Posted on October 19, 2013

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World Bank Whistleblower makes Startling Confession - Karen Hudes #N3 23:33:54
The Classical Music Thread 22:38:18
Banned History Channel video: Government involved in John F. Kennedy assassination 15:58:55
Rowdy Roddy Piper: ‘Don’t let anyone take your guns away’ 15:27:56
Elephant and Dog 15:12:14
Hilarious! Compilation of Cats Stealing Dog Beds 13:56:35
Oarfish discovery in Southern California makes three rare sea creatures in less than a week 12:10:30
Alan Grayson Compares Tea Party To The KKK 12:01:31
400+ Innocent Souls murderd by US Drone Strikes: NOT "Collateral" when It's your Wife, Hubby, Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter or Friend 10:57:09
Going, Going...Gone! 10:50:46
More people have applied for a one way ticket to Mars than have signed up for Obamacare 10:43:39
NYPD Mistook Jolly Ranchers For Meth Rocks - Arrest 2 men for having candy 07:29:39
I'm at Hong Kong Airport... check out these anti-GMO ads! 03:59:25
This could be big: Matt Bevin Endorsed By Senate Conservatives Fund 02:25:38
Single favorite author of all time 01:36:49
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Radio DJ 23:58:01
More Than 44,000 Demand GOP Arrests For "Seditious Conspiracy" Against USA 23:33:41
Eric Sanders, lawyer for the family of 34-year-old Connecticut mother Miriam Carey 22:47:01
This was on ESPN today. I posted it on facebook. Watch the video. Read the comments. 22:43:07
Goodie Mob - "i'm Set" (Official Music Video) 22:36:24
Debt Increased $300 Bil In 102 Days Feb-may This Year. Now, Debt Increased $328 Bil In One Day 22:03:27
Root Cause is the Courts 21:11:53
How Benjamin Franklin Made New England Prosperous 20:24:57
The de-Americanisation of the world has begun - emergence of solutions for a multipolar world by 2015 19:44:24
Phuck It 19:07:26
Man - Short Film 19:02:59
FP "The human costs of the Iran sanctions" 18:37:10
(Classified) Bill Defends Against Flesh-Eating (Classified) 18:33:13
We Need A New MSM (Inspired by Michael The Wiseguy) 18:28:53
GPS in police car shows officer speeding more than 700 times 18:17:12
What Happens If You Go After The Bankers? 17:41:54
Cheney Disabled His Heart Device 17:31:19
Do You Remember This? Ron Paul Collects Social Security! 17:21:22
Boston / Detroit - Redsox/ Tigers ACLS game 6 17:15:47
States That Require A "Permit" to Own A Gun Are Anti-Freedom 17:14:30
Government Declares its Independence from the Constitution 16:52:36
Russia Today: Fed Up With Government And Corporate Snooping:? Data-bomb The System 16:39:22
Russia Today: Hitman: Kill The Death Economy Interview With John Perkins 16:22:54
"Alan Greenspan: What went wrong" 15:33:26
ALCS Game 6: Detroit v. Boston. Open Thread & Live Stream - 10/19/13 19:21:48
FreedomWorks Is Still NEOCON And/Or Completely Uninformed 15:10:55
Gun Owners Of America Endorses Ken Cuccinelli For Governor of Virginia. 14:59:10
Geoengineering of Our Oceans Now Legal With Purchase of Permit 14:52:08
Surprise! Boom! Debt-ceiling Deal Gives Obama A Blank Check: Loophole Will Allow Govt. To Spend Without Limit Until February 14:27:48
Are Gold Funds Safe? 14:20:18
Weekend Watching ~ Counter Intelligence I: The Company 14:08:11
How the NSA Scandal Is Roiling the Heritage Foundation 13:22:43
New Blog - Freedom 12:57:15
Texas Constitutional Amendment Election 12:47:48
I thought the wikileaks movie was atleast entertaining... 12:40:50
Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it 12:10:36
Media Group Think Austin Powers Style 11:40:20
Republican Civil War Over Shutdown Drama 11:18:53
Australia to lift debt ceiling 10:56:59
The Weekend Vigilante October 19, 2013 - Austrialiastan, Singapore and Cambodia 10:36:50
Another Potential Sign Of Change In The Air? 10:24:49
Tea Party Repubs fail again. Who Represents us? 10:14:10
Delete 09:44:53
Quiz: Which Menu Violates the ACA Menu Regulation? 09:43:09
Authorities probe threat against Cruz 09:03:37
Ted Cruz cover "that will haunt your dreams" 08:51:27
79% of Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinics Target Blacks, Hispanics 08:48:17
Misinformation Works - concerning words from the Jr Paul 08:12:19
It Pays to Work for Government: Furloughed Workers Get Paid Twice 08:04:25
Banksy: "People ask why I want to have an exhibition in the streets, but have you been to an art gallery recently?" 07:59:14
Ellen gives $10K to NH waitress for soldiers' tab 07:51:23
‘the spirit of delusion is alive and well’ 06:58:35
"State of Israel Does Not Represent Jews or Judaism" says True Torah Jews 06:50:44
There is no debt ceiling in place, and here’s why 06:31:15
"Humanity is taking its final examination. We Must Commit Our Precious Resources to Livingry Not Weaponry" 06:23:00
AMAZE project aims to put first 3D metal printer on the ISS 05:54:09
Volvo to replace body parts with energized carbon fiber panels 05:49:33
Rachel Maddow's Orgasmic, Gushing Over Anti-Abortion Lawyer's Suspension 05:22:05
US Debt Jumps A Record $328 Billion In One Day – Debt Now Over $17 Trillion 04:16:25
Obama care, How will it affect a small company with 14 full time employees? 04:16:22
Obduction: New Immersive Game by Makers of Myst & Riven 03:12:47
Biden Claims Poontang Shortage Clear Evidence of Market Failure 01:53:54
Dick Cheney had the wireless function of his heart device disabled to prevent terrorists from using it to kill him 01:45:41
US House Stenographer Forcibly Removed During Shutdown Vote Shouting "He Will Not Be Mocked" 01:16:03
Real justice, love, technology only possible after 1% arrests for OBVIOUS Crimes 01:09:26
Is THIS why DC police murdered Miriam Carey and kidnapped her child? 01:03:19
VP Joe Biden: "I Will Seek the Vice-Presidency in 2016, Man." 00:55:28
Gold And Silver Are Finite, The Dollar Is Infinite 00:10:27