Posted on November 1, 2013

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"Good jurors nullify bad laws" - Campaign to promote jury nullification hits Washington D.C. (VIDEO) 23:02:55
Bowie Makes Video For 13 Bucks 22:29:39
Not Guilty! Sheriff Mack On Sheriff Finch’s Acquittal: "Constitution on Trial" + Alex Jones Interview 20:31:09
Why Most People Do Not Have to Pay Their Medical Bills 20:09:20
The Next States to Legalize Marijuana 19:51:06
'Show Me Your Breasts!" - Lawsuit: Ark. Cop Chased and Tased Woman After She Refused to Show Him Her Breasts 18:45:13
Snowden Appeals to U.S. for Clemency 18:24:11 Libertarians Win Historical Lawsuit Against Election Committee 17:30:27
Conspiracy Of Silence (Banned Discovery Channel Documentary) 17:17:05
Glenn Greenwald: Enemy of the State 17:15:03
Judge who ruled "Stop and Frisk" Unconstitutional removed from bench and ruling blocked 15:44:33
U.S. Drone Strike Kills SAME Pakistani Man For The SIXTH Time! 15:32:02
A Tin-Foil-Hat for Halloween 15:28:50
Hilarious video of NYPD trying to stop skateboarders goes viral 14:01:01
Feds Threaten Merchant for ‘Department of Homeland Stupidity’ T-shirts 13:43:31
First time Israel bombs somebody and nobody really cares. 13:09:00
Columbia SC Police Chief threatens to hunt down citizen who critized drug war on facebook 13:01:07
Update LAX Shooter - Paul Anthony Cia-n-cia Age 23 - Anti Government Literature On him -No- I'm Not Making It Up 12:59:20
TSA employee shot at checkpoint at LAX Terminal 3; victim in unknown condition 12:49:00
Where will liberal yuppies drink their coffee now? 12:07:59
Silver Out Sells Gold 75:1 in October @ the U.S. Mint 12:07:26
Class-Action Lawsuit Against the President for Obamacare Fraud 10:23:49
Colorado Pot Law: Just Another Excuse to Confiscate Wealth (VIDEO) 10:03:58
Rand Paul: Time to End the Secrecy at the Federal Reserve 09:31:01
Felony Friday: FL Sheriff Vindicated For His Defense Of The Second Amendment 09:04:23
Former Mayor Laments Defending Obamacare: “I Have Now Learned That I Was Wrong. Very Wrong.” 07:50:46
Where is the outrage for this? 07:48:00
Police Chief: “I just don’t like the riot gear. We’re not the military, Nor should we look like an invading force coming in." 07:39:12
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Ben Swann boogies with us in Chile 23:24:07
Sebelius: Websites For Dummies 23:17:05
Weekend Listening. A discussion between Chris Duane and Ernest Hancock. People that KNOW the dollar paradigm is in collapse. 22:36:29
Gary & Angie Franchi's N3 Network gets a New Home! New Studio Launch Party - Nov. 1, 2013! 22:27:39
Repeal Overtime Labor Laws? 21:52:03
5th of November youtube 21:40:32
Peter Schiff on the Fed on set of the Kudlow Report 21:36:38
EPJ: Ron Paul vs. Ron Paul, Inc. 20:52:23
Wendy McElroy Defends Pornography For Women 20:38:54
How To Spread Liberty To A Wide and Varied Audience at Zero Cost And Almost No Effort 20:24:56
Ron Paul Presents "Power to the Jury" At Issue (NEFL) 20:18:18
Shooter off duty TSA employee 20:11:28
CBS SanFran FOIA 'Google's NSA-Barge;' Their 'Apple Store,' the Mobile Edition: "Google-X," Their 'SkunkWorks' 20:02:55
Buy It Now, It’s Legal – Medical Marijuana Cannabidiol (CBD from Industrial Hemp) 19:24:17
Documentary on History of US Hemp Industry 19:00:49
4 Days! Justin Amash Re-Election Money Bomb Dec. 16th. 18:39:24
Obama orders government to prepare for impact of global warming - Fri - While you were focused on LAX shooting 18:39:21
The hierarchy of disagreement 18:20:59
Dangerous Ideas - My Opinion 18:11:58
Don't Confuse The Two 17:49:34
Aim to support our returning Veterans! 17:42:08
Caught On Tape: CA. Guards Repeatedly Use Pepper Spray On Mentally Ill Inmates (WARNING: Contains Disturbing Content) 17:41:41
RIAA Engages in Fearmongering Against Bitcoin 17:16:24
What is the ground situation of Food Stamp benefits-limit reduction? 16:56:30
Chuck Baldwin: LBJ and the State Owned Churches Betrayal of Christians' Rights 16:54:39
The Lion Sleeps No More 16:41:36
'US is the biggest currency manipulator in the world': Robert Kiyosaki 16:03:56
Taliban Pakistan LEADER killed by US drone strike (after announcing possible peace talks...) 15:41:07
The President Wants You to Get Rich on Obamacare 15:11:48
NATO and CIA Support Al Qaeda Terrorists in Syria 15:05:59
How are registering your registrations of registered registries registering for you? 14:46:28
How Do You Explain 14:42:17
The case against Rudy Giuliani for evidence destruction on 9/11 14:15:31
Salvation Army supports genocide of LGBT community 14:02:54
Healthcare business owner, worried about Obamacare 13:59:29
Germany: Prepared to speak with Snowden 13:23:14
"Never Forget Everything Hitler Did In Germany Was Legal" Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, 1963 13:17:12
Shots Fired At LAX, TSA Agent Shot In leg, Terminal 3 Evacuated 13:16:48
Ron Paul’s Podcast Interview – Audit The Fed! 11/1/13 12:49:07
Let there be Dark.. Cody Wilson and The resistance is here 12:33:20
Peter Schiff interviews Rand Paul 10/31/13 11:39:16
Nationwide Fight Begins Over Raising Tobacco Age to 21 11:27:46
Ben Swann: Establishment Republicans vs Liberty Candidates (Video) 11:25:49
6 Enrollees On First Day? SNL' Skit Correctly Predicted 11:15:08
John Kerry acknowledges NSA 'reached too far' on 'auto pilot' 11:10:09
Top Doc: Obamacare Will Do Nothing To Control Healthcare Costs... Premier Hospitals Opt Out... 11:08:08
Remember, remember! The fifth of November, 11:07:40
Germany: Prepared to speak with Snowden... Hits Back at USA...Snowdn Responds 11:00:54
Ron Paul Talks to Glenn Beck About Homeschooling 10:37:15
Fed Meeting: As Long As There Are Dollars To Print, They Will Have Excuses To Print Them 10:35:32
“Copious Amounts Of Anarchist Publications” Lands Prisoner in Solitary 10:26:26
Asking dailypaul traders, short term stock advice? 10:22:58
Hello, $3 Gasoline! Hello, Deflation and Economic Slowdown! 10:08:24
The US needs to retire daylight savings and just have two time zones—one hour apart 10:05:07
Video: Civilization is a Human Cage 10:00:58
Bashar fighting Terrorists like Al Nusra Front, while Israel bombs them and the UN oversees the destruction of chemical weapons 09:53:41
Rand's Summer Break 09:45:30
Meet Mike Bloomberg’s worst nightmare: The 'Twinkieburger' 09:41:01
Glenn Greenwald: On leaving the Guardian 09:40:53
Ben Swann Videos: Defending Mainstreet and Is Bitcoin Real Capitalism? 09:34:14
A positive development in Internet privacy 09:29:56
Keynesian Theory In 5 Minutes 09:27:47
All-Time High Unemployment: The Economic Depression In Europe Just Keeps Getting Deeper 09:25:07
The Uncivil War 08:38:38
When Should You Shoot The Mailman? 08:28:27
Audit the Fed Now - Support H.R. 24 and S. 209 - Sign The Petition, Call Your Reps 08:16:57
Prisoners forced from cells with pepper spray in order to medicate them 07:38:11
Tom Woods Interviews John Whitehead - Author of "A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State". 07:17:35
Obama care is a Failure just like Central Planning is a failure enjoy 06:53:42
Food bank CEO warns of riots over major food stamp cuts 00:13:55
Chris Powell: Gold price suppression - why, how, and how long? 00:06:59