Posted on October 28, 2013

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6 years 1 hour 32 minutes 23:22:12
Amazing 6 minute spray can art 20:52:49
Bernanke: "We Are Going to 3D Print the S* Out Of Everything" 20:31:26
Expert Wasted Entire Life Studying Anteaters 18:59:04
Obama knew millions would lose health insurance 18:27:20
Ben Swann: Will Justin Amash lose his seat in 2014? 18:02:49
Dallas Area: Need Grassroots Support, Stat 17:19:47
Man has $16,500 worth of Bitcoin stolen from MtGox 16:38:47
Two Minutes w/ Glenn 'Kane' Jacobs: The Federal Reserve Conspiracy is Real; "Fundamentally altered the Character of America!" 16:10:03
Glenn Greenwald: "Dianne Feinstein is Outright Lying" (Video) 14:07:05
VA Senate Race Cuccinelli screaming up in the polls to catch McAuliffe within 1% 13:23:04
"I Want My Country Back! I Want It Back!" Naomi Wolf - Rally Against NSA Surveillance 13:16:43
Rand Paul warns eugenics on horizon unless conservatives stand up against abortion rights 12:49:21
Ron Paul on CNBC discusses Rand Paul potential block of Yellen Nomination 10/28/13 12:16:50
7 Most Disgusting Ingredients Used to Make Vaccines 11:48:49
Buying Silver the stupidest move I ever made 11:11:55
Chinese Scientists Create Light Bulb that Provides Super-Fast Wireless Internet 10:38:53
Crossing Over: Join Me in a Toast to DPer, Fonta, on Her Journey Home 10:12:36
The Obsolete Man - Twilight Zone 1961 - Just In Time For Halloween 09:36:40
Ron Paul To Be On CNBC This Morning 11:30am (October 28, 2013)...? 09:34:42 Is The Virginia Gov. Libertarian Candidate (Robert Sarvis) Even A Libertarian? 09:20:13
Ron Paul: US Should Welcome Saudi “Shift” 07:34:50
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Wrestling Superstar Decries American Grammatical Stylization 23:56:46
Stewart Rhodes interviewed by Luke Rudkowski, Oct. 28, 2013: "Going Operational;" How to Prepare Your Community for Disaster! 23:33:09
Wow! Greenwald's Backstory & Snowden "Snowed In" 23:31:15
'Not Talking' As A Political Strategy 22:58:00
MCTP Straw Poll 22:55:46
The President Of Your Dreams Is A Nightmare Of Schemes: Obama Admin. Knew Millions Could Not Keep Their Health Insurance 22:26:32
The FBI's Bitcoin address 22:13:14
I am SICK of you Whiners! 22:00:21
Why Are Things Creepy? VSauce Video 21:53:25
Sea Lion 'Pancho' Steals Trophy Fish From Unsuspecting Fisherman (VIDEO) 21:49:55
New York Times Writer Celebrates Single-Party Rule In California 21:38:39
Justice Department, for the first time, notifies defendant that evidence came from warrantless wiretaps 21:37:42
Scientists discover new species in 'Lost World' in Australia 21:25:49
trick or treat 21:20:17
NYC Subways overrun with homeless as cops back off... 21:18:54
Our Invisible Revolution 21:12:27
Deleted for reasons you don't need to know. 21:06:49
Obama asks Eric Schmidt if “Bitcoin is Anything He Has to Worry About” 20:59:38
Gold Tests 5-Week Highs. Citi: "Should Continue Pushing Higher.. Silver outperforms when Gold moves higher" 20:19:02
Hey Look - Diane Feinstein Is Going To Clean Up The NSA Now 19:49:33
Government is like SeaWorld, Orcas are like Humans 19:47:57
Rand Paul: Don't Vote Libertarian! 19:29:45
Tech and gun geeks - we need an equalizer 19:04:38
Culture Of Ignorance – Part One 18:57:49
Same Owners Associated with World Trade Center Attack & Kenya Mall Bombing 18:54:16
Rand Paul Plans Filibuster of Federal Reserve Chair Nominee 18:06:32
DARPA wants to get Inside Your Brains! Sure, WarCrimes aren't Problems: Your Resistance to Tyranny & Conscience are! 18:00:39
Israel to Give Pope "Legal Custody" of Temple Mount & Holy Land 17:45:53
3D Printable Gun - Ending Tyranny or a disaster in the making. What do you think? 17:39:26
More Cash in Circulation Than Ever Before 17:37:16
Man Lists His Home For $395,000 in Virtual Currency 17:28:06
Catholic Church with trade unions works to stop shopping on Sundays 17:12:16
TWI reveals handheld 5 kW laser torch 16:52:47
Glenn Jacobs Will Not Challenge Lamar Alexander in 2014 16:49:53
Mondays With Murray: What Crimes Does The State Hate Most? 14:55:44
Take Risks (Video) 14:29:30
Afghanistan 12 Billion dollar oil and gas deal for... 14:19:58
Stops in Kentucky illustrate Rand Paul's subtle strategy 13:52:51
Need Help waking a friend up. Any suggestions? Short YouTube videos. Ect. 13:52:45
Map of the World Incorrect for 500 Years 13:09:41
Officers Falsely Arrest Citizens for Lawfully Carrying Antique Black Powder Pistols 13:02:18
As many as 17 trackers on this site 12:53:19
The Daily Paul Wayback Machine! 12:52:12
These 12 People are Killing America! 12:50:25
Cyberpunk Handbook: The Real Cyberpunk Fakebook by St. Jude 12:32:12
Warning: Obamacare may cause misery 12:29:01
Biking for Boobies 12:21:43
Epitome of the works I bequeath to you - III: 10/28/13 Week 3 (from the Daily Paul weekly poem thread). 12:16:51
National Reporter home raided for Potato Gun, confiscate her paperwork for stories instead 12:12:07
Daily Ticker: Rand Paul Blamed for Putting the U.S. Economy & Markets At Risk 11:35:14
How should I vote on this Texas Amendment? 11:30:12
Help Nevada Delegate Jim Uprichard 10:44:16
Facebook News Feed History of the World: World War I to World War II 09:24:07
Water Subsidies and Shortages in the American West 09:15:57
Obama's Blurry Red Line 09:12:21
Contour Crafting: Automated Construction 08:52:05
Hot on your Trail 06:37:34
Rocker and Conservative Activist Ted Nugent Survives Assassination Attempt 06:21:05
Hero Cop Facing A Barrage Of Bullets Caught On Tape 05:42:43
Obama in no mood to talk ObamaCare: "C'mon guys. I'm going to church," 04:29:11
Economists to Stimulate Economy With New Chart 03:11:41
SWAT Captain Stands Up For "Only Following His Heart" 02:44:41
Sunday Night Fun: Shaquille O'Neal Endorses Chris Christie (Oh, I ain't lying) 01:47:15
NSA Claims Responsibility For All UFOs 01:34:53
Following down the path of Non Aggression Principle 00:43:53
Happy 24th Birthday YG364! 00:20:26
NY Restaurant bans talking lol 00:09:00