Posted on October 4, 2013

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Rand Paul: Sign the Petition Barack Fears 23:58:05
Introducing WildCat: Here Is The Robot That Will One Day Hunt Man Down Like He Is Vermin 23:30:44
This is how they deliver the mail these days. 22:09:29
Keep Voting For Ben! 21:51:01
"Park Ranger: 'We've been told to make life as difficult for people as we can" 21:41:29
Trayvon Martin 21:15:17
Peter Schiff & Alex Jones - Economic Collapse and Martial law 19:15:18
The Woman Who Knows the NSA's Secrets 19:04:35
Man sets himself on fire on the National Mall 18:10:42
The One BIG Thing That Has Been Bothering Me 18:04:03
Obamacare Loophole! 16:36:17
Actual numbers from CT health exchange for inquiring minds. 14:21:16
Ron Paul: No Compromise on Principles of Freedom. We are a Republic. Not a Democracy. 14:18:47
Obamacare Facebook Erupts With Citizen Premium Price Shock 13:47:40
"Ordinary Americans"? Get The F... You Son of a ... I GOT Your Ordinary Americans Right Here B... 13:38:13
Saudi Black Op Team Behind Damascus Chem Weapons Attack – Diplomatic Sources 13:10:29
Rand Paul: Obama’s response to shut down is just ‘shut up’ 11:52:16
My Favorite Ron Paul Interview Moment Ever: Only 3 or 4 Presidents Would Have Not Deserved Impeachment! 11:17:10
Help requested from the liberty community for our son's autism treatment program 11:07:28
Bob Dylan Sums Up What's Going on In Washington 11:07:14
Felony Friday: Student Charged For Leaving Fishing Gear In Car 09:45:28
Thomas Sowell Destroys Feminism and Racialism in under 5 minutes 05:38:44
"My Gun" 01:22:30
UPDATED: Video: Glenn Greenwald Update, there was much more of the interview than I posted. 00:55:06
Glenn Greenwald Mops the Floor 00:26:30
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Rand Paul or Jesse Ventura in 2016? 23:38:29
Monsanto Introduces Whacker-Resistant Weeds 23:33:33
Is the ObamaCare tax, for not buying health insurance, a direct tax? 23:31:25
Who wrote the check? 22:19:37
Honorable Mention: Lawnchair Harry 22:17:11
Your tax dollars (the IRS) produced this Star Trek video 22:07:10
Who Am I? Why Am I Here? The Stockdale Paradox (Another short history lesson) 21:56:43
Raw DC Police Car Slams Into Barriers At Capitol Hill ! 21:18:56
Need help finding DP post analyzing Obamacare which references page numbers in the law 20:29:29
Courts Soon To Change To New Justice System 20:27:23
Obama Undertakes Presidential Internship 20:23:11
Rand's 'Hot Mic' Transcript -Plus- What's Rand Paul Polling? (EPJ) 20:06:28
What happens when a "SLAVE" gets too close to the throne. 19:48:57
.. 19:44:11
I guess the We have to look after the Poor Pot head out there 19:36:23
Russians in Colorado - Dawn Blitz: Japanese in California - Obama Allows Communists & Socialists to Train On US Soil. 19:32:00
If The Capitol Hill Woman Had Been Shot By An Armed Citizen, Instead of a Cop, None of You Would Care 19:18:27
WWII Memorial Barricade Wired Shut 19:06:22
The Income Tax: A Century Is Enough 18:51:49
Tom Pauken for Governor of Texas 18:32:53
How to stop the banks from screwing you. 18:28:40
Demorats Up To No Good..Again 18:25:11
Senate Doorkeeper Gives Out “Thank You Capitol Police” Buttons After Officers Execute Mother 17:40:50
Corrupt Texas Cops Make Up Laws 17:15:14
US Financial Crisis Deeper than Debt Ceiling - PCR & Press TV Interview 17:12:55
Marijuana Supporters Unleash Bus Ads 17:09:35
The Long Arm (And Hidden Hand) of Jim DeMint in the Showdown 17:05:25
Cops set to arrest biker thug No. 1 who allegedly ripped a driver out of his car and beat him in front of his family 16:56:32
Great Solar Event Blackout on third rock from the sun... 16:56:21
Govt Blackout of the ISON Comet has many wondering... 16:55:52
Gary Johnson Endorses Henry Herford for Louisiana CD5 16:09:55
Seven stupid things the gov’t spent money on during the shutdown 15:51:04
Same ol Crap 15:43:43
EPJ - "Only the Dumbest Criminals Use Bitcoin" 15:43:13
Disappoint your controllers 15:39:25
It's Not Obama Care! It's Madoff Care! It's a Ponzi Scheme! 15:34:54
KOG instead of NWO by Homeschooling Parents 15:29:46
Truckers Ride for the Constitution, The Movie 15:03:56
Happy birthday income tax, you're 100 years old (ouch!) 14:38:32
Terrorists shaped by Wahhabi petrodollars 14:30:08
As US declines, China emerges... 13:40:49
Biden’s “CODEWORD” Warning, Nibiru and the End of Days 13:33:01
Need more posts on Tsarnaev Yahoo page! 12:51:45
NJ: Lonegan Vs Booker Debate! Today! Fri, 10/4 At 1PM, Livestream! 12:41:20
Obama Pushes Secretive TPP Trade Pact, Would Rewrite Swath of U.S. Laws 12:33:34
Citing budget shortfall, government to take sun and moon offline. (was supposed to be a joke) 12:30:51
'Sovereign Citizens' movement comes to Canada 12:22:53
Create a petition / pamphlet 12:17:02
I thought we allowed more than one side. 11:42:13
Get Free, Motivation for the Movement 11:06:41
Wow last 4 words! Phillip Manning on Obama 10:42:31
Shoot Reagan and Live, Drive Disoriented and Die? 10:37:43
Man to receive 2000 lashes and 10 years 10:21:44
Headline-"FIDO tripping Balls...Shortage of Dog Food in Haight Ashbury" 10:20:58
Funny interview with Ron Paul I have never seen 10:03:30
Treasury Website for Kids: The National Debt 09:53:16
Instead of Government Shutdown I noticed several stories calling it a Gov. Slimdown 09:49:01
Back in the USSR: The Sovietization of American Life 09:31:16
Guardian: Edward Snowden should be put on kill list, joke US intelligence chiefs 09:27:38
Hillary Clinton on Iran: "We Ought to Take Em Out," We’re going to Provoke an Attack... 09:22:50
Sister of slain D.C. driver, retired NYPD sergeant, responds to her sister's death 09:03:39
The Chinese city living in fear of giant killer hornets 09:03:00
GOP 'Lynch Mob' Against Ted Cruz 08:26:21
Great Explanation of the Fed in Pics: Picturing The Dangers Of An All-Powerful Federal Reserve 08:16:52
RT.Oksana Boyko vs UN Lackey: Existence of No Evidence is Evidence, No Corpse Examined, but Sarin Present! Yay! 08:00:52
I think U.S. Capitol Shooting Was NOT Police Brutality or Sign of Police State...Calm Down...(Video) 07:00:16
Was there another victim from the DC cops Pop Shots? 06:54:12
Whores: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment by Larry Klayman 05:25:49
Everett Stern, HSBC Whistleblower on InfoWars Nightly News, Oct 3, 2013: EVIDENCE of Terrorist Money Laundering! 05:19:05
Introducing WildCat: Developed by Boston Dynamics with funding from DARPA 08:19:35
Copyright Office Closed: Essential Function Of Government Per The Constitution 02:56:33
Daniel McAdams of RPI on Miriam Carey Murder: They'll Say the Cops Did a Great Job; They Always Do 02:40:50
HYPOCRISY: Where's the Leftist Hoplophobes' Feigned Trayvon Martin-'Moral Outrage' vs DC Cops who Murdered Miriam Carey? 02:20:50
Gun Owners of America: "Here’s Your Target List of Wavering Republicans" 01:57:47
Thomas Jefferson's Quran: How Islam Shaped the Founders 01:17:17
That's settled. I'm seeing it. 01:04:40
Jon Stewart Eviscerates House Republicans 00:48:00
Former KGB Agent Vladimir Putin Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 00:26:20
Apache Helicopter. Tomahawk Missile. Walkie Talkie? 00:24:41
California nullifies NDAA indefinite detention 00:17:00
The United States feared no more 00:15:06