Posted on October 14, 2013

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NSA Collecting Millions of Contact Lists from International E-mails, Chats 23:52:08
Should Minimum Wage Be A Crime? 22:53:22
Squirrels go nuts for First Lady’s garden in shutdown 22:26:45
They Want Us To Hate America So They Can Destroy America 21:00:12
Sarah Palin crushes Obama says defaulting on debt is impeachable offense per Constitution 20:41:01
John McAfee: "They Can't Stop Bitcoin" 19:40:41
Republicans Are About to Cave 100 Percent ... and Worse! 19:14:49 Website: "You Have No Reasonable Expectation of Privacy" 18:18:30
John McAfee on ObamaCare Website Security: Vulnerable. Very Vulnerable 17:35:09
Pot Goes Legit 16:42:19
Why I can't argue for Limited government. 16:41:53
$640 Million Gold Trade to Manipulate Market 16:28:03
Universal Soldier by Golden State 15:44:55
Any teachers in the house? 14:01:04
RT does Neutral to Almost Favorable Coverage of Veterans & Truckers Protests, While American MSM Spin It into a WhirlPool! 13:58:33
Ron Paul Proposed A Fed Masterstroke That Can End The Debt Ceiling Crisis At Once! 13:26:13
PotBelly Police Harass & Arrest Man For PITBULL 12:59:23
ACLU: BEWARE of Poison Pill Spying Reform 12:42:33
Ben Swann: Senate Votes To Ban The Libertarian Party From Ohio Election 12:30:58
Obamacare Exposed Biggest Swindle Ever (VIDEO) 11:58:35
Info On What Really Took Place Today In Dc. Share Share Share Because You Won't Find This In The Lamestream Media. 11:52:44
This is how a childhood ends prematurely (updated: video) 10:39:10
"Isolationist Kook" Malala Yousafzai tells Obama drones are 'fueling terrorism" 08:47:13
EBT shutdown causes theft and chaos at WallMart 08:47:05
Florida Considers Nullification Bill: Penalties Would Be Incurred By Violators of the Constitution! (E-mail From GOA) 08:41:09
Hired Goons At Independence Hall 07:38:49
Conspiracy Theory No More: Police in Florida suburb make millions selling drugs, report finds 06:44:28
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3D Printing is the New Plastics 23:59:17
Sony Releases Stupid Piece Of S*t That Doesn't F*king Work 23:56:35
Nobel Prize Winner In Economics Warns of Global Housing Bubble 23:54:30
So Many Crazy Headlines My Head Is Spinning - Video 23:53:24
The Truth About Bill And Hillary Clinton 22:37:33
Bringing Liberty to Valley Forge (video) 22:37:08
New Yorkers Forgot to Kill Each Other Last Week 22:15:35
Senior Moment - A Stunata! 22:14:05
Controversy at the 2008 DNC 22:05:40
UCSD students test fire 3D-printed metal rocket engine 21:49:59
Report on Rethink911 Media Blitz: Please Take a Minute to Send an Email to the New York Post and Newsday 21:44:00
Deepcaster: Preparing for The Big One 21:36:40
Mega Dittoes, Jabba the Hutt, treats Son same as Father. 20:54:21
Stallman: How Much Surveillance Can Democracy Withstand? 20:41:03
Obamacare Health Exchange Website That Does Not Work Cost $634 Million to Design, and Paid to Obama Cronies 20:25:57
Appropriate use of force 20:16:53
A Walmart Shopping Frenzy After Food Stamp Cards Malfunction 20:14:33
The Mena Connection Exposing the CIA, Bush, Clinton, Iran Contra, And Drug Running 20:13:20
Ancient Confession Found: 'We Invented Jesus Christ' Why governments create false histories and false gods. 20:13:14
Cocaine The Bush Clinton Connection 20:01:56
Sunrise, FL, (with regrets) Ends Police Cocaine Trafficking Program 19:43:40
Victimless Crime & Punishment 19:38:13
Corbett Report: Learn History with Philip Zelikow! (9/11 related) 19:17:21
Is this why several military nuclear commanders have recently been sacked? 19:16:04
Washington Redskins name change 19:11:27
Hey Michael Nystrom 19:02:28
Trouble Hacking - How to Avoid Cutting Your Feet on Glass When You Leave The House 18:45:46
What's wrong with the Koch brothers? 18:24:31
Google Wants to Use Your Face (and Name) in Ads; How to Opt Out 17:44:15
Justin Raimondo: The War Profiteers 17:34:53
Health Basics - The top 10 causes of breast cancer 17:10:48
A possible solution to help the national debt, deficit 16:53:53
Federal Reserve Examiner Fired for Refusing to Lie About Goldman Sachs 16:38:40
New Interview About Adam Kokesh 16:35:57
The American Revolution in 5 breathtaking minutes! 16:31:14
Birches - 10/15/13 week 1 (from The Daily Paul weekly poem thread) 16:02:49
Zerohedge: EBT Cards In Louisiana Show No Spending Limit - WalMart Shelves Emptied 15:23:12
Mass Hysteria 15:17:12
Rand Paul’s Hate Speech 14:49:39
Born Libertarian: Doug Casey on Ron Paul and the Price of Freedom 14:21:04
Brian Aitken, LAWFUL Gun Owner almost Jailed for 7yrs @ Anti-Gun NJ Gulag, Banned from KickStarter for a Book About his Ordeal! 14:09:15
Syrian Civilians form Their own Local, Decentralized 'Committees of Safety' to take care of Their Own Amid Gvt & Jihadist Terror 14:03:51
Doctor choice in Obamacare? Not so much 13:52:16
Aetna CEO: "I mean, there's so much wrong, you don't know what's broken until you get a lot more of it fixed," 13:32:49
Obama: Not Raising Debt Ceiling Will Create New ‘Republican Default Tax’ (VIDEO) 13:28:49
State Senator and Ron Paul Delegate Owen Hill endorsed by Ron Paul in Colorado Senate Primary. Time for a Moneybomb! 13:17:27
AP News: DC crowd pushes through barriers to WWII Memorial 12:51:00
Prison Officials Crack "Quantitative Easing" Code 12:47:33
Are the Republicans in the House of Representatives a 'bunch of terrorists'? 12:41:15
Shakaama Live Salutes and Supports One Million Truckers for Constitution Washington D.C. Shutdown 12:27:53
CNN Mocks Million Vet March As Tea Party Crazies 12:12:33
IMF Boss, Christine Lagarde Says U.S. Default Would Put Global Economy at Risk (VIDEO) 12:02:10
Ohio Senate seeks to ban 3rd Parties 11:53:58
Rep. Peter King fires Republican Cruz missile, says time to 'go after' Ted Cruz 'by name' 11:51:00
First The Sequester... 11:33:57
Happy Columbus Day! 11:26:24
Virginia Governor Money Bomb - Need Help! 10:11:19
A Strategy for Liberty 10:09:52
Another "Gun-running" operation that lies will be told about? 10:06:36
Ben Swann: Republican Liberty Caucus Endorses Lee Bright for Lindsey Graham's Senate Seat! 09:50:46
Out of Control Monetary and Fiscal Policies 09:43:17
Film Analysis of "Escape from Tomorrow": The Disney Delusion Exposed (VIDEO) 09:04:24
Marc Faber: $1,200-$1,250, Good time to buy Gold. Video 08:36:45
D.C. Lottery to stop cashing winning tickets Or How To Really Start a Revolution 07:51:26
Christian youth pastors banned from Washington state public school for allegedly speaking to students about God 07:02:38
Zero Hedge: Protesting Veterans Tear Down DC Barricades, Chant "Shut Down The White House" 06:40:27
The DNC is Broke, Shocker 04:21:17
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Don't Jack a Bike near an Armed Person: Ya might find Yourself in a Pool of Your Own Blood; How quickly Life can pass You by 03:37:23
Anonymous Occupies the Bureau of Labor Statistics: National Job Application Week 03:10:04
George Noory will talk about Adam Kokesh tonight on Coast To Coast AM 01:30:02
Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz Lead Shutdown Protest at War Memorial 01:14:27
Luxury Vehicles being made in China 00:45:07