Posted on October 29, 2013

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Glenn Greenwald "Dick Cheney Engaged In Some Of The Most Radical & Criminal Conduct In The U.S.!"- VIDEO 23:59:18
Alert: Contact Your Senators 23:13:06
Drone Victim: "It was like she was exploded to pieces." 22:28:44
Rand Paul: NSA Spying Doesn't Make Me Feel Any Safer, But I Do Feel My Privacy Is Being Intruded On 21:34:11
Miami Dade Cop Beats 22 Year Old With Downs Syndrome 21:19:43
Knock knock - IRS 20:54:21
Why are they not calling out a Tyrannical Criminal? 20:28:53
Song Brings Baby To Tears 19:56:25
Adam Kokesh, A Modern Day Political Prisoner? (VIDEO) 18:16:28
Debt Limit Parody (Instant Classic) 17:56:06
Rand Paul WILL place hold on Yellen nomination over Audit the Fed 17:23:10
Man buys $27 of bitcoin, forgets about them, finds they're now worth $886k 17:11:42
Someone Is Always Watching (not what you think) 16:07:26
» Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out the Human Race — Paul Craig Roberts 15:33:02
Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul interviewed by Tom Woods on his Schiff Radio Network Show - Oct. 29, 2013! 15:17:43
Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul beats Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) in a Head to Head Poll: 44% to 34%! The Good Doc ROCKS! 13:57:34
Facebook is Doomed 11:28:28
Whistleblowers Say DEA Agent Murdered By CIA 11:22:14
Video: TSA Agent CAUGHT Red Handed with Stolen iPad 11:14:46
Agenda 21 - MAP 21 - For The Highways 10:46:02
Former Marine debates Syria- 10/23/13 09:20:04
Hollywood Exposed 09:14:12
So you think you're prepared for TEOTWAWKI? Not like this you're not! 09:11:39
Doctors resist Obamacare 08:56:56
Survey: Most U.S. Libertarians Do Not Identify With Tea Party 08:53:39
Sheriff Finch goes on trial TODAY! for protecting our 2nd amendment right 07:12:32
New book by Paul delegate 17:33:51
A Note on the 'DP Original' Tag 01:07:06
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'Initiation.' An Excerpt From The Illuminatus! Trilogy 23:58:32
Australia ends combat role says PM 23:34:08
Respect rights and property rights of others . 23:14:06
The Man who Quit Money 22:56:39
Quantum reality more complex than previously thought 22:45:34
Having a blast 22:42:54
The Water Hole 22:32:55
In Protest of Government Corruption, I Refuse To Cut My Hair 22:24:27
USA Today: Is 'GOOGLE' Constructing Data Centers On Board Floating Barges In Case Of Natural Disasters? 22:07:24
Sequester Vs. Obamacare 21:54:59
Etna CEO: Costs of Obamacare(VIDEO) 21:46:38
Ron Paul - A Republic, If You Can Recognize It 21:42:13
Halloween Horror 2013- Creepy Uncle Sam 21:13:10
Greg Hunter interviews Catherine Austin Fitts (Gov/Wall-Street Fraud, Obamacare, JFK, much more) 20:12:32
Christy L. Romero better start booking her flight to Moscow. Or better yet, marry a Brazilian. 20:06:07
Hero TSA agent (update) 19:32:46
Jordan Page on Ernie Hancock Show Oct 29, 2013 + Pix from JP's Matt Papke (USMC, r3VOL Cand.) Concert-Fundraiser @ Ernie's! 19:32:34
FiberFix aims to make duct tape look pathetic 19:09:22
Three Choices 19:00:42
Is This High School? Rachel Maddow Catches Rand Paul Plagiarizing Off Wikipedia 18:21:03
Dark Journalist & Dr. Joseph Farrell: Roots of the Breakaway Civilization 17:30:46
Sen. Rand Paul Interviewed on "The Kelly-File" W / Megyn Kelly - Fox News - October 28, 2013 (VIDEO) 17:28:11
Stay Proud DP: No hope for fallen objects, Yes Faith in raising subjects 17:10:13
MIT Study: Tin Foil Hats Amplify Invasive Radio Waves 16:43:35
Inventor of Litecoin, Charlie Lee, Talks About Litecoin, Bitcoin, And Coinbase 16:32:33
Israel And USA: Best Friends? 16:24:43
From "Vote Ron Paul": Ron Paul Chair Jesse Benton Caught In 200k Bribery Scandal 16:11:24
42% with Obama 42% with Tea Party 16:02:53
EU considering sanctions on US over spying (Video) 15:04:11
Is Rand Paul the next generation-defining senator on American foreign policy? 14:21:07
Thread suggestion: With Christmas/Holiday season fast approaching, 14:15:52
The TRUTH: Poll Shows Most Libertarians Don't Identify With Tea Party 14:06:10
Liberty reality show starts Indie Gogo Campaign to produce next batch of episodes! 13:35:53
Marine Calls for John McCain to be Arrested and Tried for Treason at Town Hall Meeting 13:33:21
Kickstarter Campaign Seeks Funding For 'Puppycide' Documentary 13:25:40
Connecting Dots: Obama's Citizenship, Passport Records, Obamacare Website, CIA, Benghazi, Secret War, Michael Hastings 13:18:32
Dr. Ron Paul at Colorado Mesa University 13:13:40
Rand Paul: "What America 'needs' is NOT another Politician. What America needs is a Revival!" - FULL Speech 12:52:34
Medicare chief apologizes for 'Obamacare' woes 12:50:00
Journey to Jekyll Island: Part VI The State 12:12:28
Mitch McConnell's Attack On Matt Bevin Signifies Larger Battle Plan 12:11:28
October 13 AFF 12:03:25
Chimpanzees, God, and Political Theory 11:47:44
Democracy Unplugged Forum Sampler 11:28:19
Ben Swann: Is BitCoin Real Capitalism? YES: One of the Best Examples of REAL Capitalism; EconDemocracy in Action + Max Keiser 11:25:08
No Woman, No Drive 11:18:47
Ted Cruz Looms Large Over Comprehensive Immigration Reform 11:08:00
Thoughts on this? 11:03:59
Unmanned Documentary on Drone Strikes 10:46:43
Firm Behind Obamacare Website Also Helping N.J. 'Quickly Deploy' Sandy Relief Funds 10:39:06
Ron Paul: The American People Want More Fed Transparency! 10:30:00
The Fed's Housing Empire is Crumbling - Pending Home Sales Plunge in September 10:13:06
Nice Try, But Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Views Haven’t Changed 10:06:34
Michael Scheuer destroys idiots in congress 10:01:04
Daily Paul'er Opinions - Citizens Grand Jury 08:51:20
Was the Attempted War with Syria Meant to Fail in Order to Shift the Entire World Against the U.S.? 08:17:41
Trayvon's Mom to Senate: "Clarify Stand Your Ground Laws" LOL! 08:15:55
‘Iran two weeks away from weapons-grade uranium’ 07:33:10
What is Liberty ? We Shall Never Forget * Never Forget * Never Forget! 05:24:36
Deleted 04:18:49
Austrian Theory, W. Block, Ron Paul go Mainstream-Local 04:01:03
What if government refused to grant welfare benefits to corporations able to pay a living wage? 02:18:00
Mormon Moms Fight For Legal Cannabis 00:46:38
The phone number spells the F word! 00:32:53
Obamacare: Drowns in a Flood of Rapacious Incompetency! 00:19:43
Rand Paul: Ironic Democrats Shut Down Government Over ObamaCare Delay, But Now Support It 00:03:49