Posted on October 2, 2013

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It's Not about who's to Blame, It's about who's to Praise for the Shutdown 23:45:59
Stocks Soar After Government Cuts Government From Federal Budget 22:58:19
Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's 'Out Front' W / Erin Burnett- October 2, 2013 (VIDEO) 22:26:18
Rand Paul on CNN's Out Front with Erin Burnett - October 2, 2013 22:24:20
Obamacare Is A De Facto Mandatory National ID Card On Steroids 22:09:49
Thee Cheers for Ladar Levison! How Lavabit, Snowden’s E-Mail Provider, Defied FBI Demands to Turn Over Crypto Keys 21:51:33
Some Great Headlines On Drudge Right Now Regarding the Government Shutdown! 20:33:21
Ron Paul on CNBC: Why The US Economy Is In Trouble And We Will See A Crisis Soon 19:46:35
Greenwald: ‘The objective of the NSA is literally the elimination of global privacy’ 19:08:27
Ben Swann: Repeal the 'Patriot' ActS; YOU have No Privacy Michele Bachmann: All Your Records Belong to Us! 19:01:09
CA Governor Signs Bill Nullifying NDAA Indefinite Detention 18:43:25
The Daily Granger 18:10:22
Ron Paul on CNBC: "The Country Is Bankrupt... The People Are Being Bamboozled" 10-2-13 18:08:00
Piers Morgan Dumped by the Communist News Network? 17:39:09
Ron Paul wows 1,200 in Grand Junction 17:28:35
This is a Great Week! We Are Winning! 16:38:12
Storm Clouds Gathering: Stock Market crash coming soon 15:53:42
Harry Reid’s Office Leaks Boehner Office Emails—And It Could Ruin Any Faith You Have in Washington 14:59:09
EXCLUSIVE: Drone crash lands in Manhattan VIDEO 14:47:44
CA Says No Way To NDAA Indefinite Detention 14:32:03
Howard Stern - Jesse Ventura Interview 10-2-13 13:33:26
Silk Road, bitcoin drug marketplace, shut down 13:29:13
Obamacare's "Forced Homes Inspections", PolitiFact Got it Wrong - 13:01:40
Sen. Rand Paul On Hannity Discusssing The SHUT Down - Fox News Channel - October 1, 2013 12:27:57
"Barrycades": Park workers fled after cameras started filming. No wire ties on the gates. 12:03:35
Oath Keepers Going Active 11:15:05
A fresh start! What will you do today? 09:54:05
Are You SH*ITTING Me?: Gov't to Erect $98,670 Outhouse 09:50:02
Outstanding! War Memorial Vets Grabbed a Trophy 09:46:38
I Say 'SHUT Down' The Congress! I Am So Freaking Annoyed With All BULLSXXX! 09:26:52
Brammo Empulse StreetFighter Electric Motorcycle: All American Ingenuity & Innovation! 09:22:23
From a volunteer for Obama, to a pro-life Republican 09:15:11
Power Companies Fight to Charge for Solar Use 08:10:31
Rand Paul: 'Goons' blocked WWII Memorial 07:58:01
Republican Study Committee on Gov. Shutdown swarmed outside Capital by activists LOL Rand Paul speaks) 05:55:30
*Let's get our old spunk back* 05:39:39
Jesse Ventura - talks about the government shutdown - CNN (1.Oct.2013) HD Piers Morgan 02:07:55
Video: Chris Matthews: 'Ted Cruz Is Brilliant...The President's Met His Match' 01:14:44
Holy Pre-Made Shut down Signs Batman! 01:05:53
143-year-old law puts fear in officials during shutdown 00:29:44
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Dread Pirate Roberts and ROUS's 23:51:50
First Amendment lawsuit threat over WWII memorial closure 23:43:02
Official Launch of Paid StartMail Accounts (Early 2014) 23:38:05
FBI "Raids" Bitcoin Haven 23:37:09
Rand Paul: Democrat ‘Intransigence’ Keeping Government Shut Down 23:16:11
The Emperor Has No Clothes: WWII Vets Expose Obama’s Contempt Towards the American People 22:56:35
Open thread proposal: 'The Commonsense Truth about Obamacare' Nationwide Rallies 22:51:54
Less than 1 per cent of Web visitors are signing up for Obamacare on some state health exchange websites 22:50:49
ObamaCare Can Never Be Ratified to be the Law of The Land, Nor is Unenumerated Taxation, As these are a Pretense of Authority. 22:45:49
John McCain: The Shutdown is Unnecessary 22:30:13
Politico: Ted Cruz Blasted by Angry GOP Colleagues 22:26:45
Steve Pieczenik: "Goodbye to an Old Friend and Collaborator: Tom Clancy, May He Rest In Peace!" 22:24:28
Pisgah Inn, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC, refuses to shut down: UPDATED 1 and 2 22:18:47
Unbelievable! The Amazing Richie Parker 22:10:11
Israel Recruits Undercover Social Media Agents 22:02:16
Video: Tesla Model S Catches Fire! 21:57:59
Parks Service in DC threaten arrest of WW2 Veterans visit memorial when it is shut down 21:57:41
(VIDEO) Breaking: Footage of Vets Inside the WWII Memorial 21:37:01
Report: Kent Sorenson Received a Check From Former Senior Ron Paul Official 21:31:22
Corbett Report: Who Is Marc Grossman? 21:11:14
LMAO @ Adam Kokesh Reality Show 20:59:18
Senator Bob Graham: Government Covered Up 9/11-Saudi Connection | Interview 20:57:48
IRS collecting money but not sending refunds during shutdown 20:56:50
RT Abby Martin, Oct. 2, 2013: Joe Rogan Interview + TPP, Govt "Shut Down," DC Circle-Jerk Blame Game 20:40:04
Jim Rogers: US Govt Shutdown is Sham 20:34:53
Gunnies' Funnies: The Brownells' Idea of "Reading a Magazine" 20:19:30
You can have whatever it is you want! 20:14:46
Max Keiser: "America is run by Financial Jihadists & Suicide Bankers; America is World's Most Watched Soap Opera!" 20:11:03
Michael, I will ask for forgiveness later . Please don't kill me! LOL 19:58:15
Carey Wedler on Jeff Berwick (The Dollar Vigilante)'s Anarchast: From Ron Paul to Voluntaryism + Adam Kokesh UPDATE 19:40:54
New Occupy Credit Card (I'm totally serious. It's not an Onion article) 19:30:48
Tom Woods' Convocation Address @ Benedictine College - September 3, 2013! 19:28:12
Since the government SHUTDOWN, let's take it back? 18:46:41
Tom Woods New Radio Show, Anyone? 18:27:29
Healthcare.Gov Crash & Burn Log 18:22:28
Howard Stern - Jesse Ventura 10-2-13 - Full Interview! 18:20:20
The DoD Loves the Allison Bricker Show - Let's all Nullify ObamaCare 18:13:34
From NSA Spying & VIPR Sweeps to Domestic Drones: A Round-Up of the Police State Programs NOT Affected by Govt Shutdown 17:58:20
The Perils of Parasitism 17:51:41
Self-sufficiency project, Sovereign Living, releases Tip of the Week videos! 17:43:09
Self-sufficiency project, Sovereign Living, releases Tip of the Week videos! 17:42:12
My Take on the whole Granger matter. 17:37:31
Harry Reid - Who cares about a kid with cancer - Headline Drudge Report 17:30:04
Bitcoin assault in the news 17:29:07
Love does not place webs on your walls 17:27:18
54 Year old show in Branson, MO closes due to Obamacare mandate - Shepard of the Hills 17:21:58
Introducing "Abortion in a Can," the Fruit Juice Flavored Contraceptive Drink 17:19:58
"We have stormed the Bastille". Time to take action for yourself and for your families 16:57:18
Should the driver of the black SUV be charged for driving through the crowd of bikers surrounding his car? 16:50:37
When the Piggies Squeal, We're Winning! 16:49:08
Bill Burr - Bankers and The President 16:32:58
Ted Rall: Is Rand Paul America’s #1 Liberal? 16:28:58
New York police offered some tips on what to do if you are confronted with a similar circumstance of road rage. 16:18:01
Who's lost health insurance due to OBAMACARE coming? 15:58:17
TAC New Project - Turn It Off: The NSA's Achilles Heel. 15:53:54
Rand Paul: 'Goons' blocked WWII Memorial (Video) 15:37:21
Obama Slaps Kills Republican - Watch! 15:35:03
The NEW Sons Of Liberty in America 15:27:42
Free Energy from lightning? A cell phone experiment may have answered that question. 15:13:45
The Final Word on Ascension - A Channeling and a Perspective on the words of Jesus 15:06:27
Ron Paul Auctioning His 1979 Chevette 15:04:20
Both Parties Cash In On Government Shutdown 14:35:03
Biker's Wife Wants Charges Against Driver Who Fled? Whaaaat? 14:26:50
Clapper ( Liar Liar Pants on Fire): Shutdown harms spies' mission Oct 2 14:23:40
How Does the Government Shutdown Impact QE? 14:16:50
Jimmy Kimmel interviews sheeple on Obamacare (Video) 13:58:13
Barracuda Trader Goes Off on the Greg Roberts of the World or The Angry Bird Effect 13:51:35
Debt Ceiling Solution - Step 1 13:24:55
Classical Liberalism - The Schism Between Libertarianism and Progressive Liberalism 13:23:06
Obamacare vs. Samaritan Health-Care Ministry: A Case Study 12:59:36
The power of GOOD, 12:51:57
The Granger: Agenda Exposed In Private Email To Nystrom 11:34:45
Here's One Thing you Can Do About Granger 11:26:32
Ron Paul interviewed on CNBC, Oct. 1, 2013: 'Govt Shutdown,' and GOLD! 11:07:13
Tom Clancy, author of ‘Hunt for Red October’ and ‘Patriot Games,’ dead at 66 11:02:20
A Shutdown or A Coup? How It Was Engineered 10:58:34
Larry Silverstien, Involved in Kenya mall attack? Is that possible 10:49:16
35 Things the Ruling Cabal Does Not Want You to Know 10:45:17
Remove Roberts from the Bench; Repeal the Opt-Out Penalty; NOTA on all Ballots 10:39:51
About 40 Percent Of All Food In The United States Is Thrown In The Garbage 10:35:25
Lack of Privacy Destroys the Economy 10:31:44
About the Government Shutdown being planned 10:28:21
Judicial Watch: Fla orthodontist and JW suing feds to implement employer mandate 10:24:16
Bikers Speak Out On Road Rage Incident: "We're The Victims" 10:18:47
See what collects from "visitors" 10:10:39
The Truth About The Government Shutdown - Stefan Molyneux 10:02:10
Obamacare vs. The Affordable Care Act (Video) 10:00:54
An Interesting Libertarian Mayoral Candidate in Minneapolis 09:36:42
:-) 09:35:19
Love embedded within his work 09:32:50
Deleted Videos Show Asshat Bikers Before Range Rover Attack The original uploader of the NYC Range Rover vs. Biker attack video 09:12:30
VIDEO: OMG Pastor Manning gives it to Obama like it is; I can't believe what he says at the end; I spit my coffee out. 09:12:22
Here's The Letter Telling NSA Staff To Go Home For The Government Shutdown 09:07:50
Snowden on short list for top EU human rights prize 09:03:44
There are new sheriffs in Washington who won't be intimidated 07:51:53
Stanford U's Fingernail-sized 'Particle-Accelerator on a Chip'; Glimmer of Hope amidst the Police State Lunacy? 06:33:22
Suspension of Drivers License and Federal Tax Lien on your home if you don't pay Obamacare fine? 03:58:52
Avoid This Meat Like the Plague - As There Is Great Risk You Will Be Exposed to This Danger 03:03:32
A peaceful reality check 00:50:23
First Date In France 00:18:44