Posted on October 18, 2013

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The U.S. Debt Crisis from the Founders' Perspective 22:10:38
The Truth About Central Banking and Business Cycles in 6 mins 19:23:31
Ford Unveils New Car For Cash-Strapped Buyers: The 1993 Taurus 17:29:30
Mitch McConnell Is Now Tea Party Enemy No. 1 17:07:40
Adam Kohesh and A Voice 16:30:27
What's Happening To Smaller Banks? 15:11:57
Headline for the history books: "Why the Dollar Will Always Be the Reserve Currency for the World" 15:11:39
Perhaps Rand knew what he was doing in not being the front man on the shutdown... 13:39:04
"Keep Calm And Carry On" 11:43:19
TSA Air Marshal Arrested For Taking Upskirt Photos of Passengers 11:32:52
Internal TSA Documents: Body Scanners, Pat Downs Not For Terrorists 11:28:17
Caught on Tape: Dallas Cop Shoots Mentally Ill Man 09:47:19
This is about as far down the conspiracy road I go. Commie plot? 07:50:25
Scahill Talks About Glenn Greenwald Website 07:47:23
Glenn Greenwald: Snowden made sure that Sino-Russo-Intel would NEVER get 'his' NSA Data + New eBay Fdr-News Venture Update 07:10:37
Shutdown affected us in ways we did not see 03:15:35
House stenographer: Holy Spirit moved me...brought to mental health hospital after rant 00:17:14
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Anonymous Source Tells Reporters That He's Tired Of Being Speaker Of The House 23:17:22
“Slappy Pappy”, Your Blogger, Thanks all Concerned for Maintaining the Legal Integrity of First Amendment! 22:53:51
Dylan Ratigan: "Those Who Nominate Dictate" 22:37:59
Refuting the argument that Islam promotes aggression against Non-Muslims 22:32:12
One interesting take on the recent so-called "shutdown" of the Federal (mis)Government... 22:28:34
Apparently Liberty Poet has been banned! 22:03:37
Are Cable Subscribers Subsidizing Internet-Only TV Viewers? 21:59:59
Libertarian vs. Tea Party. FIGHT! 21:47:53
2 OZ Freedom Girl Released. 20:36:54
One-Way Mars Colony Project Draws 200,000 Volunteers: 20:16:37
China's Largest Conglomerate Buys Bldg Housing JPM's Gold Vault 19:51:18
Why central banks are inherently crony and undermine the real economy (Video) 19:27:11
In neo-feudalistic America, always go long serfdom. 19:24:37
_ 19:08:04
Guy Points a Toy Gun at Voters to Demonstrate How Taxation / Voting is Essentially Force (VIDEO) 18:58:57
Republican Civil War Erupts: Business Groups v. Tea Party 18:48:35
Shutdown showdown widened GOP-tea party rift 18:12:41
Are you 18? 18:06:24
Peru vs. International Bankers 1980s 18:06:04
Arnold Schwarzenegger reportedly trying to change the law so he can run for President in 2016 18:03:26
The NSA Spying and Lying Does Relate to 9/11 18:03:19
Liberty City Council Candidate for City of 30K+ 17:46:26 Runs on 1998 CIA Web Server Software 17:33:24
A different look at Ukip and Nigel Farage 17:32:31
Jason Alexander from Seinfeld Opposes Public Funding for the Arts 16:29:42
Car hacking: The next global cybercrime? No Tin Foil Hat Required - It's Mainstream 16:22:58
SHADE The Motion Picture (Full Video - 1h:33m) 16:06:57
Moneybomb! Robert Sarvis running for governor of Virginia 14:56:04
Economics of the War on Drugs - My Interview with Dr. Mark Thornton 14:29:19
When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Arrives - Robert Morse 12:58:12
Edward Snowden: Hero or Villain Video Included ) 12:50:47
Were you born liberal or conservative? 12:47:52
With GOP Help, Senate Restores Funding for ObamaCare 12:45:13
Tea Party Challenger for Senate in MS(Video) 12:34:39
Felony Friday: Counterfeiters Could Destroy The State 12:06:55
Ithaca Gun building a new plant in Myrtle Beach, S.C. 12:04:31
Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements 11:55:53
RFID Microchips to be Embedded in Breast Implants 11:24:04
Liberty Tyranny and the Rule of Law 11:23:41
Hypocritical Lunacy: Constitutionally-illiterate MoveOn petition to arrest GOP Leadership for "Sedition," but NOT Obama or Dems! 11:21:55
Libertarian Vs. Authoritarian: The Real History Of The Left/Right Paradigm (Part 2) 11:00:20
We need to keep a sticky top post thread on the DP front page that has two topics. The monetary system and foreign policy. 10:28:23
RT goes inside Gitmo (Video) 10:25:01
Video: Circumvent The Banks with Bitcoin 10:22:25
Researchers Developing 'Underwater Internet' 10:00:42
Friday Non-Sequiturs Ep.2; Because Life Should be Yummy & Nummy: Halloween Cupcakes! 10:00:08
Looking for person, history sleuths lend me your knowledge 09:52:57
Four-Year-Old Preschooler SUSPENDED Over Toy Gun(VIDEO) 09:41:05
Another sobering interview with Peter Schiff about America's economic future 09:34:19
Ex-Navy SEAL: Government provoking vets to bring on martial law (VIDEO) 09:28:01
Leading Activist Apologizes For Starting Anti-GMO Movement 09:25:42
" Senate Simply Confirmed Our Suspicions", Why the Individual Mandate: It Pays For The Rest of the Cursed Plan! 09:10:53
Slim Down *almost* effects Marie Antoinette 08:52:58
War against civilians 07:29:27
Doug Casey on New RT America Show "Boom Bust" w/Bob English & Erin Ade, Oct 17, 2013: Debt, BitCoin-GoldRush & DoomsDayPreppers! 07:23:37
What the Budget Deal Means For Gold and Silver 07:23:31
ATF Govt Terrorists @ It Again: "Grenade-Walking" to Mex. Cartels, out of the same Phoenix, Arizona ATF Office! 07:15:59
There’s no actual debt ceiling right now 05:54:05
Banksy’s Biggest Piece In New York Appears In Lower Manhattan Complete With WikiLeaks Audio 05:44:16
Trooper Claims SUV Attack Victim Alexian Lien's State Trooper, Uncle Ordered Clampdown On Bikers 05:09:58
Be Afraid: New Homeland Security Chief Ok'd Drone Strikes on Americans 04:01:39 caught using pirated software code 01:54:10
NYPD: Teen found with fetus in bag at store 01:53:41
Making The World's Most Beautiful Silver Round- Pegasus 01:45:52
Rand Is Not Going Neocon! Stop The Nonsense! 01:43:51
What Venice Beach Thinks About the Government Shutdown 01:20:22
"Probable Cause" Not In The 4th Amendment According to Principal Deputy Director of National Intel-2006 00:58:17
America is the present day Babylon 00:54:37
Ron Paul does not know what twerking is. 00:40:55
Rethinking Women's Suffrage 00:14:12
NASA Physicist Claims PROOF We Live in a Virtual Reality (VIDEO) 00:02:18