Posted on October 21, 2013

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Coins Left On Tombstones 23:03:22
Journalists Tim Pool and Amber Lyon Fired On By Anaheim Police - This Is Free Press? 21:32:58
The ocean is broken (lifeless over 3000 nautical miles) 21:12:18
Salon columnist says progressives should boycott anti-NSA rally because organizers are working with libertarian groups 20:47:22
Exclusive: Dr Mike Vasovski Discusses Reasons For Going Off The “Insurance Grid” 20:08:49
American Police State: How They Are Setting It Up 19:55:27
Asked my financial adviser if he thinks there will be a new World Reserve Currency in the next decade 19:40:14
Alabama Homeschooling Family Sends Six of Ten Children to College By Age Twelve 19:37:36
Government Says Parents Cannot Send Lunches With Children To School Anymore Unless They Have A Doctor’s Note 17:43:18
How do we get Rand's Amendment to the front page? 17:31:20
Bitcoin up 8,723% in 2013 -MtGox High $1242 / Current Average: $590 17:23:01
“I Called Obamacare-Here’s the Recording!” 17:16:00
Adam Kokesh's Girlfriend Carey Wedler Describes Raid - "What Gun Control Looks Like" - 10-10-13 Video 15:48:41
Massive Turnout to Heavily Monitored Alamo Constitution Rally - No Filming Cops - Anthony Gucciardi 15:37:38
Oprah Declines White House Invite to Help Sell Obamacare 14:11:57
Tom Woods' new endorsement: Dr Greg Brannon "will embarrass everybody in the US Senate" (video) 13:09:42
Holy Cow! Americans Sign Petition to Support “Nazi-Style Orwellian Police State” (VIDEO) 13:04:28
Czech floating finger sends president message 12:38:53
: Mass Shooting in Nevada Middle School - Multiple Down #GunFreeZone 12:35:51
Representative Justin Amash Announces Plans to Introduce Bill to Curtail NSA Spying - Again 09:48:42
Drudge-*UPDATE* Pregnant Woman Almost Faints As Obama Drones ON Obamacare (Collapse of Obamacare imminent?) 08:41:04
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Meet Det. John Baeza (Ret., NYPD) aka 'RP's BodyGuard:' NYPD continuing UnConstitutional-ruled Stop & Frisk "like Nazi Germany!" 23:50:21
I'd Dump the Israelis Tomorrow -Ex-CIA Michael Scheuer Tells Congress 23:44:33
My 11th Grade Daughter's Bi-Weekly Column in Local Paper about the Debt Ceiling 23:42:03
Interesting Stuff... 23:16:32
Putins Alleged Comment 23:08:48
Navy Largest Destroyer Heading Into Water In Maine 22:42:55
The Liberty Tree, Lexington Mass 22:00:15
Packed Up and Ready to Go 22:10:15
FBI: Knew About Saudi 9/11 Hijacker Ties—But Lied To Protect “National Security” 22:03:35
Rare skull sparks human evolution controversy 21:25:54
Good While It Lasted; Oksana Boyko just lost Me: goes O'Reilly vs Principally Consistent Daniel Hannan, for Adversarial Sakes 21:21:57
Is ObamaCare Y2K Compliant? 21:15:53
Rand Paul Pushes Amendment Barring Lawmakers from Excluding Themselves from Laws 21:12:30
Pittsburgh Police Chief: Citizens Can Shoot Cops 20:59:21
In an Oppressed and Repressed Country 20:52:05
Amazing Prediction Of Economic Crisis Comes True 20:15:19
U.S. “War On Terror” Has INCREASED Terrorism 20:07:28
Argentina and Agricultural Health Problems 20:06:00
Federal Reserve - Biggest Scam Ever 20:03:54
Need Help: Very Serious Question About Obamacare That I've Been Unable To Answer 20:03:49
Time Running Out for Persian Gulf Monarchs 19:41:57
Amazing Osprey — the ultimate fisher! 18:12:21
Marco Rubio Endorses Mitch McConnell for Senate 18:05:42
Support Rand's Constitutional Amendment 17:59:50
US National Debt Blasts Past $17 Trillion 17:12:51
Marc Faber: Fed Is 'Boxed In' With No Exit Strategy, Won't End Quantitative Easing 16:45:11
Harrod's Bulletproof Clothing Line - CNN Video 16:32:23
Booz Allen Hiring Ethical Hackers 15:20:37
TSA Air Marshal Caught Taking Upskirt Photos As Women Boarded Plane 15:14:57
China, Gold Prices & US Default Threats 15:00:17
McCain Suggests Sending "Smart People" To D.C. To Fix Obamacare After Turncoating On Tea Party Republicans In The Senate 14:57:05
Why bitcoin is imperative to people in the global economy. 13:40:31
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk For October 21, 2013 - Debt Ceiling Deal: DC Wins, Americans Lose (AUDIO) 13:34:11
Debt Ceiling Memo To Tea Party, Federal Reserve Debt Monetization Far More Dangerous Than Obamacare 13:19:03
I'm Mad As Hell! And I'm Not Going To Take It Anymore! 13:03:05
Immigration Reform News and Impact on US Homeland Security Oct 2, 2013 - Biometric Identification Of Americans 12:47:35
PCR: Pakistan TV Exposes Bin Laden Killing Hoax and (new) Documentary Exposes 9/11 Official Story 12:40:55
Bitcoin is at $190 - up 35% since wednesday 12:39:05
Immigration Reform Hiding A Plan Requiring Biometric National ID Card For All US Workers 12:31:02
What? C-SPAN Captures Footage of "Mind-Control" on House Floor? (Stenographer mystery) 12:30:32
Ephemeral point of Enlightenment - 10/21/13 Week 2 (from the Daily Paul weekly poem thread) 12:28:26
The hatred for Non-Jews is Deeeeeeep in Israel. 11:56:38
For Lord of the Ring Fans and Fed Watchers 11:41:20
Red Ribbon Week: Drug War propaganda in our schools 11:33:28
Today's NBC propaganda 11:28:38
Katie Pavlik 10:54:01
Animal Park -The dark side of Congo's ecology efforts (Agenda 21 at Work) 10:22:43
Mondays with Murray:Who Will Fund the Science? 09:46:42
Is Facebook Shut down? 09:41:43
Dreams Of A Gun Free Zone - Funny pro 2nd Amendment satire 09:23:20
Snowing: Fresh revelations, NSA spying on Mexico, France, business leaders, 70.3M 08:46:15
Cure Electile Dysfunction. End Corporate Personhood 08:41:09
Finally! Families Who Suspect SEAL Team 6 Crash Was Inside Job Get Court and Congress to Open Investigation - Oct 20, 2013 07:27:52
World Bank Whistleblower Karen Hudas: I have been reinstated and the Fed will eventually end 05:00:56
Ron Paul Exclusive Interview on Gold 03:47:53
Holy Cow! Obamacare fine not $95 ... 03:40:05
HELP! Just got a speeding ticket and want easiest way to fight it 02:34:09
They are Crooks! Karen Hudes Update 02:07:27
Good Read: Where America and It's Money Began 01:00:48
Why are all the town cop cars now black? 00:19:35
21 People On Fire (VIDEO) 00:02:44