Posted on October 25, 2013

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News Anchor Completely Loses It For The Best Possible Reason 22:47:34
How To Murder An American Teenager, With Impunity, In 10 Steps 22:35:00
Michelle Obama’s Princeton classmate is executive at company that built Obamacare website 22:30:02
What Has Happened to the Moral Character of Our Guns? 21:58:54
Droned Fetus Sparks Republican Outrage 21:58:08
WOW! You Can Look At Prices On Obamacare Website Without Signing Up! 21:34:35
Lawrence O'donnell Praises Paul:Senator-Elect Cory Booker "Looking Forward" To Working With Rand Paul To End The Failed Drug War 21:07:38
Man Imprisoned for Legally Purchased Guns - All Due To Chris Christie RINO-NJ 20:49:03
BOMBSHELL Exclusive–Documents: Congress Charges Secret Fee To Land Top Committee Spots 19:10:38
Newsweek Cover Story: WOW! 18:29:54
Daddy's Little Girl: Boom! 18:08:48
President Ronald Reagan Humor 18:01:39
How did This Happen So Fast? 17:31:30
Ron Paul on Stossel: ‘Bitcoin Offers Competition’ Against the Fed 16:43:32
Both Of John Boehner's Primary Challengers Have Been Taking Questions On Daily Paul. 16:13:53
Gun-owning Texas, Why the HELL Do You Put up with This? "Woman Forced to Strip NAKED and Serve Jail Time for Overdue Ticket"! 15:09:59
Snowden: EVERY call logged w/the NSA! And, More RINO-'Liberal' Nexus Exposed: Sen. Rubio thinks Illegal Spying is A-Okay! Yay! 14:27:11
Gunboats Seen Patrolling in Eden Isles, Louisiana 14:20:54
Magnitude 7.6 quake east of Honshu Island, Japan; 1 meter tsunami warning for Fukushima 14:05:48
Think "they" will let this happen? Lawsuit May Put Libertarian in SC Senate Seat 12:19:12
Iran 2 years away from Nuclear Bomb...IN 1995 11:36:50
Ron and Rand are dominating the business news over the FED take down Fri-Oct 25 11:14:26
Not Just Guns, but 'Liberals' also want Cigars BANNED! Dear Control Freaks, Just LEAVE America, while You still have a Chance! 11:14:16
Felony Friday: 21 Drone Pilots Face Racketeering Charges In Arizona 10:00:44
YEEHAW! Gun Owners Of America Endorses Matt Bevin For U.S. Senate In Kentucky! 09:21:37
NEWS: Journalist's personal notes illegally confiscated during gun raid 08:41:32
just got a judgment 02:12:18
Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul's 3-minute Words of Encouragement, Reflection, and Message of Peace! 01:28:35
Judge Napolitano: The Government Violated Same Statute It's Attempting To Prosecute Snowden For 00:29:21
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Libertarians can put together millions for politics, how about thousands for private endeavours? 23:59:43
Jesus Needs to B1tchslap Some People 23:31:57
Marco Rubio: NSA Surveillance No Big Deal 23:09:23
Journey to Jekyll Island Part V The Jews 22:46:02
Journey to Jekyll Island Part IV The Rothschild 22:34:22
Military Police Leak Fema Gun Confiscation Plan. (Video Proof) 22:34:00
China Air: What A Sad Fate For A Boeing 737-800 Fire 22:26:15
Gun control, excuse to seek out informants? 22:14:41
Get Ready For HillBarry Clinton 22:12:14
Exclusive: 21 Nations Line Up Behind U.N. Effort to Restrain NSA 22:10:17
Journey to Jekyll Island Part III 22:08:14
The Veteran Movie Truth Bomb 21:40:09
Has Halloween Become Overcommercialized? 21:33:14
Does anyone have an opinion on Veterans Today? 21:18:01
Senator Ron Johnson Proposes Law: 'If You Like Your Health Plan, You Can Keep It Act' 21:11:39
Sen. Paul to hold up Yellen Federal Reserve nomination 21:08:50
California kid shooting: 13yo with replica assault rifle was shot 7 times in 10 seconds 20:43:00
NSA site down due to alleged DDoS attack 20:35:09
Catholic Golf 19:44:32
How I feel about the whole Russell Brand hype... 19:31:06
Meet CGI Federal, the company behind the botched launch of 19:21:51
Hip-Hop artist "Killer Mike" Makes Riveting Music Vid 19:20:04
Secretary General of Interpol Suggests an Armed Citizenry to Combat Terrorist Violence 19:13:59
The Ultimate Safe Slingshot...Boom! 18:55:55
Walking, talking evil GUNparody. 18:53:36
Germany to send spymasters to U.S. over Merkel allegations 18:49:55
Holloween Joke 18:45:15
Neil Gaiman: 'Face facts: we need fiction' 18:29:36
Kenya mall attack another false flag 18:17:00
Kenya is US puppet 18:04:35
794. Debt ceiling crisis and October plot (10/16/2013) 18:00:15
Lawsuit May Put Libertarian in South Carolina Senate Seat 17:57:15
Butterball McCain tries to spin her dad as being human for his reelection 17:47:43
Ben Swann: Woman Arrested, Stripped and Jailed… For Forgetting To Pay Traffic Ticket 17:43:17
3 great speeches of this decade! 17:34:35
I just invited all of my Republican leaning friends to "like" Rand's facebook page 17:14:44
Scientists take "4D printing" a step further 16:56:02
Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes - New Film Adaptation 16:52:30
The NSA back door to NIST, by Thomas Hales (University of Pittsburgh, September 25, 2013) 16:47:21
Friday Non-Sequiturs Ep.3; Because Life Should be Yummy & Nummy: Halloween Sweets! 16:12:51
Lawsuit may put a Libertarian in a South Carolina State Senate Seat 16:08:08
Latest Gallup Poll: Americans still LOVE Guns! What's More? 74% OPPOSE banning HandGuns, even 'Liberals'! 15:43:39
What will a Fed audit show and what are the ramifications? 13:46:47
(Video 2:53) Killer Klowns From Outer Space Creator - UFOs, Aliens and more 13:37:24
The Hidden Importance of the Saudi/United States Relationship 13:15:11
"What police state?" 13:07:04
EFF Files Brief to Reveal the DEA's Secret Use of Electronic Surveillance in Criminal Cases 13:03:29
. 12:31:35
Did anyone else catch the comments on Fox News about Rand and Ron Paul being racists? 12:30:33
Top of HuffPost: Rand Paul Threatens To Hold Up Janet Yellen Nomination To Fed 12:22:43
The Federal Reserve: The Skeleton Key Of Tyranny 12:12:16
Blackstone rental bond gets triple A rating 11:45:26
Cruz caps post-shutdown tour with wary Iowans 11:42:20
A Chat About Rand Paul 11:39:16
Krugman: David Stockman A "Crank" For Opposing Money Printing, Being Pro-Gold 11:24:37
Advice for flying next month 11:11:02
John McCain Is Depressed 11:05:47
Ron Swanson on the issues... funny stuff 11:03:53
California Grassroots Group "Free California" Launches Colorado-Style Recalls Over Gun Laws 11:01:45
Cottonwood Heights Cops turn stealing your wealth into a game 11:00:39
Soros Backs Hillary Clinton for President in 2016 10:37:34
Will Israel Merge with Saudi Arabia? 10:35:26
SA Stasi to OpenCarryProtesters @ The Alamo: Peon, We were nice to 'LET' You Have Your 'Show;' Time's Up: Move, or be Arrested! 09:32:11
Hillary Heckled - Soros Gives Money 09:24:29
Are we just pawns of the Koch brothers? 08:58:46
CALL Your Reps - Urge Them To OPPOSE S. 744: Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act 07:50:36
Dirty Wars 07:14:48
Has the Daily Paul Been Morally Compromised? 03:32:01
I Made an NSA Ad Parody 02:22:54
Inside the Messy but Moneyed Republican Plan to Neutralize the Tea Party 02:21:41
Pregnant Woman Detained For Violating 'Fetal Protection' Law (Anti-Choice Big Brother Blueprint) 01:57:15
John Kerry's car broken into outside residence, Police investigating... 01:49:54
Skinwalker Ranch Film 01:35:51
Academy Awards Acquires Struggling Emmy's Franchises 00:40:37
Ken O'Keefe: Amazing Debate Calling Out 9/11, American Empire, Petrodollar, Propaganda For War 00:39:39