Posted on October 10, 2013

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Ron Paul's farewell message to America: Embrace liberty or face self-destruction 22:23:30
Roll on Truckers prayers are with you! 22:21:30
Showdown: Private Restaurant Refuses Gov't Order To Shut Down 22:02:28
Ed Snowden Emerges From Hiding To Receive Award, Father Lon Snowden Makes Trip To Russia (See Photo) 21:37:23
College sued for stopping Constitution handout. Case will force school to defend 'free speech zone' in court 20:13:56
Voters in Texas Ready to Legalize Marijuana 19:49:12
2016 3rd Party Debate Plan 19:41:23
Skokie Thug Cop Michael Hart Being Sued For Smashing The Bones In Woman's Face On Concrete Slab 19:17:33
Wisconsin Congressman Decimates Andrea Mitchell and Blasts "Pathetic News Reporting" 18:45:29
What Ron Paul Told Me About the End of Dollar Hegemony 18:30:33
ObamaCare website charging $95 fee if you cancel the transaction? 18:11:35
The land of the free and home of the brave 18:03:57
GOP Caves on debt ceiling 16:13:46
“The Boy Who Cried Obamacare" - Media Darling Exposed As Fraud 15:36:05
James Corbett from Corbett Report on Anarchast 14:19:32
Psychiatrists Deeply Concerned For 5% Of Americans Who Approve Of Congress 14:19:24
Obamacare Website Programmer Admits: "I don't always test my code." 13:36:08
Contractor posts Obamacare code, asks for help 13:19:33
What if Ron Paul had a beard? 12:23:58
WATCH: Ron Paul Smacked the Crap Out of Tres. Sec. Jack Lew's Testimony on CNBC! Epic! 11:23:56
More Shameful Shutdown Abuse - Elderly Tourists at Yellowstone 11:09:35
Debt Ceiling Speech From 'The Greatest Senator That Ever Lived' 10/9/13 11:00:56
Middle School Bans... Balls! 10:58:46
Edward Snowden Receives The Sam Adams Award ~ Photo 10:52:53
Former US Treasury Official, Paul Craig Roberts: President To Seize Total Power 10:00:12
We’re not gonna take it! Americans use 1st Amendment to storm shutdown barriers 09:40:01
Democrats To America: We Own The Government! 09:28:52
MILLER: Smoking gun exposed- D.C. police chief covers up giving Feinstein illegal ‘assault weapons’ 09:28:33
Map of Europe from 1000 AD to present with timeline 09:26:34
James Woods: 'I Don't Expect to Work Again' in Hollywood After Repeatedly Criticizing Obama 09:05:25
The Best Illustration of why Obamacare must go is this Shutdown 09:00:16
Red Alert! Action Needed! House GOP Preparing To Give Up... Defund Obamacare 07:44:09
Alan Grayson Credits Dr. Paul 06:23:48
The one law inherent to society 00:18:54
California GOP Fall Convention Report, Anaheim 2013 09:21:01
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"We are human beings and this is the part of our human nature, that we don't learn the importance of anything... 23:58:43
EXCLUSIVE: Texas Land Commissioner Backs Armed March On Alamo (VIDEO) 23:36:40
Adam Kokesh is a one man army, he is still standing strong 23:16:00
Ted Cruz on CNN's Crossfire 22:52:40
This forum shut down 22:39:01
Seriously? National Guard to close I-495 22:30:27
Do You wanna emigrate to Sweden ? 22:27:59
Ex-CIA Agent Claims Obama Killed Breitbart and Clancy 22:14:43
"The Clock" 22:04:55
DC Police Chief: We'll Kill You Quick 22:00:30
Pat Buchanan - Is red state America seceding? 21:57:34
AMAZING! 240 Year-old Doll That Writes (VIDEO) 21:56:47
Ben Swann: Many Voters Have No Clue That Obamacare & The Affordable Care Act Are The Same Thing (VIDEO) 21:49:18
Teacher Makes Students Decide Who Lives, Who Dies 21:48:22
Proof: The NSA knows you better than you do 21:41:30
Our Military Should Do Obama Like Egypt Is Doing Morsi 21:37:02
Snowden's Father Arrives in Russia: Video + Article 21:26:22
Justin Amash at Cato: Intel committees undermine NSA oversight, congress is kept in dark (VIDEO) 21:22:57
No BEER means the Feds have entirely too much power! 21:06:53
Did The "Bailouts," Save The US Dollar? 21:04:49
I don't know what to name this ... 20:56:38
Ben Swann: Indiana Taking Obamacare Back To The Supreme Court 20:55:07
Need Advice! Starting Gold/Silver Business. 20:53:17
New Jim Rickards Book: The Death of Money 20:44:45
Alec Baldwin Coming to MSNBC 20:44:33
Need Help! Starting Gold/Silver Business. 20:42:30
Jim Rickards on Yellen: Here Comes the 'Helicopter Money' - Video 20:15:54
G. Edward Griffin sez the strawman is all hokum 20:07:26
CEO Who Refused To Cooperate with Fed Snooping Now Free 20:00:56
Obamacare - More Than a Glitch 19:50:20
Libertarian candidate Sarvis won't be included in final Virginia governor's race debate 19:48:02
Cannot bring up Google, gmail, fb or any other email account. 19:44:56
Constitution Convoy Rally Denver 19:43:03
Rand Paul’s million-dollar haul 19:39:46
Registered Republicans Will Get A One Year Exemption From Obamacare! 19:13:31
Handy List of Obama's Scandals 18:54:07
Patriot Act author prepares bill to put NSA bulk collection 'out of business' 18:48:58
In Case You’d Like To Drunk Dial Congress… 18:40:21
Na 18:39:10
'ScareMail' seeks to confuse NSA programs with nonsense 18:37:31
Libertarian excluded from Va. gov debate 18:37:08
Storming Barricades During Government Shutdown 18:33:35
"Republic Wireless" Review 18:17:41
'There is a Revolution happening in this country,' Ron Paul 18:11:37
Official Ride for the Constitution News and Update Thread 18:07:46
Obamacare Website Cost $634 Million, Faces Months of Glitches 17:59:27
Dream Theater ~ Awake (Full Album) 17:55:14
Three Ways The Debt Ceiling Situation May Get Resolved 17:44:50
The Secrets of Power Negotiating with Roger Dawson 17:36:54
SLAYER ~ Americon with lyrics 17:35:16
How Argentina's Currency Crisis Inspired a Fight Scene in the Movie 'Silver Circle' 17:21:08
For your freedom and the freedom of your children! 17:20:16
Stamps - more money printing? 17:03:16
favorite halloween movies-which really scared you? 16:55:33
Hard to watch. Impossible to ignore. (Video) 16:47:58
Jeffrey Phillips of AVTM tonight on The Allison Bricker Show 16:35:48
It's Sad To Even Consider, But We Should... 16:26:27
Ed Snowden Emerges From Hiding To Receive Award, Father Lon Snowden Makes Trip To Russia 16:16:39
Obamacare allows govt. to link your IP address with your name SS number bank accounts & web surfing habits 15:41:39
Whole Foods is NOT owned by Monsanto 15:23:49
Letter to my House Representative - OK or not? 15:22:42
WSJ :China's Insatiable Appetite For Gold Causes Speculation on Their Reserves Plan 14:57:03
18 Years Ago Today Michael New Refused To Wear A UN Uniform And Paid The Price 14:55:46
URGENT - Formal Articles Of Impeachment Of Obama Prepared For The Congress Of The United States... 14:48:38
Documentary about corrupt mainstream media 14:42:57
Jerry Patterson Lt Governor Liberty Candidate Supports Armed March on the Alamo 14:39:57
Obama Ready to Shut Down 16 States 14:25:53
Debt for Dummies 14:20:34
Disgraced Motorcycle Gang Cop Worked Undercover at Occupy Wall Street 13:52:40
The Sandy Hook School Massacre: School Building is Now Slated for Demolition. Why? 13:21:15
Fight The Power (video) 13:18:15
Ay Chiguagua! Man In Mexico Made His Girlfriend Wear A Chastity Lock On Her Pants (Video) 13:04:39
GOP plummets to record low 28% favorability 12:59:24
Sweet & Smiley Yellen Is Going to Create a Lot of Pain 12:58:22
Vets Plan Million Man March On Mall 12:50:34
BOEHNER: Let's Raise The Debt! GOP offers short-term debt-limit increase, but wants negotiations before ending shutdown 12:35:41
NJ Township requires beggars to be registered 12:33:11
Snowden Vs Malala 12:30:20
Jesse Ventura vows to clear Snowden, Manning if elected President. 12:03:53
John Boehner To Ask House GOP For Short-Term Debt Ceiling Increase 12:00:01
Senior Citizens unlawfully detained by armed federal agents at Yellowstone 11:43:02
Sixty Years Ago,This Week,IRAN 11:24:06
This author needs your "help" with some reviews 11:21:35
Reps. Schneider and Messer Iran Sanction Letter To Pres Obama (Requesting Tighter Sanctions) 11:08:10
Riverside Cop Tricks Autistic Teen into Buying Pot 11:00:01
WATCH: Ben Bernanke SQUIRMS Awkwardly As Obama Lies About His Contribution To Economy 10:44:19
Gop US Senator Roy Blunt From Missouri Uses Nancy Pelosi Analogy For Obamacare - You Must Use It To Find Out What's In It! 10:22:18
People engrossed in phones miss murder 10:21:21
Will They Cave? AP Sources: Boehner To Ask House GOP For Short-term Debt Ceiling Increase 10:16:13
Guardian: Wyden - Beware the business-as-usual brigade's efforts to sabotage new NSA oversight 10:11:10
The Valuation of Human LIfe in War - Elihu Burritt 10:04:05
I'm reading HR 3962, The Affordable Health Care for America Act. Could use some help. 09:50:30
No news on MSM about Truckers, Vets, and Bikers descending on Washington this weekend. 09:49:01
Obama and Boehner agree on one thing: Giving the shaft to Americans 09:34:15
CARSON: Dr. Ben’s prescription for shutdown pain 09:32:50
Obama To Federal Workers: Make Life As Difficult For People As We Can 09:01:12
Da Coach Regrets Not Running Against Obama: VIDEO 08:45:08
We can't use the public bathrooms because Al Quaeda needs rocket-propelled grenade launchers 08:13:11
Brian Ellis, Typical Big Government/Establishment Republican to Primary Justin Amash 08:10:32
3-star U.S. admiral fired as No. 2 nuclear commander 07:19:04
Activists announce call campaign to repeal NDAA with truckers 05:03:58
Great Documentary about Boston Bombing 04:29:03
Study: Early American Settlers Probably Shouldn't Have Eaten Most of That Stuff 04:21:07
Savage on DC Police Murder of Woman 04:19:51
Au, ja dat doet pijn! 04:14:45
Here And Now 03:38:52
I love chicken 03:24:36
"MOONBEAM" Over California: California's Brown Signs Bill Permitting Non-Physician Abortions 03:14:42
Rand Paul: If The Democrats Had No Pressure They Would Spend Us Into Oblivion 02:30:23
The Forgotten Presidents: Their Untold Constitutional Legacy 01:51:10
Idiocracy-Actual; MUST be Seen to be Believed: Austinites sign Petition to Mandate wearing Helmets While Walking in Public! 01:43:57
Chase Bank disallows international wires 01:42:47
The journey is yours, and yours alone. 01:42:32
Harry Reid and Obama Cause Shutdown, Meanwhile 17 Vets Die and They Turn Their Backs, The 18 Billion Stolen in Iraq 01:25:25
Armed Gunmen Kidnap Libyan PM from Tripoli Hotel 01:20:11
A Guy Walks Into A Bar 00:50:19
Wired: Drone Pilot Fights for Right to Profit in the Unmanned Skies 00:28:58