out - a financial analysis 09:55:37
Certified Organic Hemp Seed Shelled 09:27:21
Only 22 votes for Dr. Paul medal? What? 09:22:11
We need a coordinated action to stop the gun ban. 09:13:32
Syrian President Bashar Assad Demands Western Countries Stop Funding and Arming Rebels. 09:03:22
Propaganda -Full North Korean Doctumentary 08:29:03
US citizens (actually have an absolute) Right To Bear Arms... 08:14:22
Binyamin Netanyahu fights surge from rightwing opponent before poll 08:01:27
Emergency Alert About Worldwide Surveillance #anonymous #opbigbrother 07:39:01
Mother Shoots Home Intruder after Being Cornered in Attic 07:22:47
Biden on Obama: "If he tries to fool with my Beretta, he's got a problem" plus Obama's promise not to. 06:36:09
US Citizens Have No Constitutionally Guaranteed Right To Bear Arms (but people do!) 05:17:14
Marine To Feinstein "I Am Not Your Servant and You Aren't Getting My Guns!" 04:08:11
2013 Liberty Summit 03:03:30
The Zero State Solution to the Arab/Israeli conflict 02:20:24
Malachi Martin's 1996 radio interview with Art Bell on Exorcisms (Full Interview) 02:17:08
. 02:12:17
NJ Mayor: $1,000 to turn in your gun owning neighbors 01:20:13
White House Weighs Broad Gun Control Agenda In Wake of Newtown Shootings 01:01:56
Audio - Norman Dodd on Tax Exempt Foundations 00:51:24
Secret and Lies of the Bailout - Matt Taibbi 00:51:12
Trillion Dollar Platinum Coin? Simpsons already did it! 00:28:36
George Carlin on War, Conspiracies, Politics, and the Illusion of Choice 00:18:54