Posted on October 22, 2013

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Ron Paul Channel Petition to "Let Victims of Drone Attacks Be Heard!" being championed by The Young Turks! Sign It! 23:46:19
Marijuana Stops Cancer Growth - Science Proving It - It's All Been Lies 22:52:44
Check Out This 1927 Ford Model T Streetrod My Dad Built! 22:45:45
Is State Income Tax Unconstitutional? 21:38:57
Ted Cruz’s Wife is a Goldman Sachs VP 20:39:46
FOIA 19:43:34
November 1st Food Stamps Being Cut! 19:15:46
To the Thieves in DC: (Great Rant!) 17:37:02
On The Anatomy Of Thrift: Side Butchery 16:38:19
Concentration Camp-Actual: Home of the Free State Project has FOUR Sniper Teams overlooking a Pumpkin Festival! 15:30:18
Tea Party Patriots .ORG is Operated By NeoCons - Warning! TeaPartyPatriots a Neo-Con Organization! 14:34:30
ICE Agents’ Leader Turns Up Heat On Obama Immigration ‘Scandal’ 12:57:57
How the Supreme Court Destroyed the Real Constitution 12:50:34
Media Piles On Jay Carney Over Obamacare Website Debacle 12:49:22
Neil Keenan talks about the planned false flag in South Carolina going sour thanks to four top generals. 12:36:43
Debra Medina Straw Poll-Houston Area Event/Debate! 12:36:21
Ben Smith, Combat Vet Navy SEAL on AJ Show, Oct. 22, 2013: Rep. S. J. Lee's "Martial Law"-comment, PoliceState, Benghazi & More! 12:12:56
You ALL have a Beautiful Soul, inside Each and Every One of You! And, so does Luke Rudkowski! 12:04:37
Liquor Control Board Petty Tyrants Use Legalization Law To Make Medical Dispensaries & Grows Illegal 10:02:56
New, Improved Obamacare Program Released On 35 Floppy Disks 09:49:17
Anyone else find this odd... Is the House Bugging Out? 09:21:41
The Greatest Transfer Of Wealth Is Coming *Updated* 08:57:38
Amnesty International: drone strikes are war crimes & have broken internationl law 08:42:30
I encourage you to bring all your interests here 01:37:19
The woman’s freedom to choose where, how and with whom to give birth, IS a libertarian issue. It’s about self-ownership. 00:12:08
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OpEdNews: US vs Lavabit 23:42:59
The "Freeman" Delusion 23:10:28
Deputy governor of the Bank of England: "US banks no longer ‘too big to fail’ 23:08:43
Lacey Township New Jersey Drug Testing Every one In School 22:58:33
Little Kaua'i hands biotech a big defeat 22:21:54
Despite $13-billion settlement, JPMorgan can't end criminal probe 22:19:10
Glenn Beck Interviews Ron Paul (8/22/2013) 22:10:28
Week of September 16, 2013 - A Very Weird Week It Was 22:04:07
GM got bailout, Can’t be profitable in the USA (Surprise!) Quietly shifts many operations to China 21:48:38
Ron Paul Interview with Glenn Beck 21:39:46
France Demands Answers from Obama over NSA Spying 21:30:29
Mexican Judge Switches Party, Denouncing GOP as Party of Bigots and Hate-Mongers 21:01:29
Mommy fitness groups to pay for Denver Parks permits even if they're only using trails 20:53:29
Over 300,000 Health Policies Cancelled in Florida, Hundreds of Thousands More Across Country 20:48:15
Monsanto Brings High Yields—And More Cancer—to Argentina 20:37:32
Forum Etiquette - Proper Use of Capitalization 20:33:11
McCain considering seeking reelection in 2016 20:04:07
Common cores new rubric bot grades thousands of essays in seconds. No need to study at all. 19:34:58
To the Thieves in DC 19:25:00
Can you hear me! Can you really hear me? 19:23:29
Top Silk Road Drug Dealer Was Flipped By Feds 19:09:39
New branch of government... 18:51:32
Brady Handgun Grabbers Prefer Lies to Truth, TSA Checking you upon Ticket Purchase, 404'd 18:49:26
The US cannot brush off charges of unlawful killings, claiming it is merely protecting US interests 18:48:30
If Not For Government ~ Video (By a much skinner Larken Rose) 18:04:09
Man Who Toppled Utah Rock Formation Pens Apology, Calls Self "Outrage Distraction Of The Week" 18:01:00
Why I Like Ted Cruz - Truth Hurts Don't It? Stay in Front of Immigration Debate! 17:51:36
Iraq vet's family considering gravestone options 17:40:40
Government Sends Snipers to Intimidate Free Staters at NH PumpkinFest 17:38:38
Are Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Tom Woods, Barry Goldwater, and Justin Amash all duping you? 16:35:24
Controversy Over Giant SpongeBob Gravestone For Deceased Soldier 15:34:58
Ron Paul 15:32:42
Fukushima fear mongering is unfounded. Nuclear power is the safest, cleanest form of energy we have. 15:27:48
"200" - Propaganda Video from the United States Information Agency (Scary Enough Name Already!) 14:44:46
Democrat accuses CNN of cherry-picking anti-Obamacare news (LOL) 14:40:02
Diebold Election Systems pays $48 million to settle bribery case 14:34:06
Expatriate or Revolution? 14:32:03
Ron Paul to appear on GBTV tonight (Glenn Beck TV) 5:00pm ET (Tuesday) 13:48:36
The Federal Reserve System in Under 2 Minutes 13:45:50
The Society! 13:33:57
Early Voting Now + We Texans Election Guild 13:26:24
Is it important to discuss genocide? 13:11:51
Smartphones and Liberty 13:11:49
Anybody know a good direct-care physician in mpls/st. paul? 13:11:09
Industrial Hemp For Texas? Kinky Friedman Election 2013 13:05:38
Can you hear me? 13:02:40
Give your Spirit a rest and recharge! 12:21:58
A nice volunteerism-ish story from my community 11:37:19
suicide bomber strikes russian bus.killing six people and injuring 37 (video and background info) 11:28:25
Beware, Big Pharma can kill your pet too 11:16:10
This lady is running for congress: Marianne Williamson 11:04:40
Sandy Hook update & video ~ 10/20/13 10:45:06
Proven Cool Down Exercises After Workout 10:41:05
Will I Be Next? US Drone Strikes in Pakistan Paper Released 10:37:25
Amnesty Interantional On Drone ProgramWar Crimes 10:37:20
Uber Wars: How D.C.Tried to Kill a Great New Ride Technology 10:28:07
Rubio comes skittering to McConnell's aid 10:03:22
This is how you Bribe a Public Official 10:03:10
AMA Responds to Obamacare (Satire) 09:41:10
Today: Ron Paul on Beck Radio 5pm EST 09:27:53
Forget Ronald Reagan, Republican candidates race to be the next Ted Cruz 09:20:45
Fainting Woman Had Just Seen Her Obamacare Bill 09:19:36
What "averting a fiscal crisis" looks like to DC. (Helpful Infographic) 09:14:21
Homeland Security Spends $80 Million On Armed Guards For Civil Disturbances 09:12:08
Horrific Job Report Today: Reposting This August Post On Initial Jobless Claims and Job Creation 09:08:04
Greg Palast on AJ Show, Oct. 21, 2013: Infamous Bankster Fraud Admission Memo, ChumpChange: OMG 'JP Morgan finally pays'-PR 09:02:19
John McAfee, LIVE @ InfoWars Austin, TX Studio w/S&W Revolver in tow: talks NSA, ObamaScare, Singularity & Life on the Wildside! 08:54:49
The Battle for Monetary Freedom: Gold and Silver (Freedom) kicking Fiat's (Tyranny) Butt this Morning Again 08:54:14
U.S. drone strikes break international law, report finds 07:59:53
'Terminator' on hold? Debate to stop killer robots takes global stage 06:28:04
Are Harry Reid & Mitch McConnell separated @ birth twins? 06:26:49
Alex Jones of Infowars Having Negative Influence on Elderly Men 06:15:16
Krugman calls Greenspan the worst ex-central banker in the world 06:04:36
Greenspan Defends his Fed Tenure as 'Fairly Good' 06:01:38
Stop the Drones | John Kerry blocks human rights attorney from obtaining visa 04:37:22
FED Will QE To 1 Trillion A Month 03:11:42
Obama's Staged Fainting Act Exposed 02:56:27
White House Obamacare team: Best, brightest — and a mystery 02:32:32
Alaska CP founder running for Governor 2014 01:45:10
Women almost faints at rose garden strange objects in video "bug" and "patch" plus buzzwords 01:43:59
Rep. Duffy presses MSNBC's Brzezinski: 'You are part of the problem' 01:11:11
Dr. Paul on Glenn Beck Show tomorrow? 10/22 00:18:28