Posted on October 5, 2013

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The Texas Rancher 23:28:42
Illegally detained at Gettysburg National Military Park for...driving on a closed road. (VIDEO) 21:16:16
How To Save the Rainforest (The Libertarian Way) 21:04:20
Poo Pourri, the before you go spray. And yes this product is real. 20:51:40
NSA, Terrorists, and Some Math 20:24:18
"3" Is (Almost) Everywhere :) 19:57:26
New Ron Paul Interview: "The School Revolution" 19:54:45
Woman stripped completely naked by male cops (NEW, not Hope Steffey case) 19:20:58
Prime Spirals, by Numberphile, with Dr. James Grime 19:16:38
Biker "gang" Attacks Prius.. (Yes, The Same Group!) 19:05:36
Russia confiscates private pension funds 18:33:44
Iwo Jima Memorial Closed, Barricades Erected (Update: Vets Break Through) 18:00:08
Witness: Child in Miriam Carey’s car was removed from vehicle before police “let loose” with gunfire on Carey, killing her. 17:47:00
Obama arresting catholic priest over the Government shutdown. 15:05:27
How cool is this! I'm ready! 14:13:10
Want to see some angry folks? Check out comments on the official Obamacare Facebook Page. 12:40:48
OBAMACARE Pales In Comparison To How The Amish Pay For Healthcare 12:16:20
"Foreign forces launch pre-dawn attack"; US Implicated 11:20:35
Feds Try to Close the OCEAN Because of Shutdown 11:03:07
Sen. Cruz Asks Unanimous Consent to Fund Essential Government Functions - Video 10:02:37
Miriam Carey's Sister, Valarie's OpenLetter Warning to America & Cops: YOU Could be Next! Is This the Kind of Country You want? 10:00:43
No Glory in War: “My Dad and My Uncle were in World War One” 09:16:11
5 off-duty officers among bikers in SUV incident ~ Now it all makes sense! 05:37:22
After 100 years of tyrany let's all curse Woodrow Wilson's name and revile him as he deserves. 03:27:56
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800,000 non-essential (potential whistleblowers) workers on indefinite paid vacation. 23:46:47
U.S. military forces strike in Libya, Somalia; capture wanted al Qaeda leader 22:27:41
New Fears Supervolcano Eruption Will Make U.S. Uninhabitable 22:25:29
Federal Reserve Offers to Subsidize Obamacare for as Long as it's Subsidizing its Club Member Banks 22:22:18
GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition 22:13:49
Democratic super PAC television ad to be broadcast during the Cincinnati Bengals-New England Patriots football game Sunday 22:01:15
Our beautiful American values have been subordinated to the “safety” of a security state 21:38:17
I want you 21:19:08
1948 "The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine" - Zionism's Jewish enemy 21:17:05
Is the Individual Mandate Really Mandatory? 21:09:42
Million Vet March on the War Memorials: October 13, 9 am 20:58:40
Look What I Found 20:57:33
Texans on Furlough Cheer Ted Cruz 20:52:32
Ben Swann: A Constitutional Republic Allows Us To Take Back Power From Government! 20:43:26
“It’s just government trying to make it as painful as possible” 20:30:51
US News: Ted Cruz and Rand Paul: A Tale of Two Shutdown Strategies 20:29:22
This Fall's Hottest Accessory: Fake Service Dogs? 20:28:16
Facebook Picture illustration: 'We the People shall not be infringed.' 20:20:24
Good Read: Collected Quotes from DPR of Silk Road Fame 20:06:43
. 19:58:35
Stunnig Corruption! 350,000 Furloughed Civilians Ordered Back to Pentagon - Sat 10/05 19:31:57
Pentagon: Most furloughed civilians ordered back 19:06:14
Why Thoughtful People Will Support The Fed 18:53:36
"New World Order" Speech By Bush Sr. (Sept 11, 1991) A "defining hour" indeed... 18:39:35
CENSORSHIP: YouTube or Govt Trolls? r3VOL OneTruth4Life's Sarcastic Satire Critical of Govt gets DELETED! 18:26:20
Ready for some Libertarian Fun? Try Contra Dancing 18:11:25
NY Times Journalist Fed-Up with Obama Regime: "“Most closed, control-freak administration I’ve ever covered” 18:03:36
Press Release – The American Driver's Terms (Truckers DC Shutdown) 17:39:33
How To Get Shot and Killed By Cops, Vol. 1, Starring Woman from Capitol Hill Shooting (VIDEO) 17:06:27
Barack Obama's greatly overrated intellect 16:40:02
Why Uncle Sam is hoarding gold 16:17:54
Terrorist DC Police Shot Unarmed Mother as She Fled on Foot 15:24:09
Rare yeast in man's gut brews beer when he eats carbohydrates 15:19:05
Pack of Wild Hyena Bikers Vs Water Buffalo Range Rover, Hyenas get Critically Gored 15:16:11
Reasons why you should drink raw milk (and avoid processed milk) 15:15:40
Ecuador's Correa: Obama's exceptionalism talk reminiscent of Nazi rhetoric before WWII 15:04:20
IRS Won't Be Able To Collect Obamacare Tax 15:00:23
Libertarian Charity In Action 14:55:18
Pig Headed Politicians - Give Me Some Truth! 14:44:18
U.S. Dept of Defense Googling "how many people have registered their gun under the ny safe act" 14:19:18
Fake "War on Terror" - An Oldie But a Goodie 13:43:21
Jordan Maxwell: The Inner World Of The Occult - Watch This! 13:41:54
None Of You Are Employee's Earning "Wages" Subject To A Tax! 13:20:25
I Finally Agree With Farrakhan 13:18:05
IRS is a Private Collection Agency for the Federal Reserve 13:05:51
Weekend listening: anti-war songs 12:42:02
David Stockman KWN Interview - Financial Collapse Will Be Catastrophic 12:37:22
The "A Team" (Ben Swann) Hilarious! 12:29:34
ATTENTION Libertarians: IGNORE the Fact that the Women from Capitol Shooting Was Schizophrenic 11:40:16
Action Alert: Just Received This From My Cousin. Showdown at 2:00 at WW II War Memorial 11:29:29
As Police Tactics Questioned, 'Threat of Terrorism' and 9/11 used to justify Miriam Carey's Death 11:26:03
Flying saucers to mind control: 7 Declassified military & CIA secrets 11:07:36
Why is ignorance not bliss? 11:01:00
Was Mariam Carey a Victim of Racial Discrimination? 10:01:54
Let the government know 09:41:20
Police state programs not affected by a government shutdown 09:35:43
Zionism Is Evil, but Why Has the USA Become Its Haven? 07:16:56
Smallest To Biggest 03:12:46
If you could go back in time for only 4 hours, where/when would you go? 02:33:27
Escape From Politics 02:25:37
Ephemeral point of Enlightenment! 01:50:45
How to be exempt from Obamacare - Become an Elector 01:12:41
Spectre of Tyranny - Video 00:50:51
Jesse "The Body" Ventura on CNN's "Crossfire" 10/4/13 00:39:58
For All My AK Gunnies: Shovel-Ready AK, Jim Fuller, Gabe Suarez, SiG 556R & DiY Build-Kits! 00:19:49
How do the banks screw you and how to stop them? 00:02:46