Posted on October 11, 2013

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Alex Jones : Friday (10-11-13) Ron Paul & Jesse Ventura 23:18:46
NJ Senate Race - Republican Steve Lonegan on ending the NSA - video 23:03:38
PBS's Tavis Smiley: 'Black People Will Have Lost Ground in Every Single Economic Indicator' Under Obama... 22:25:22
Governor Brown Signs Bill Banning Use of Lead Ammo for Hunting in California 21:23:04
LOL! Watch out NSA - ScareMail is here! 21:09:44
Peter Schiff: Goldman Sachs Trying To Flush Out Gold Sellers 18:43:58
Veterans March On Valley Forge National Park: Update> Gadsden flag raised over federal government site 18:19:37
Woot! TSA Weighs Allowing Passengers To Fly With Marijuana 18:02:20
Steve Lonegan closes the gap in NJ Senate race - huge event this weekend 15:51:32
German Socialist Party - The New President of the European Union: 15:48:24
Dr. Ben Carson: Obamacare "Worst Thing" Since Slavery 15:07:06
Congress passes Broken Windows Act 15:01:01
All that matters is changing yourself. 18:15:00
Joking about the UnConstitutional & Traitorous TSA & their Sekurity Theater can and will get you ARRESTED! 12:18:11
The White House Gift Shop: What Didn't Sell? 12:10:48
Happening now! Ted Cruz at Values Voter Summit. Protesters are going wild! 10:02:49
In U.S., Perceived Need for Third Party Reaches New High 09:37:38
WHOA! Establishment GOPers assail tea party on shutdown, willing to strike back at the tea party in next fall's elections. 09:27:30
800,000 ounces of notional gold into the London Fix (or COMEX open) was just Dumped into the market 09:21:19
Butters of Southpark WORSHIPS the Federal Govt (video) 09:10:53
Truckers Shutdown To Prepare For Dollar Collapse 08:14:01
On the DP Watch List: Patriot Act author prepares bill to put NSA bulk collection 'out of business' 07:59:07
Jesse Ventura on RT.Larry King to discuss his New Book "They Killed Our President" and More! 04:44:24
The Real James Woods: ~The Congressional Record ~ March 16, 2006 04:07:55
Truckers Ride For The Constitution Is On ~ No National Guard Beltway Shutdown 03:09:24
Social Triage: High School Assignment Asks Students to Decide Who Should Live and Who Should Die Because of Limited Healthcare 00:38:02
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Wheelchair bound Cat ticketed for lack of leash - Crazy America 23:48:29
Senator Elbert Guillory speech: Why I Am a Republican 23:39:13
Anyone else miss Jack Hunter? 23:22:48
March Against Monsanto Sat. Oct. 12th 23:08:17
ObamaCare committing Suicide? 23:05:55
Chicago Ideas Week 10/19/2013 - "Instigators: The Good Fight" 22:56:07
What Is, "The Dollar?" 22:04:59
Max P0w3r - Ride for the Constitution - DC Trucker Protest 22:03:05
White House's Jay Carney says "There's not an agreement" 22:02:25 - Biggest IT failure ever? 21:37:47
States Can Open National Parks, if They Pay 21:34:07
I'm a Machinist Not a Heart Surgeon Jim, But I still Know the Price is the Problem Stupid 21:32:26
White House edges away from short-term government shutdown fix 21:28:12
Silverdoctors.Com#t2sda Truckers Shutting Down Traffic In Dc *live Updates! 21:08:58
Truckers Spokesperson demands Obama's resignation or impeachment 21:05:39
Corbett Report 10-11-13: Philip Zelikow explains what happened on 9/11 20:48:34
Congress Can't Count - No Wonder They Can't Stay on Budget 20:46:51
I would support Dr. Ben Carson 19:48:10
Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation 18:42:05
The Great 401(k) H()ax: Why Your Family's Financial Security Is At Risk & What You Can Do About It by Wm Wolman, Anne Colamosca 18:39:55
America: What Went Wrong? by Donald L. Barlett and James B. Steele 18:32:38
America’s Golden Era 18:25:45
House GOP Blinks: Will Lift Debt And Reopen Government 18:19:15
Give Them an Inch 18:03:59
What was the point ? 17:54:10
...:) 17:53:06
Woman on the way to Value Voters Summit Sings Impromptu Song on Airplane Flight 17:44:21
Friday Mix-Up: JFK Speaks. 17:28:31
Guess What Day It Is 17:08:59
As the U.S. implodes, Lawmakers across the nation push for state and federal laws governing 'Revenge Porn' 17:08:41
Desperate Republicans Declare that Less Is More 16:57:09
Now Everyone Can Call Republicans "Cavemen" 16:39:02
2 Anti-Authoritarian Standouts from New York Comic Con 2013 16:38:42
Calif. Gov. Brown vetoes bill banning semi-automatic rifles 16:38:27
Peter Schiff Destroys Obama Lying on Debt 16:36:20
Rand Paul: Why I Plan to Grill Yellen 16:32:15
Faux-Govt 'Shutdown' 'prevents' the Fed Nazis from offering 'Services,' but can afford Mercenaries to guard Ind. Hall @ Philly? 16:26:11
Metallica - Orion 16:25:28
Got Universal Income-'care'? Swiss Socialists collect 100,000 Signatures to Put to Vote a Proposal to pay $2800/month for ALL! 16:15:42
Looking for links...for current developments re: TTP, TTIP and John Kerry. 16:06:37
Watchdog Group Warns of Powerful Jackboot Lobby 16:02:47
Syria: Pro-attack Media Commentators had Undeclared Defence Industry Links $ 15:48:42
They Live - JoyCamp Presents: 'They Wake' 15:42:16
DC Trucker Protest And Veteran Action Weekend Open Thread! (Updating-live Stream!) 15:34:07
Why? 15:26:18
Obama's murdered mistress, nuclear war and the Magnetic Pole Reversal 15:08:42
. 14:31:50
Rand Paul @ The Values Voters Summit - Oct. 11, 2013! Sneaky: Please Watch the ENTIRE Speech before Formulating an Opinion! 14:22:10
NSA Cartoon - Ugly Truth 14:19:25
Sorry Sir I am a Christian 14:04:46
My Interview with Ron Paul Institute's Daniel McAdams 14:04:22
Area 51 14:00:45
Ron Paul Institute: The Fourth Branch Of Government 13:45:51
Snowden Accepts Whistleblower Award 13:26:50
Freelance writing - no copyrights, no ownership - project! 13:23:20
Ron Paul Interview on "Alex Jones" - In The Second Hour (12N-1PM CT) October 11, 2013 - VIDEO 13:07:33
Exclusive-Rand Paul: I Think Obama Will Cave on Debt Ceiling Negotiations 13:07:04
Ron Paul is coming on infowars today. 13:05:39
Disappointing: Dozens, not thousands, show up for DC trucker protest! 12:57:29
Sen. Rand Paul Speaks at Values Voter Summit- October 11, 2013 (VIDEO) 12:38:38
Rand Paul: Foreign Aid fuels a ‘War on Christianity’ 12:38:14
New Scholar Suggests Jesus Was Only a Means of Political Control 12:33:26
Pentagon Warns To Expect “Radical” Change In United States Government Soon 12:29:52
Gas Station Attendant quotes Ben Franklin! 12:27:23
Anti-NSA group adopts highway to get close to Utah Data Center 12:20:48
White House Gift Shop Goes Bankrupt 12:14:43
Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, Dr. Jim 'I'm coming out as CIA' Garrow, Mike Adams, Anthony Gucciardi ALL on AJ Show - Oct. 11, 2013! 12:13:00
NC Truckers During the 2013 Make A Wish Foundation Event 11:43:09
My colloidal Silver Generator - Video 11:39:34
Mike Maloney, noted r3VOL Austrian Econ Guru's Work needs to be seen More, IMHO: Past & Present DP Threads, Videos & More! 10:59:19
Eric Margolis:U.S. Faces Debt Default 10:53:30
Friday Non-Sequiturs; Because Life Should be Yummy & Nummy: Halloween & TV/Film Themed Sweets! 10:35:19
Connecticut Got 1,700 ObamaSnare Subscribers In a Week! 10:27:09
oBUSHmaScare Site = Always been Non-Existent? Designed to Fail? What If, like a Western Movie Set, It's Just a Front? A Facade? 10:22:41
Peter Schiff Breaks Down Crazy Falsehoods From Obama and I Have My Own Brush With Crazy 07:14:43
Felony Friday: Sports Agent Indicted For Allegedly Providing Perks To College Athletes 09:55:30
Thousands of doctors fired by United HealthCare 09:12:11
Survival Tips for the Zombie Apocalypse (Spear Throwing video) 09:08:06
EXCLUSIVE: Just 51,000 people completed Obamacare applications during the website's first week, out of tens of millions 09:07:56
EXCLUSIVE: Just 51,000 people completed Obamacare applications during the website's first week, out of tens of millions 09:04:40
U.S. debt default? Asian policymakers ready $6 trillion forex safety net 08:57:07
End the Illusion. Begin the Evolution! 08:31:45
The General Welfare 08:02:50
Egypt "Obama keep your aid" 07:42:37
Commentary: Boehner, Tea Party Republicans Must Stay the Course 07:33:03
I Wonder If You Know Him? 07:22:03
The Leg Frown Lock Down Blues 06:12:34
Constitutional Sheriff 04:54:32
Oh Wait... Human Rights Watch Releases Report of War Crimes By Syrian "Obama's" Rebels ~ No Really? 04:44:15
Michelle Obama Cancels Los Angeles Trip Amid Government Shutdown (Exclusive) 03:44:35
Feds Collect $56 Billion in Taxes in 9 Days of 'Shutdown' 03:18:44
Obama signs bill to pay military death benefits 03:10:48
NBC/WSJ Poll: 60 percent say fire every member of Congress (VIDEO) 02:37:48
Get Well Soon Senator James Inhofe, on the Mend after Quadruple Bypass 02:07:02
That Nate Silver is a sharp kid 01:34:47
Can One American State The Purpose Of Free Speech? 01:33:03
Paul Krugman: The Mouthpiece of Redistribution 01:29:08
Obamacare costs over half a billion dollars and work like a rock 01:22:56
Need Help! Are US Border Crossings Into The US Operated By The UN? 00:33:21
Any Debt Deal Should Be As Dirty As Possible (Nick Gillespie, Reason) 00:03:23