Posted on October 24, 2013

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The Democrats' Freak-Out About Obamacare Has Begun 23:19:07
No, the other one 22:30:42
NSA Director: "We ought to come up with a way to stop it". Threatens reporters. 21:44:06
Mozilla's Lightbeam tool will expose who is looking over your shoulder on the web 21:37:13
NSA Spied on Phones of 35 World Leaders 20:46:06
Film Premiere: MOLON_LABE, How the 2nd Amd guarantees America's Freedom - ft. Ron Paul, AJ, S. Rhodes, E. Vieira L. Rose & More! 20:30:53
Officials alert foreign services that Snowden has documents on their cooperation with U.S. 19:00:13
New Captain America Movie 16:12:33
Ron Paul on Obamacare battle, School Revolution, and Rand for president (Geraldo Rivera 10/24/13) 15:22:47
Robin Koerner - Tonight on The Allison Bricker Show 19:37:38
Here is a little liberty for ya! Don't try this without parental supervision . Enjoy. 14:56:31
16,000,000 People About To Lose Health Insurance 14:03:35
Stossel does entire show on the Federal Reserve and interviews Ron Paul - re-airs tonight (Sunday) on Fox News 10 pm ET 13:50:14
The Attitude of an Anarchist 13:03:33
Greenwald: NY Times "obeyed the dictator" (W. Bush) 12:51:25
Nystrom said "...bring all your interests here." ~ OK. The Ultimate Liberty Community UPDATE: 3/20 12:38:15 “Mr. President, I’m Leaving The Medical Field”: Hanging Up The White Coat: A Letter To President Obama 11:55:01
How To Buy Weed Online In Three Easy Steps - Updated Post-Silkroad Closure - Activist Post 11:53:57
Second Recall Effort vs Anti-Gun CO Legislator Evie 'You DESERVE to be raped, 'cause My Phony Stats said so!' Hudak, under Way! 11:15:19
Okay, that does It: I demand that We mandate Universal Background Checks for Sharpie Purchase! This cannot go unanswered! 10:23:20
Libya on the brink of collapse two years after "liberation" 10:05:09
UPDATED This Could Be It - The Final Nail - Obama To Push House On Immigration Reform 09:37:42
Justin Amash Receives Taxpayers’ Friend Award (October 23, 2013) 09:08:50
A Government of Secrecy and Fear by Andrew P. Napolitano 07:53:24
More Americans In 3 States Have Had Their Insurance Canceled Under ObamaCare Than Have Filed An Exchange Account In All 50 07:07:45
Warning: What This Dead Comedian Said About The "American Dream" Might Upset You 06:53:46
Merkel's Phone: Spying Suspicions Put Obama in a Tight Spot 05:55:23
White House Official Response to Texas Secession Petition 03:29:16
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Bounty Killer (2013, Awesome B-Flick): Renegade IndyHollywood? Vicarious Vengeance: Fate of Banksters, Post-Collapse Mad Max 2.0 23:28:55
Video: Full interview of Ron Paul on TheBlaze TV with Glenn Beck 10/22 - 34 min. length 23:25:00
Obamacare, Not 23:20:44
Genius Can't Be Taught In a Classroom (VIDEO) 23:01:49
Rand Paul Promises to Block Nomination of Fed Chairman Until Vote on Audit The Fed Bill 22:29:50
Judge Napolitano On Internet Sales Tax Being Ruled Unconstitutional By Illinois Supreme Court 22:03:28
Against the NSA (celebrities) 21:37:19
Anti-Mass Surveillance Protest 21:01:01
Ben Swann interviewed by Atty. Marc Victor, a renowned Phx, AZ libertarian Lawyer & Friend of Ernie Hancock - Oct 24, 2013! 20:37:16
Expert: The Obamacare Web Site Can't be Fixed by End of the Year 20:30:34
Bets anyone Bets ? 20:22:50
September Morn, Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson 20:02:35
Sissification of the US Marines! 19:51:49
I humbly ask Rand Paul to submitt a bill to abolish the FED 19:45:21
A counter/addition to all the Russell Brand posts today 19:10:22
Here We Go: SocGen Warns There Is "Possibility" Fed May Increase QE Next Week 18:41:22
Smokefree Ohio Voter Fraud 17:42:13
Who I am! 17:34:02
Fogle from 'Silver Circle' Has The Worst Boss in the World 17:09:19
Need help understanding Obamacare mandate penalty 17:08:16
An email from the Queen of England 16:55:48
Silver Bullet Silver Shield is back?! 16:43:00
A nation of imbeciles : Measuring America's decline in 3 charts. 16:37:16
Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night 16:09:17
Dylan Ratigan loses it over government corruption on spending 15:56:12
Ohio Bill Proposes $500 Fine for Smoking in a Car With Kids 15:50:37
Judge Caught Conspiring With Prosecutor Via Text Messages 15:20:39
Serendipity: Accidental Discoveries in Science by Royston M. Roberts 15:11:49
New Internet Being Developed To Bypass United States 14:57:06
Idle No More - "I am" are you? Powerful political music video! 14:54:24
Russell Brand: "Socialist Egalitarian Society"... Sounds Foolproof 14:44:56
Silver Circle Discount Holiday Packages: Win a Comic Signed by Ron Paul 14:33:56
I, Pencil 14:26:43
Robert Kiyosaki – Why Buy Silver Now? 13:36:58
Many Find the Problem, But What About the Solution? 13:35:29
Jim Rogers Article About Why Commodity Bull Market Will Continue 13:35:15
Silicon supercapacitor could store electricity inside a silicon chip 13:30:47
The cry of a true Republican: I AM a genetic Republican 13:27:55
Political Jokes 13:11:43
Occupied Amerika News E002: Hypocrisy-Actual: CNBC goes full 'racist' (by MSDNC 'standards') vs Ted Cruz, NO 'Liberal' Outrage! 13:11:22
73% of Americans believe government corruption is widespread - Gallup Poll 13:07:13
Occupied Amerika News E001: Ft Hood Soldiers Told That Christians, Tea Partiers a Radical Terror Threat! 13:04:03
Failed Canadian Company Spent $1 Million Lobbying Congress For Obamacare Website Contract 12:57:00
A business lesson by Frank Zappa 12:29:24
50 year plus surveillance program - video 12:27:47
Huge News from C4L 12:18:50
Mormon Moms Fight For Cannabis Oil For Epileptic Kids 12:02:15
What about the Federal Reserve Act - 100 Year Charter 11:55:19
Ben Swann: Virginia Governor Race, Blocking The Libertarian Candidate? 11:45:22
Partisan shill (Tom Watson) with a hidden agenda smears "Stop Watching Us" rally 10:45:55
NSA and Tweeter @NatSecWonk-Total Incompetence or Propaganda? 10:37:31
False Flag? 10:01:03
Morons Abound @ Hillary Event - Heckler: "Benghazi, You Let Them Die!" 09:27:42
New John McAfee Interview C2CAM Audio 09:26:45
Russell Brand Talks Revolution on BBC: "This is the End! It's Time to Wake Up!" 09:26:28
How the NSA’s Spying on Americans Relates to 9/11 09:11:59
Today (10/24) the House of R. to Florida, Senate on recess, and... 07:50:20
3 children hurt when gun mounted on officer’s motorcycle fires during school demonstration 07:47:05
A Vision? A Wild Dream? An Idea? 07:42:01
California Guard defrauds recruits with fake incentives, then illegally garnishes wages to repay the incentives 07:32:05
CMUs 03:15:51
The Sixth Stage Of Collapse 02:08:55
'29 Vs. '14 - Which Depression Wins? 01:56:38
Black Like Me by John Howard Griffin 01:43:27
Weirdest, Scariest, Racistest? Thing I've Seen In A While - What If The South Had Won The War? 01:33:00
Reactor 4: Fukushima Readies for Nail Biting Removal of 1300 Spent Fuel Rod Assemblies 00:43:47
Fukushima Activism Is Alive! (Video) 00:35:49
Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty...Inc. 00:11:48