Posted on October 17, 2013

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Peter Schiff: Why the Gold Surge is Just Starting 22:47:55
CNN paid by US and foreign governments to control content - Emmy winning reporter blows the whistle 22:08:10
You Have To See This! Ben Swann: Colorado Renews Effort To Recall Third State Senator (VIDEO) 21:45:57
Peter Schiff Exposes Janet Yellen and Complicit Lying Media (Video) 19:37:39
'Articles of impeachment' handed out in House - World Net Daily 17:37:05
Stewart Rhodes & Renn Bodeker (WWII Vet) interviewed by Luke Rudkowski @ the WWII Memorial - NO Politicians! Just Vets, Damn It! 17:35:21
Veterans speak out at Nashville War Memorial 10/14/13 17:25:07
Judge Napolitano on the Debt Deal: 'We Still Owe Money for Fighting World War One!' 16:45:28
UPDATE: Reddit removes #1 headline, "CNN Exposed" from front page 16:30:42
Kmag Yoyo 15:26:26
Mexico Bans GMO Corn, Effective Immediately 15:00:50
Tea party movement found better versed in science 14:31:26
Bipartisan letter of opposition to the UN Arms Trade Treaty. (Good News!) 14:29:10
My dad cured his cancer! 14:15:31
eBay Founder & Glen Greenwald Team Up For News Co: Finally An Unbiased Media? 13:51:28
Enrollment Numbers Put ObamaCare In Jeopardy(?) 13:30:01
Cops ask U.S. Attorney to dismiss ‘ridiculous’ national park citations on 6th grade teacher, Attorney says NO. 12:09:16
Austrian economist, John Williams (Oct. 15)-Very Serious Trouble in this Next Year 10:04:37
10 Lessons from the Government Shutdown 10:04:28
Extraordinary Promise of the Greenwald-Omidyar Venture-Adversarial muckrakers + civic-minded billionaire = a whole new world 09:42:43
'Red Flag' Warning! Lock Down: Your Cash Is No Longer Your Own: “Everything Is Fine” 09:18:25
UPDATE: Unemployed woman charged for stealing $2.87 from fountain to buy food.. 09:06:13
Buckminster Fuller: “Call Me Trimtab” 07:03:58
We can make the difference, ..we are the future! 05:49:24
Redskins News ... 01:12:03
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There's A Mole At The Daily Paul 23:40:27
Hottest Peppers of All Time: VSauce BOAT #8 23:00:03
Internal TSA Documents: Body Scanners, Pat Downs Not For Terrorists 21:55:22
Woah, just watched a dude get banned 21:37:49
Medieval Land Fun-Time World (treat yourself to this VIDEO) 21:15:48
If we sold the US tomorrow, how much do you think we could get? 21:11:52
Rand Paul Muslim Bashing 20:40:40
Some of My Favorite Men 20:23:13
Slayer "Human Strain" 20:20:22
A Letter From A Marine 19:32:26
The USA Defaults - on Its Constitution (Again) 19:27:37
DHS Secretary Nominee Jeh Johnson Begs to be Assassinated 19:25:25 The New Communists by Glenn Jacobs 19:04:57
US debt downgraded by Chinese debt rating agency 18:43:50
Stop watching us: Oct 26, Washington DC rally supporting whistleblowers 18:16:29
We Are Change Interviews Stuart Rhodes of Oath Keepers, WWII Vet on Shutdown of Memorials 18:05:17
This planet will be restored 18:01:17
International Credit Union Day - Don't Tax my Credit Union! 17:20:26
It’s Not Marx: Bernie’s Bakunin T-Shirt in ‘Silver Circle’ 16:55:16
Best brokerage for 401k rollover 16:43:38
Federal workers to get - a raise! 16:34:50
Is Inflation or Deflation Really That Bad? 16:24:19
Tell-All Book Reveals Wrestling Fans Are Fake 16:08:53
Historical details reemerge: U.S. Govt supplied 10 Million rounds of ammo, 10K Rifles & planes to Slaughter Catholics in Mexico 15:53:31
Manufacturing Dissent: The Covert War on Syria 15:48:56
The NSA Spying and Lying Does Relate to 9/11 15:43:15
If You Don't Know: 15:34:22
Debt Crisis - Missing Trillions from Pentagon - We cannot rule out "Swamp Gas" as the cause 15:06:42
The US Senate: "freedom of speech and the press can be limited for...certain forms of state censorship" 15:04:50
Foreign Aid is NOT Re-Distribution of Wealth Says McCain and Graham (Jan Helfeld) 14:32:47
We are all Fiscal Doves Now! Fed's Fischer Flips 14:15:51
'WeinerLeaks': Anthony Weiner Says He'd Be Mayor 'If The Internet Didn't Exist' 14:13:21
The Federal Reserve – Lender and Buyer of Last Resort 13:59:38 Colorado Renews Effort To Recall Third State Senator (Senator Evie Hudak) 13:53:44
Janet Yellen predicted the housing bubble? Peter Schiff destroys this lie 13:47:08
How free markets could stop MONSANTO - GMO Labelling ep#32 from SuccessCouncil 13:43:48
White House Offers Reward for Solving Vexing "Third Amendment Problem" 13:43:24
The United States and Italy are working together to promote peace, rule of law, and freedom worldwide. 13:36:42
. 13:07:01
Let's Lighten Up a Little 13:01:18
Grenade walking scandal? 12:59:22
Busts, Booms, Bitcoins, and Bunny Sex 12:53:30
CFTC Files and Settles Charges Against JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A., 12:47:36
Is Israel Just a Puppet? 12:41:47
Alasdair Macleod: The Deflationistas Are Wrong 12:33:19
CNN Headline "Debt Crisis Averted" ... Was it? Who caused it? 12:25:17
Minor Lunar Eclipse on Friday: How to See It 12:20:51
Journey to Jekyll Island Part II 12:18:32
Yellen and Central Banker Worship 11:56:24
Court considers Calif. school's May 5 U.S. flag ban 11:42:52
Glenn Jacobs Aka WWE Wrestler Kane On The Lions Of Liberty Podcast! 11:34:13
Cruz a "sleeper agent" for Democrats? 11:11:43
Excerpt from Pravda 1967 10:58:28
Pierre Omidyar commits $250m to new media venture with Glenn Greenwald 10:44:59
China court 'execution officials' 10:20:17
Shock: Scholar Reveals Jesus Did Not Have A 3 1/2 Year Ministry (Why It Matters)! 09:59:07
My Way News - Booker wins NJ Senate seat, says he's 'a scrapper' 09:56:03
r3VOL-leaning Preppers Patriot Nurse & Maine Prepper discuss Timeline for SHTF: When? Who knows; 'The Common Men's Concerns 09:31:10
Sick of Pinkwashing? 09:21:30
Paradigm Shift: "Where Are You?" 09:08:08
Pepe Escobar: "PetroYuan" in 5-10yrs? BRICS already @ CurrencyWar vs US; China has CurrencySwap Deals w/ALL Its Trading Partners 08:09:51
The Battle for Monetary Freedom: Gold and Silver (Freedom) kicking Fiat's (Tyranny) Butt this Morning 07:38:35
The First Good Thing To Come From The NSA 07:20:59
Who Will Keep Us Safe From The Government? Judge Napolitano (Video) 07:08:00
(Guest) Mike Galganski / Rand Paul's WAR Rattle Pander / ... 06:53:09
Ron Paul: "Capital Control is People Control!" C2 Commeth? Anthony Gucciardi directly calls JP Morgan Chase Bank to find out! 06:47:49
Heroic Broken Sewage Pipe Floods Congress With Human Waste 05:45:50
Converted Ballistic Missiles Could Launch Aid to Disaster Zones 02:51:34
read this and feel like the Avengers have been assembled. 01:50:26
Obama was more than ready default and wanted it. 01:06:23
Europe's Last Pagans 01:01:31
We request 10 $4 Hemp Supporters to help us achieve our next Doubling! 00:48:58
Rand Paul Opposes Senate Debt Deal 00:40:20