Posted on October 27, 2013

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Affordable Care Act Revealed to Be a Set Up By Nigerian Scammers 22:17:43
Don't Kill The Questioner 20:32:08
60 Minutes: Witnesses Say 'Benghazi Murders Aided and Abetted by State Dept and DOD' - Oct 27-2013 20:08:59
Business Plot of 1933: Plan to Overthrow US Government 18:44:10
Occupied Amerika News Ep.3: PoliceState-Actual; Wanna see what ILLEGALLY "Brandishing a FireArm" looks like? Look @ This AP Pix 17:47:38
Video: Justin Amash speech at Stop Watching Us Rally in Washington, D.C. - 10/26/13 17:47:07
Adobe Has Been Hacked 16:44:50
Peter King ("Republican" representative) sides with Obama On NSA - Slams Paul and Amash 16:18:26
Amish Girl Forced on Chemo Now Back in of US But Still in Hiding (Fundraiser too) 15:19:07
Lou Reed, RIP (March 2, 1942 – October 27, 2013): May You walk on the Wild Side, on the Other Side, My Man! 15:12:36
You won't believe what the LA Times is saying libertarians want! 14:40:25
Libertarians are FOR tracking and taxing us? More MSM lies. 14:02:32
Barack Obama 'approved tapping Angela Merkel's phone 3 years ago' 13:39:49
We are in a de facto Civil War in this country and we don't realize it. 12:45:19
Awesome research tool! Search/view newspapers from 1836-1922 12:04:29
You Have No Idea: 10 American Foods that are Banned in Other Countries 11:53:08
How To Sign Up For Obamacare (Kathleen Sebelius) SNL 10-26-13 11:33:12
The Emancipation Proclamation ... and other lies you may belive 10:09:48
Freedom I.Q. Quiz - How high is your Freedom I.Q.? 09:14:25
Gary Johnson on NSA spying: ‘It’s going to get worse’ 08:42:01
Stefan Molyneux's Open Letter to Russell Brand: Yes, Let's Start a Revolution, but You Didn't Go FAR Enough! 06:11:32
Aussie PM: carbon tax is ‘socialism’ 03:32:52
Breitbart: Rand Paul's Goal... 03:12:43
GOP Dupe or Dope at Anti-NSA Rally 00:48:56
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Cure Stress Book: How Your Mind Will Make You Well 22:28:35
Disenting Opinion Replies to a Woman's Freedom to Choose Where, How & with Whom to Birth is a Libertarian Issue. 22:23:27
Obama at Faneuil Hall on Weds Oct 30 22:03:33
Dick Cheney supports new GOP Leadership 21:48:23
Sonia Had Too Much Wine for Dinner 21:47:26
Ten Explosive U.S. Government Secrets about Israel 21:42:08
Watching the World Series? GAME 5 UPDATE 21:40:27
Cheney Seems to Think GOP Had It Coming 21:29:40
9/11: How They Did It 21:10:46
A Gorilla In The Room? by Wayne Allyn Root 21:09:57
U.S. System Dependent on Crime and Fraud - Catherine Austin Fitts 20:55:44
No Woman No Drive 20:29:06
Ron Paul's Texas Straight Talk 10/28/13: A Welcome US/Saudi Reset 20:21:52
GUARDIAN: Peru's UFO investigations office to be reopened - Includes a CLEAR picture of a flying saucer. 19:41:58
Will the House of Saud pivot to China? 19:36:36
PoliceState Insanity Break E001: Aww... Only If choosing Parties were like picking Kittens! Oh, Wait: They ARE like... 19:35:01
Study: Religious people, Business majors and children of divorce are the biggest liars 19:33:22
Boycott the theater & turn on the truth 19:31:59
The bitter truth about fructose, obesity and metabolic disease 19:30:49
Brand does an a-hole motion during video 19:27:16
Leaked Video: FEMA Preparing Military Police For Gun Confiscations and Martial Law 19:08:16
We are but thoughts in the mind of God. A religious and scientific explanation of all-that-is 18:49:11
Rubio Retreats!: Now Says Piecemeal Approach to Immigration the Way to Go (VIDEO) 18:05:36
Thomas Sowell: A Return To Keynes? 17:58:17
POLITICO: Obamacare’s tech no easy fix for Silicon Valley 17:52:21
Open Carry Texas: The Ugly Truth about the Criminal Justice System 17:46:37
Hitler Bunker Scene Parodies Get a Facelift: Obamacare 17:39:35
With 17 Trillion in debt, 400k in U.S. tax dollars funding Mexican male prostitute study. 16:54:33
Congressman Ron Paul's Weekly Message For October 28, 2013: A Welcome US/Saudi'Reset'(AUDIO) 16:50:58
When NSA does a PR Video to counter Legitimate Criticism of Its CRIMES, You know We've officially entered the Prava-dom! 16:47:35
Anti-Scanner Underwear claims to keep privates private at airport 16:33:18
SeaSteading: Google builds a Ginormouse Barge off SF Bay; 2nd Stage of CIA/NSA's In-Q-Tel 'Investment'? 16:31:16
1984 one step closer 14:39:49
Ben Swann will be on the KrisAnne Hall Radio Program Today 13:55:38
Hey Y'all: Ever wondered what 'Tactical' Gun Culture is like, OUTSIDE of America? Check out Canada, Italy, Slovenia & Hungary! 13:51:30
Beg (Big) Apple: Subways overrun with homeless 13:43:33
A black box in your car? Some see a source of tax revenue 13:41:34
Bonus Feature: Mike Maloney Interviews Jim Rickards! 12:47:32
Unseen Interview: Here is the monetary system Ron Paul proposes 12:46:11
Lew Rockwell Interview With Jesse Ventura: Killing JFK 12:31:45
Stand your ground law under attack 12:03:29
Target: Patton - The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton 11:47:07
Run From the Cure - Rick Simpson Story, Marijuana to Cure Cancer, Tommy Chong, Videos 11:46:20
What should the average citizen know about related crimes of US government and corporate media? 11:19:21
Florida Governor Race - Adrian Wyllie 2014 11:17:45
Judge Nap Sticking up for JPMorgan Crooks? 10:31:51
Tom Woods on the Run Down Vodcast. Talks about Ron Paul Curriculum 10:22:30
Come out of her my people:U.S. must embrace Holy See 09:40:48
Adelson: US should drop atomic bomb on Iran (video) 08:44:11
The best diplomats are NOT political...They're comical! 08:00:23
China Gonna Bomb Japan? 07:19:02
Here's What Happens When Wall Street Builds A Rental Empire 07:05:33
Facebook Down! Update: Resolved 04:14:09
Michelle Obama Just as Deep In the "No Bid Contracts" As Barack! 04:13:09
Gun Control in the Third Reich 03:54:23
Texas Cop Sgt Antoine Williams Caught Stealing Jordan's Sneakers During Drug Raid! ARRESTED 03:10:13
The Key to Consciousness: Efficient Information Flow? 02:15:00
Why "It's in our genes" is no simple answer 02:04:26
Alan Grayson Accuses MSNBC Host Of 'Collaborating' With Tea Party After Being Grilled On KKK Analogy 01:54:31
Audrey Hudson Calls Michael Savage 01:16:11
US Police vs German Police 00:22:07
The MAD World of William M. Gaines 00:16:25