Posted on October 31, 2013

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"The Chicago Plan" - 1948 LIFE Magazine article "World Government", explains present situation 23:31:13
'Obama' wears straightjacket, crowd goes insane 22:05:20
VIDEO: Dad makes his son a prosthetic hand with 3D printer for only $5 vs. $20,000 for traditional prosthetic hand 20:35:02
Rachel Maddow mocked Rand Paul for plagiarism, but she’s been accused of it too 19:45:25
Ron Paul to campaign for Cuccinelli 19:28:26
Not funny / at all yall 19:10:30
ObamaCare: What You're Not Being Told (ObamaCare without the party politics) 18:51:29
Goldman Sachs Has Chosen Our Next President 18:43:41
Flordia Sheriff Found Not Guilty 18:14:56
Who Else Received Their Ben Swann Package In The Mail? 18:07:17
10/30/13 Peter Schiff: Fed getting ready to increase QE and here’s why… 17:02:31
DOJ Argues International Treaty Can Trump the Constitution 15:13:11
The Elites’ Strange Plot to Take Over the World: One World Government and "The Atlantic Union" 14:36:55
Cody Wilson & Defense Distributed's Latest: Dark Wallet; Trick or Treat Western Civilization! 12:53:21
Walter Block on the Ayn Rand Cult, the Differences Between Libertarians, and more! 11:57:19
Snowden Gets Job... Will maintain 'Russia's largest website'... 11:48:48
Don't Know Chuck Baldwin? You Should... 10:50:18
South Park has a hilarious parody on Obamacare 09:39:38
Republicans want the ACA to succeed. 09:05:25
FBI says Senator Ronald Calderon took bribes from undercover agents 08:52:20
One of the greatest photos I have ever seen 08:07:00
No work today! It's floodin' down in Texas. Stevie Ray Vaughn statue under water! 07:46:02
Sebelius: 'Men Often Do Need Maternity Care' 06:04:39
Annihilation of U.S. Dollar Coming - Jim Sinclair 00:56:17
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Bitcoin ATM's in Canada 23:54:45
Ever wondered how everything you buy from China gets here? Welcome to the port of Shanghai - the size of 470 football pitches 23:50:11
Ben Swann: ACLU Tells Schools To Stop Praying, Or They May Sue 23:20:39
EPJ - Mysterious Google Floating Structure Now Spotted on East Coast 23:20:39
Lay's to roll out chocolate-covered potato chip 23:18:21
Paintball Gun Meets Real Gun 23:09:53
Sen. Rand Paul Interview on 'America's Newsroom' W / Bill Hemmer - Fox News - October 31, 2013 (VIDEO) 23:04:19
"Inch by Inch, Row by Row" 22:38:35
Redneck: It's Better Than (VIDEO) 22:37:33
Avoiding Obamacare 22:32:16
Hahahahahaha - 6 People Signed Up for Odumbacare on Day 1 21:40:39
If you want honest independent media, then support honest independent media. 21:39:10
3D Printing is a Scam 21:29:01
Former Marine encourages serving military to start conserving for a different kind of "landscape" 21:11:53
Ron Paul Coming To Virginia Monday November 4th 2013 Greater Richmond Convention Center 21:03:33
Benjamin Franklin Was No Fan of The Gold Standard 21:03:24
Andrew Napolitano: Spying on the President 20:45:50
Meet Mike Bloomberg’s worst nightmare: The 'Twinkieburger' 20:39:59
BFP: Processing Distortion: “Trailing the FBI’s Boston Bombing Investigation” 20:39:18
November 18, 2013: “Don’t Send Your Child To School Day" - Say NO To Common Core 20:34:36
Daily Paul APP in Android Google Play > 20:32:31
Need help with fluoride petition. 20:29:11
Corporate irresponsibility - a result of limited liability status 19:57:23
Freedom's Remnant now Wacko Bird 19:56:11
Article: "Obamacare enrollments got off to very slow start, documents show" 19:32:39
Delta Flight 2255 transporting a fallen soldier home 19:29:41
Video: Want to make some money? Start a PAC. 19:20:15
Everything we see is designed to sell us something. 19:15:03
Occupied Amerika News Ep.6: Degeneracy-Actual; When PoliceState Hero-Worship becomes Chic Fundraiser Meme for Corporatist Thugs! 19:07:13
What is the Future Value of Bitcoin 18:59:15
. 18:42:48
Canadian #chemtrail Petition Was Heard Before Parliament Last Week, October 2013 18:40:11
Marxism: Your fate as a federal US citizen explained. 18:15:27
Senate Intelligence Committee Passes Bill That Codifies, Expands NSA Powers 18:12:25
Israeli planes strike Syrian military base 17:36:37
Goldman Sachs pays Hillary nearly half a million for two speeches 16:50:47
The Department of Housing Stability’s Ghoulish Statue 16:50:09
Contacted for Radio Ratings? Don't forget PodCasts. 16:18:08
Halloween for Gunnies: Kirsten Joy Weiss, the .17HMR plinkin' Arachnida! Oh My! 16:09:54
Peter Schiff: Friend or Foe? 16:01:33
Gary Bauer says Jan is irritating 15:51:28
Occupied Amerika News Ep.5: Austin PD Entrap & Arrest 'Low-Income-looking' Citizens w/Obscure, Broad Anti-Smoking Ordinance! 15:50:29
Occupied Amerika News Ep.4: Get Arrested for Overdue Library Books - NOT Onion! 15:38:23
(Video 1:51) Ender's Game Premiere: Conspiracies, Aliens, Religion and Robots 14:59:17
Conditioning for the Future 14:36:00
Christina Heller Producer of "The Spark" Documentary on the AB Show 14:31:16
Spying on Data VS Changing the Data 14:27:41
The role of the internet in promoting liberty: Ron Paul 14:10:10
The Power of the State vs. the Power of Love 14:02:06
Rand Paul rips Maddow over Wikipedia questions: ‘She’s been spreading hate on me for three years now’ 13:54:52
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Nope, She's Not a Bankster Puppet: Hillary Clinton paid $400,000 for TWO speeches, by GoldmanSUX! 13:40:29
Finding Masculine Halloween Costumes For Your Effeminate Son - Today Now 13:11:45
Gasoline at near $3/gallon 13:11:44
Jon Stewart destroys NSA Lawmakers 13:07:00
A little Oingo Boingo for Halloween 12:47:56
The strange and mysterious history of the Ouija board 12:39:37
DHS Buys More Weapons to Use Against Americans (VIDEO) 12:37:54
34 scientific studies showing adverse health effects from Wi-Fi 12:33:26
Vaccine dangers: Bombshell admissions from CDC's 1999 Epidemiologist 12:32:22
Flashback as a reminder of government tyranny: Rawesome Foods raid (2012) 12:29:28
Israel Suspected Of Destroying Syrian Air Base By Missile Attack From Sea 12:06:11
China Moves Spy Ship To Hawaiian Waters In “Retaliation” Against U.S. (Video) 11:54:57
October 31st - Happy reformation day. (Film about Martin Luther) 11:39:24
"Money for Nothing" being presented at Savannah Film Festival 11:15:54
Sheriff Richard Mack Updates Constitutional Sheriff Nick Finch's Persecution Prosecution; Patriot Jury: NOT Guilty! 10:15:36
A Welcome US/Saudi Reset by Ron Paul 09:17:18
House to Vote Today on Derivatives Bill Written by Citigroup Lobbyists 08:36:51
Where is Greenpeace in regards to Fukushima? 07:29:19
Adrian Murray at Nullify Now 06:42:27
10 Ways Recycling Hurts the Environment 04:38:15
NAP Freedom Anarchy Property Rights Self ownership Masses freedom fighter. 03:34:05
The Obama Administration is Forcing Insurance Companies To Keep Quiet About Obamacare Problems 03:25:49
The Power of the State vs. the Power of Love 09:14:41
Thrivalist - Free Ebook 00:09:30
Sox whoop em 00:00:15