Posted on October 7, 2013

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Atlantic City Gang jumps a 20yo for taunting Them in Their Home Turf: Rite of Initiation Beat-Down 23:43:48
Strategy For Making Shutdown "Hurt" Similar to Military Tactics 23:43:45
Boehner Prepares to Let the US Default 23:12:33
FBI Unable To Seize 600,000 Bitcoins From Silk Road Operator 22:38:24
Remember, remember... 22:28:31
Barbie Jeep Ticketed by Police 21:56:07
Mike Lee Opens Up About 'Demeaning', 'Unfair', 'All Out Attack' On Him And Ted Cruz By GOP 21:26:10
Quote of the Day: The Fourth Turning Has Arrived 21:06:50
Rand Paul's 2010 "Republican" Primary Challenger To Co-Chair Gabrielle Giffords PAC 18:17:45
Twitter Shuts Down ‘Truckers for the Constitution’ 18:12:03
Park Service OKs immigration reform rally on 'closed' National Mall 17:15:16
The Purpose of the "Government Shutdown" is to Crash the Economy 17:13:36
Tom Woods Show! Killed it today on Lincoln! 16:48:30
America on the brink of revolution? 16:39:50
Lavabit Update: How One Company Refused to Give FBI "Unrestricted" Access to Emails of 400,000 Customers 15:18:12
Folks in Great Smoky Mountains Reaching Breaking Point 15:12:13
Obama Using Shutdown Shows His Vindictive Nature By Causing Pain and Spiting the American People. 15:02:19
Obama Admin Contracts BP to Plug Old Faithful 14:41:14
Is Cory Booker Blowing It in NJ Senate Race Against Steve Lonegan? 14:19:02
Truckers for the Constitution 14:14:19
China warns US 'clock is ticking' - Getting Nervous About the Value of U.S. "Investments" aka Debt 13:59:12
In Face of Shutdown, Foreign Aid Continues 12:21:48
Primary Challengers Circling Around Justin Amash 11:00:03
Sundown in America by David Stockman 08:25:25
Hollywood star Rob Schneider turns Republican, citing Democratic ‘disaster’ 07:30:19
Is this some of the stuff Common Core will be teaching to our kids? 07:23:57
Matt Taibbi and Sam Seder Skewer JP Morgan’s Dimon & CNBC’s Bubblehead Maria Bartiromo 05:38:38
Central Banker is called a criminal and put on the hot seat repeatedly 02:38:08
"Homeland" Propaganda 00:06:21
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Dogs are Statists and cats are Libertarians. 23:43:53
"Bong Hits 4 Jesus" Madness 23:43:45
GOP Complaint: Ted Cruz is no team player (unlike Rand Paul) 23:35:21
Rand Paul, Ron Paul Endorse Ken Cuccinelli for Governor 23:28:45
Barry & The Debt Limit: For It Before He Was Against It 23:27:03
Des Moines Register: Bachmann, Paul may have violated federal election laws 23:22:42
Rand Paul Slams Democrats for “Playing Games” With Government Shutdown And U.S. Default 23:20:55
Roll Over Plan: Treasury Needed to Pay Off Record $7.5T in Maturing Debt in FY 2013, Issued $8.3T New Debt; Net Debt $777B 23:01:48
Photo: Snowden Spotted Leading Normal, Modest Life In Russia 22:46:57
Senator Obama 2006 - I Intend to Oppose the Effort To Increase the Debt Limit 22:21:13
Ben Swann: Trans-Pacific Pact Negotiations Should Finish By Year’s End 22:18:02
Ben Swann: Obamacare Is Not A Law: It’s A New Three Letter Agency 22:12:26
Trucker convoy demands arrest of congressmen who disobeyed oath 22:09:10
Ben Swann Reports: Obama Admin. Pulls Down “Amber Alerts” Site Due To Govt. Shutdown – Then Puts It Back Up After Bad Press 22:05:38
Karen Hudes Interviewed today on RT. Discusses government shutdown, the currency war, 'currency printing', and a lot more. 22:01:19
Justice Antonin Scalia Discusses Gay Friends And The Devil 21:52:14
State Dept: Govt. Shutdown Threatens Aid To Israel. Bout Time 21:25:23
'Monsanto Protection Act' Killed in Senate: Controversial Provision Removed from Spending Bill 21:18:34
Diminishing Superpower : Now the Chinese are Wagging their Fingers at Obama 21:16:26
Bush 43, Condi and "Scandal" 21:06:21
Return All National Parks to the States 20:40:58
Overeager park police try to close privately funded Mount Vernon 20:37:13
SNL Skit: "We Did Stop" Featuring John Boehner and Michele Bachmann- Hilarious 20:10:44
Pentagon Warns to Expect "Radical Change" in US Government Soon 10:08:16
Calling Out Trucker Parade In Dc Updated 20:04:01
The Corrs - Unplugged Full acoustic concert 19:33:35
Oakland Crowdfunding Private Cops 19:22:19
Philanthropists donate $10 million to keep Head Start Programs open 19:14:49
I Wonder If She's "Proud Of America" Now? 19:09:54
UK To Allow Legal Abortion Based On Gender? Video 18:59:16
Recess Banned In Long Island Elementary School 18:39:00
Skillet's Following Grows Beyond Christian Rock 18:18:13
Outstanding Video set to Moody Blues Lunch Break Peak Hour 18:14:08
Proof the Federal Reserve is not part of the Government - they are dumping trillions in new $100 Bills Tomorrow 18:12:09
Raleigh, NC police conducted surveillance on protesters' planning meetings 18:00:27
'Truckers for the Constitution' Plan to Slow D.C. Beltway, Arrest Congressmen 17:53:59
Ben Carson: Obamacare Hurts Just as Healthcare 'Golden Age' Emerges 17:52:20
Transforming America’s Schools into Authoritarian Instruments of Compliance 17:43:37
Ted Cruz is eyeballing 2014 first, not 2016 with shutdown strategy 21:41:36
Terrorist Emperor in Chief Obama sends Delta & SEALs to invade Libya & Somalia (again) during faux-Govt 'ShutDown' 17:36:40
No Need to Raise the Debt Ceiling: The US Won’t Default 17:27:48
The Government Can! Classic Tim Hawkins Video 17:18:18 needs Your Help! New Website needs Funding! 17:10:31
Universities See 'Explosion' in Use of 'Smart Drug' Modafinil by Students 17:02:31
Debt Ceiling Humor: "I Therefore Intend To Oppose The Effort To Increase America's Debt Limit" 16:52:45
What Blackjack Players and Voters Have in Common 16:49:27
The World Economy Will Boom Without USA 16:21:41
They all saw truth sipping out of His Wounds 16:07:31
Five Ways Obamacare will Harass Us, Rob Us Blind, Make Us Jobless and Eat Out Our Substance 15:05:28
Don’t Mess With Texas. There Will Be Hell to Pay if Obama Tries to Barricade the Alamo Using the Government Shutdown Excuse 14:59:43
Pete Hendrickson On Radio Tonight! The Shields Report 14:45:58
The pyramid of lies on pseudo-dollar bills 14:36:22
Frame by frame view of biker attack proves Cruz and Mieses were going to attack SUV right from the start 14:34:05
Wars never have winners 14:06:46
CIA Activities in Syria: US Never Stops to Step on Same Rake 13:49:58
Obama is funding child soldiers in Yemen! 13:39:27
John Locke - When Resistance is Just 13:29:21
:-) 13:26:59
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk: An Opening For Iran? October 07, 2013 (AUDIO) 12:22:02
President al-Assad Interview: “No Dialogue with Gunmen, All Decisions taken by the West for the Past Ten Years have been in Supp 12:14:13
Harry Reid Is Starting The Week By Going Scorched-Earth On Boehner — Who Fires Back 11:40:55
Trans-Pacific Partnership and "Fast track" 11:32:58
I'm pro-Liberty, not Anti-Israel. This is how I deal with shills and propagandists. Hope it helps you! 11:24:01
Investor Activists wanted 10:58:16
Now that the Season for Anti-Gun Hysteria has Passed, for Now... MSDNC's Ed Schultz: Leave Gun Owners (Like Me) Alone! 10:39:54
Gold & Silver Do Not Threaten to Default, Default or Shut Down 10:29:24
List of Grievances Not Wholly Unlike Today, Declaration of Independence 10:26:20
New California Law lets Illegal Immigrants Practice Law! 10:25:36
Murray Rothbard on "Obamacare" 09:47:17
Shutdown Follies; 9 Year Old Boy Walks Through Security, Flies To Vegas ~ Without A TICKET! 08:44:14
Fighting for Us ~ Make DC Listen! 08:44:03
DailyPaul tell me why Israel shouldn't be trusted 08:32:43
"If you're not pissing someone off, you're doing it wrong". 08:19:05
Ted Cruz needs credit for keeping Obama in the US! 06:47:09
Junglepunker's Daily Paul Dissociative Experiment 05:03:02
How much is spent on financial aid to all the other countries combined per day? 02:44:16
"Big Think" Interview With Noam Chomsky Video - 23 minutes 02:08:12
Hyperstimulation of the brain 01:09:21
A Syrian Timeline You May Have Missed 00:49:50