Posted on October 12, 2013

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The fun one can have with political signs 23:03:15
WOW! Ron Paul Ally makes shocking prediction about 2014 elections! 22:16:36
Chris Matthews praises Rand Paul for driving a Toyota Prius (video) 20:59:13
New Videos From WikiLeaks: Snowden Speaks 20:10:15
Dr. Ben Carson on the Power of the Mind 19:41:42
Citizen Detained for Legal Open Carry in Oregon Sues Cop and WINS! 18:53:14
Live stream from inside Earl Conlon's cab! DC Trucker Protest (oops) 16:53:43
Pentagon faked arrival ceremonies honoring fallen soldiers 15:25:48
A Quote To Ponder 15:17:25
INGENIOUS: adopts 2 mile Stretch of Highway running alongside NSA Bluffdale Ctr; Guarantees 2yrs of Protests! 15:02:21
Thank God for Ron Paul 13:15:45
~ Imagine... 12:57:23
P0Wnage! Steve Lonegan vs Cory Booker Senate Debate: "Hollywood Stand-in for Obama!" "Dead Bodies floating in the River!" 12:18:20
This is what Investigative Reporting looks like 11:54:21
Financial Regulator Shutdown, Halts Investigations of Wall Street Crimes 11:08:38
Truck & Train crash in West Virginia 09:56:34
It Takes a Taser to Raise a Child 09:38:59
Ron Paul Declares War On Michael Bloomberg And Planned Parenthood In Virginia! 09:29:07
Maguire - The “Vampire Squid” Is Busy In The Gold Market 06:47:58
EXCLUSIVE: Edward Snowden receives Sam Adams Award; Video by WikiLeaks + Ray McGovern & T. Drake's Reaction meeting Ed in Person 04:54:41
Another Top Rank Nuke Commander Fired 03:00:03
Bored... Can you guys think of some good liberty related movie to watch? 02:43:43
Obama Still Deciding Whether to Vacation in Senegal or Bomb It 01:27:44
Where Does the Non-Aggression Principle Come From? 00:27:01
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Self-Promotion for the Creative Person: Get the Word Out About Who You Are and What You Do by Lee Silber 22:12:05
EBT Cards Being Declined - Multiple States (10/12/2013) 21:54:49
Obama Blocks US Marine Honor Guard from Charitable Fund Raising at Charlotte Nascar Event 21:03:47
Hey DIYers - Make Your Own Bachelor Chow and Slurm! 20:57:08
The Daily Paul poem of the week - idea 20:49:26
Protesters in 50 Countries March Against Monsanto 20:48:28
Pakistani girl, Malala, tells Obama drones are ‘fueling terrorism’ in private meeting 20:43:15
Farmers to face fines or prison sentences for selling food directly to customers 20:37:04
Food stamp debit cards not working in many states. "Obama's Revenge" or first "death throw" of US government? 20:27:39
"We've become enablers. We can't be that anymore." 20:21:56
Ted Cruz and Mike Lee: Best Buddies in the Senate 20:21:28
Compromise: Mitch McConnell Takes Lead in Talks to Reopen Government 20:18:16
5 Days Away From The Fiscal Cliff - Default On $16 Trillion 19:39:19
Ted Cruz Crushes It In Value Voters Straw Poll 19:32:03
Is Rand Paul Giving The GOP A Good Name? 19:24:45
The Carlyle Group: Where the Bush and Bin Laden Families work together to rip us off. 19:16:51
Tom Woods TV - The Neocons: Who They Are, and What They're Up To 18:47:10
NYC Parents of 2 Kids Slain in Bathtub Welcome Son 18:46:25
Food Stamp Crisis? 18:12:56
Is it time to try Balanced Budget Amendment again? 17:11:46
NYPD Internal Affairs Officer Latest to Emerge in SUV Beating, Er This Guy Busts Other Cops? 16:43:52
3D Printed Wireless Security Camera Looks Like ANYTHING 15:57:46
Citizens for Self-Governance has launched the Convention of the States Project 15:32:41
New jersey new egypt speedway 15:14:40
Rand Paul: 'Tens of Millions' of Muslims Waging Global 'War on Christianity' 15:13:04
All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash 15:01:21
Eternal Love 14:51:14
(VICE) Designer Of Bulletproof Clothing Shoots All His Employees In The Belly for Quality Control 14:47:10
World top bankers warn of dire consequences if U.S. defaults 14:43:06
Monsanto decides to make it rain! 14:38:53
VIDEO: Fourth Amendment activists adopt a highway next to NSA surveillance center in Utah 14:25:36
"No Deal" on Anything, Not Negotiating; Talks At An Impasse: 10-12-13 14:08:33
For All My r3VOL Gunnies: Beretta 93R 'Raffica' Select-Fire Machine Pistol, aka. the "RoboCop Gun" 13:20:47
Mediastan (Wikileaks - Video Documentary) 11:10:45
Conservatives ASKED for Obamacare 09:44:03
Obamacare data hub looms as privacy threat:'s service glitches point to larger security problems. 09:13:31
Lee Ann McAdoo vs 'Eddie Vedder:' Oh He's Not a Hypocrite, He's just Really Really Rich! 08:53:42
Why does China execute more people than all other countries combined? 08:25:47
Musings on protests: why they fail, how they might be more effective 08:20:24
Karl Denninger militantly and aggressively does absolutely nothing this weekend. 07:21:43
Journey to Jekyll Island 05:35:10
The 5 Most Secret Societies 05:05:44
obama care martial law ecomomic collapse 04:54:22
Reggie Watts disorients you in the most entertaining way 04:32:52
Could Joe Biden Run In 2016 If Obama Is Impeached? 03:53:35
"Christianity Under Attack" Rand Paul. 03:45:11
My "Shutdown" Diary: Day 12 03:21:49
NSA patriot saboteur on the inside? 03:13:37
The 'Official' CB Slanguage Language Dictionary 02:56:12
2 Is 1 02:42:45
Propagandhi - Haille Sellasse Fvck Zionism - Music Video 02:03:37
It's all about Heart. "In your Heart and In your Mind". Roy Potter update VIDEO 01:43:26
NFL Week 6 - Sunday, October 13, 2013: Open Thread 01:26:45
Catastrophic Monetary Collapse: Tackling the Greatest Danger to Our National Security 01:26:18
WSJ Poll a fraud - huge flaw found in calculations 01:20:44
(Pink isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel.) The ecstasy of the GOP this weekend. 00:13:39