Posted on October 15, 2013

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Rachael Maddow Exposed - MSNBC Caught Framing Vets with Edited Video 21:48:46
Guantánamo Bay: The Hunger Strikes - Video Animation (USG is fcuking EVIL!) 21:03:22
Glenn Greenwald's Possible Next Stop Has Interesting Financial Backing 20:46:22
List of US Military Generals And Admirals Fired By Obama 20:40:31
Markets Panic as Bernanke Accidentally Breaks Magic Wand 19:55:22
TAC No Water = No NSA Data Center Video Commercial 19:17:40
Debt Default Nonsense 18:32:22
CA Congressman Tom McClintock (R): If Obama Doesn't Pay Debt First it's Impeachable & a Constitutional Crisis - Video 18:23:08
Shutdown Nonsense 17:27:18
I'm Interviewing Glenn Jacobs Aka WWE's Kane Tomorrow! 17:24:18
US Nuclear Program Descends into Chaos 17:16:55
Foodstamp Program Shutdown Imminent? 17:09:16
Greenwald leaving the Guardian 17:02:13
Kinky Friedman running for Texas Ag Commissioner: Wants hemp as cash crop! 17:01:55
Video - The GOP's little rule change they hoped you wouldn't notice TYRANTS 16:49:54
6 Year-Old Girl Scout Collects 10,000 Signatures for Non-GMO Cookies - Please Sign Her Petition! 16:23:31
Dylan Ratigan: "The Extraction Of America" & Bought-Off Congress (vid) 16:08:58
Mike Maloney's Hidden Secrets of Money Ep. 4 has Landed! The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind (Debt Ceiling Truth) 15:36:57
Graphic: Off-duty drunk deputy handcuffed, groped, assaulted (Female) soldier he was flirting with at bar 13:31:47
Police Prevent Homeless Man from Receiving Free Coding Lessons, Confiscate Laptop 13:28:39
This Massive Discovery Will Rewrite The World Order 13:10:08
Praise Pours In From Pundits for New Drone Congressman 12:56:17
The Birth of the ‘De-Americanized’ World. Beijing Calls for Creation of New “Reserve Currency” to Replace the U.S. Dollar 12:37:11
Bison take down govt. barricade in Yellowstone Park 12:31:52
Author Naomi Wolf Sues Bank, Says $300,000 Stolen From Accounts 12:14:05
The Incredible Destructiveness Of Hyperinflation To A People 11:14:53
Captain America Once Said 11:14:23
Oh the irony 10:05:06
House Conservatives Revolt! 10:03:28
Attn: Ohio DP fans: Ohio Legislator pushes bill to restrict 3rd parties from ballot 09:25:39
Nobel Committee awards 3 Am. Keynesian Economists, 1 for 'predicting' the Housing 2005, when Ron Paul did in 2001! 09:14:07
So-called Green power Giant Windmill Blades Killing Bald Eagles 08:50:26
The East is Buying Physical Gold While the West is Selling Paper Gold 08:37:11
Deutsche Telekom, the No.1 German Mobile Service Provider pledges to block All NSA Spying & Foreign Data Mining! 08:33:38
Vote for Derrick Grayson (TMOT)! Raw, Unvarnished Truth: Stories from the 'Other Side of the Tracks;' Why He's Best Qualified! 07:58:20
Gunowners fight back, via Media War! Amid Anti-Gun NBC's Gun-related Show Cancellations, Pursuit Ch. dares: "MOLON_LABE!" 06:30:46
For All My Kentucky r3VOL & Gunnies Everywhere, It's 'That' Time of the Year: Knob Creek, baby! Yeah! 05:21:40 profiled by InfoWars' Jakari Jackson: The Truth about Mufflers, Silencers, NFA, 2A, Hoplophobes, Oh My! 05:00:48
Philly cops being themselves: "everybody thinks they are a lawyer and they don't know sh*t" 03:37:53
Ender's Game 00:47:12
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The Most Shocking Stories Have Not Been Published 23:49:04
Knock, Knock, Knockin’ on Nobel’s Door: Dylan for the Nobel in Literature? 23:30:32
“Obama Is Set to Reset the War on Terror”. 23:01:17
NJ Senate Election TODAY: Cory Booker hated by Neighbors, Called Liar w/Multiple Addresses (One an Actual Crack House!) 22:31:08
Everbank 22:19:14
We the People Have the Power, If We use It! 22:07:06
We're all Perverts 22:04:07
Manning, Snowden, Kokesh 21:54:15
Huge Typhoon Bearing Down on Japan 21:50:43
The birth of the 'de-Americanized' world 21:43:14
We Will Not Be Disarmed: Obama Ousts Top Officers After Nuke Explodes In Ocean Instead Of Charleston 21:29:55
Irish Lawmaker Rebukes Obama -Cites Drones and more VIDEO 21:27:26
Is This Chic Insane? 21:11:07
Abdulbaki Todashev still waiting for an explanation of his son’s death 20:31:55
Duplicate 19:59:46
Greenwald Quits Job At The Guardian. Will start new media outlet 19:31:32
Collapse is inevitable. Look at the 10 year graph 19:25:21
Government "Shutdown" Solution 19:11:45
Don't Snoop Me Bro - Will this protect your computer from the NSA for real? 19:10:37
I am recalling a quote ... 19:09:17
Rep. Tom Mclintoc on the "debt crisis" 19:00:28
Drone Delivery Service 18:45:14
Once-in-a-decade typhoon heads for Japan nuclear plant 18:32:19
NRA?: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Strokes Check for $663,294.10 to NRA! 18:12:45
Robert Wenzel: Federal Investigation into Ron Paul Campaign Staffers 18:06:10
'Brain drain' begins in Congress... 17:52:53
Fitch's Puts U.S. on "Rating Watch Negative" 17:50:45
American Women Selling Hair, Breast Milk, Eggs to Make Ends Meet... 17:50:01
Robert Wenzel: On the Sad Ron Paul Endorsement of Ken Cuccinelli 17:49:02
House GOP to push Obama, Biden into Obamacare - No individual mandate delay 17:21:59
Rand Paul In Foreign Policy Mag: 'Peace Through Strength' 17:13:36
Cheering Sports Injuries: Why Americans Can’t Have Nice Things 17:01:07
Vote None of the Above! 16:42:49
An argument in favor of the Federal Reserve from someone in my HOA 16:28:05
Los Angeles Traffic Court giving nearly one year extensions due to budget cuts & furloughs- Crash the System! 16:12:35
The 9 Most Honest Things The Newly Relaxed Ron Paul Told BuzzFeed 15:49:04
Senate not so sure about 1st and 2nd amendments 15:35:12
Ron Paul: Who Wants to Drive My Car? Ends tonight @ midnight 15:14:18
Official Senate Website "Reinterprets" the Constitution 15:12:06
Sandy Hook Elementary Shooting Cover-up Takes a New Twist - Oct 15, 2013 14:49:25
WranglerStar, Homesteader Extraordinaire: Have You made Your Son a Leather Belt, Lately? An Awesome Handmade Bespoke Gift! 14:49:07
Anatomy of a Deal Breaker: How Hawks in Washington Want to Sabotage Iran Negotiations 14:48:43
I should write for Bloomberg... 14:38:36
Universe is 'Before Love' 14:31:46
Wow check out this brain dead writer's article 14:10:16
A final note on trucker protest from one of the truckers (major uplift), facebook bomb 14:01:33
For here comes tomorrow 13:55:58
Investigations of Ron Paul Campaign Staffers is Going Well Beyond Iowa 13:12:50
War or No War on Syria: Conflict of Interest of “Experts” who Commented in Favor of Military Intervention 12:55:21
Joint Hearing:“As Difficult As Possible: The Nat'l Park Service’s Implementation of the Gov't Shutdown.” 12:34:52
North America's Largest City - Mexico City - Moves to Legalize Pot 12:22:58
UK: Sun is setting on US dollar supremacy, and with it, Am. power 12:12:19
Negative and Positive meanings behind the new $100 dollar bill. What do you think? 12:05:52
UAV Drone Debate, a Modern Tech Challenge: Privacy vs 'Just a "Neutral" Tool, like the Proverbial "Inanimate Gun"-Argument' 11:00:54
Serious questions about the debt and resolution 10:42:03
Christian Coalition backing Ben Carson for President "Run Ben Run" 10:41:47
Silver fights back at today's market open 10:15:48
Ken Webb, aka ChangeDaChannel's New Series: Monologue of a Revolutionary; Post-2020 SHTF: Future Now, mulled Backwards! 09:51:36
RPI: Sen. Ron Wyden Warns of Fake Surveillance Reform and the Economic Harm of US Mass Spying 09:34:00
Christians being labeled "Hate Group" by army - Wake your friends up with current events - Video 09:32:37
Major News: Former Communist Chinese Supreme Leader indicted for Genocide 09:16:36
A Practical Utopian’s Guide to the Coming Collapse 09:12:29
Debt: The First 5000 Years 07:35:09
NSA Collects Americans' Email Contact Lists, Washington Post reports 07:02:34 "We the people petitions" shutdown because of 'government shutdown' 06:20:46
Federal Judge tweets "Congress go to Hell, urges confrontation" 04:49:38
John McAfee Reveals New Project to Stop NSA Spying 03:54:51
Did someone drop Trey Parker on his head? 02:19:32
Newly Elected Congressman Credits Success to Uncertainty Principle 01:57:57
Money, Markets and Societies. 01:43:43
The Government Shutdown VS Obamacare 01:37:13
GOP Lawmakers: Debt Default 'No Big Deal' 01:06:09
Ted Cruz Could Force a Debt Default All by Himself 01:01:36
Kenken - The Ultimate Logic Puzzle 00:52:14
Dave Ramsey video, is he a libertarian? 00:47:35
Pricking the Bubble of Gandhi, MLK and Mandela Worship 00:24:20
GOP Creates a Exclusive Privilege ... Showing How Both Parties Exceed The Delegated Powers 00:22:37