Posted on October 9, 2013

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Value of Engineering 23:24:25
Yessssssss Burn Baby Burn: 2 billion dollar NSA building burning. 23:18:53
Did You Notice Whom Obama Threatened? 22:58:36
They came for Adam Kokesh, and I did nothing... 22:41:16
Sen. Rand Paul Interviewed on 'Your World' W / Neil Cavuto - October 9, 2013 (VIDEO) 22:29:58
Adam Kokesh: Almost all of my money has been stolen. Podcast from Cellblock D-1B 22:16:18
Look At Who Opposed "Obamacare" Back in 2009 20:07:50
Wyoming Bison vs. Government Shutdown 18:01:10
New Video: You're IT - Alan Watts 17:51:41
Hemp Farmer Makes History with First US Crop in 56 Years 17:22:44
Trey Grayson says that Rand Paul Can Win the Youth Vote 17:19:50
Democrats Object to and Block Sen. Paul’s Efforts to Reopen the Federal Government (10-09-13) 17:06:59
Justin Amash in Trouble - Pauliteers Unite - Money Bomb Stat 15:45:17
Arrested WWII Veteran - Full Interview 15:35:25
White House, IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info 15:19:12
Cops in Riverside befriending special needs students, then tricking them into buying pot 14:17:36
Sen. Rand Paul Interviewed on 'America's Newsroom' W / Bill Hemmer - October 9, 2013 (VIDEO) 12:45:44
This was my reply to someones Facebook post. It turned into a blog entry! 12:36:38
Justin Amash Video: NSA Surveillance: What We Know; What To Do About It 12:25:28
Bad Credit? No Obamacare for You (VIDEO) 12:07:05
After legalizing marijuana, Washington and Colorado are starting to regulate it 11:53:00
Chris Matthews: Rand Paul Is "Becoming Part Of Washington World" and will be the GOP Nominee in 2016 11:20:22
Sen. Mike Lee: Public Land vs. Government Land 11:09:17
Thomas Sowell: Who Shut Down the Government? 10:57:49
How many of the people's recurring expenses can be eliminated and be replaced by one-time purchases? 10:22:58
Taliban mock US over government shutdown 09:11:10
Arizona lawmaker refers to Obama as 'De Fuhrer' on Facebook 09:00:01
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If You're Not Busy November 5th 23:58:01
Mike Maloney dedicates work to Ron Paul 23:56:33
Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura discuss 9/11 23:36:11
40th Wedding Anniversary 23:21:07
Just Imagine 23:18:24
Jim At The Bar 23:13:25
Smile For Today - Short 23:06:49
UPS responds to Obama No Care by dropping Spousal Coverage - this thing is a royal disaster 22:56:03
Short Med School Exam 22:53:51
Mozart Reborn? 22:46:10
NYT: Rand Paul Looks to Broaden His Base 22:33:22
Please help! Dr. Greg Brannon-Senate candidate, Constitutional Expert and the Next R.P.-Needs You On His 'Online Action Team'! 22:05:41
Who Is The Face of The Republican Party Today? 22:01:55
Affordable Care Act Experiences 22:01:50
Do you believe that a knowledge revolution is possible? 21:14:04
Buy a shirt and help advance liberty in the Christian community at the same time! 21:01:30
Rand Paul keynote speaker at tonight's Coalition of African American Pastors’ 8th Annual Leadership Conference 20:56:00
Former CIA Whistleblower Tosh Plumlee's Questions To Government 20:45:50
MIT Technology Review: NSA and the “Problem from Hell” 20:37:53
Rand Paul: The Democrats Have Uniformly Rejected Every Republican Proposal To Reopen Government 20:34:20
Need some quick responses. Friend doing research paper on Federal Reserve. Help! 20:24:53
Is China Repossessing America? 20:16:43
Obama Needs A, "Game Changing Event," For WW3 20:14:10
Forever born one never needs to have deaths 20:08:25
Revolution Car Badges on sale at Amazon 20:01:35
Re-remember the time of your births 19:28:13
Top 10 Reasons I Buy Gold & Silver 19:01:18
DC Mayor crashes Harry Reid Press Conference! 18:40:03
Video: More on Tom Woods regarding President Lincoln 18:38:59
Janet Yellen as new FED-Head, Cops are Pigs (Still), Governemnt Detains Campers - The Allsion Bricker Show 18:34:22
Patriots! With the Truckers in DC, Call Campaign for Repeal of NDAA! 18:23:56
Dr. James Fetzer On The JFK Assassination (Wiba Radio Audio) 18:19:37
Obama Blew Off a Revenue Generating, PRIVATE Health Exchange in '09, So He Could Bleed Taxpayers and Feed the D.C. Bribe Takers! 18:14:26
28%: Republican Party's Favorability Plummets To Record Low 17:57:54
NSA tried and failed to compromise Tor, but browser vulnerabilities gave some users away 17:57:38
Amazing Obamacare Expose - complete with Zombie references! 17:45:36
Among the many evicted, Smokey, Bambi, Thumper most missed in national parks. 17:38:52
Let's keep things in perspective! 17:33:18
35 Medical Marijuana dispensaries to legally open in Mass. - 158 licenses approved, will become only 35 17:32:56
Jesus Culture - Your Love Never Fails 16:59:14
God is your shelters! 16:49:57
5 Popular Beliefs That Are Holding Humanity Back 16:38:07
12 Ominous Warnings About a US Debt Default 16:14:13
Video: Sen. Ted Cruz on The Kelly File 15:58:20
MOODY'S: Obama wrong about default threat... 15:37:13
Healing hand of God - Jeremy Camp 15:29:47
Blitzer: Delay Obamacare 15:22:27
Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside 15:10:10
We Are All Doomed 14:56:46
Rand Paul: America’s “gradual bankruptcy” more worrisome than default risk 14:42:40
Chelsea Manning rejects 'pacifist' label first statement since sentence 14:30:24
Trans-Pacific Partnership White House Press Statement Oct. 08, 2013 14:28:54
Don't Speed Near Federal Buildings 14:25:09
We refuse to join the artificially created wars! 14:02:46
Unlike Dad, Rand Paul Gets to Weigh In on Fed Pick 13:53:59
The Best of British MP George Galloway vs. Mainstream Media (Galloway wins every time, hilarious!) 13:51:54
Canada Spied on Brazil’s Government as Part of Global Commercial Espionage Campaign 13:45:21
Obama's Cousin, Milton Wolf to challange Sen. Pat Roberts in Kansas Primaries 13:27:16
October 26th, 2013 in Washington, D.C. A Rally Against Mass Surveillance 13:27:04
Solar Seawater Distiller Turns Salt Water into Drinking Water Using Only Sunlight 13:08:30
Sen. Rand Paul Interviewed 'On the Record' W / Greta Van Susteren - October 08, 2013 (VIDEO) 12:51:21
How about a 'Pragmatic Libertarian' movement ? 12:42:29
Yellen Into The Abyss – Bernake Ally Nominated As Fed Chair 12:39:49
Real-life Iron Man suit commissioned by US military 12:23:06
America's Families are NOT Cash Cows for Empty Political Promises! 12:16:26
Poll Shows That Americans Blame Obama and BOTH parties For Shutdown 12:13:46
Pisgah Inn, Blue Ridge Parkway, NC opening today after last night interview with Glenn Beck! 12:06:20
NSA wages secret war against encryption 11:14:59
Support Michael New! A True Patriot! 11:07:42
Live Video: NSA Surveillance: What We Know; What To Do About It 10:23:24
Giant Pyramid Tied To Atlantis Found In Ocean 10:11:49
Janet Yellen to be named Fed chair on Wednesday: White House (video) 09:54:07
Rejoice: the Yellen Fed will print money forever to create jobs 09:51:37
General Motors Executive Warns of Impending Auto Bubble 09:50:19
Switzerland Issues, “Situation: Grave, Do Not Travel” warning for the United States 09:43:09
The Walrus and the Carpenter 09:42:56
This Story Turned My Stomach: 4 Year-Old Boy Brings 8 Bags of "Crack" Cocaine To School 09:42:18
CBN News - Priest: Obama Admin. Denied Mass to Catholics 09:28:49
Sell, Sell, Sell! 09:07:20
If only Adam Kokesh were free during these protests 08:47:52
NYC Bikers vs Range Rover SUV: My Harsh Opinion! Caution Language & Pee-In-Your-Pants Humor 08:39:14
Big Bank CEOs: How Bad Bank CEOs Use the Bystander Effect to Dupe Good People Into Working For Them 08:05:02
ATM's being loaded with extra cash in case of Bank Run on US Default 08:01:43
The Telegraph: Rejoice: the Yellen Fed will print money forever to create jobs 08:00:00
New Air Force Planes Go Directly to 'Boneyard' 06:52:47
The American Dream 04:21:32
Stock Market Alert (10/8) 02:55:46
How will the markets greet Yellen? 02:10:45
PICTURE: Winning ObamaCare Debate 01:18:29
Anonymous: Prime Sinister of the Internet? 01:15:41
A Traumatized Mind Is A Susceptible Mind 01:01:17
Do sticker sales forecast the next Republican nominee? 00:58:07
The ALAMO! Stewart Rhodes LIVE @ InfoWars Studio to discuss "Oath Keepers, Going Operational!" - Oct. 8th & 9th, 2013 00:53:50