Posted on November 2, 2013

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So it was stated that Adam Kokesh's attorney left his case, now Adam has a public defender, how do we get a pitch in for a real 23:00:15
USA vs. Bond: A Potential Disaster Brewing In Scotus. 22:10:11
TSA Union President Wants Armed Officers With The Power To Make Arrests - Right on Cue! 20:18:53
Happy Halloween from Ron Paul! 19:08:47
Predictive Programming: LAX shooter's notes about the NWO 18:19:32
Got it. It's all our fault 17:46:02
Israel Is Furious At Obama For The 'Scandalous' Leak That It Bombed Syria This Week 16:49:09
Amazing Cop Develops Secret Communication Powers! 15:22:49
About Adam: Josie and Larken Rose on Adam Kokesh 14:56:08
Why Was The American Peoples Gold Confiscated In 1934 ? The Real Reason ? 14:44:49
Bitcoin is changing the world! 09:47:30
I almost lost it ... 09:38:28
Occupy Protester Accused Of Bank Robbery For Holding ‘You’re Being Robbed’ Sign 08:00:24
What To Ask Obamacare Supporters! 02:34:23
Video: Boston Police Accuse me of Witness Intimidation; Threaten to Charge PINAC Readers With Same (Updated) 01:13:20
The New "Forever Stamp" 00:11:54
Preamble to a brand new series on the Daily Paul celebrating our 50 states. 03:12:06
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Is There An American That Knows What Their First Constitutional Right Is? 23:50:14
I'm conflicted: underground water rights versus property rights. need input. 23:45:57
American Health Care Killed My Father: David Goldhill On How Consumer-Driven Medicine Saves Lives 23:40:54
Jimi Hendrix IS Freedom 23:18:04
Top NSA Whistleblower: “NSA Management Had A Plan To Spy On The People Of The United States Even Before 9/11” 23:09:21
An Abstract Noun 22:45:43
Very Moving! 22:22:08
DEBT: The First 5,000 Years 21:37:18
The end of hypocrisy: American foreign policy in the age of leaks 21:02:25
The bank guarantee that bankrupted Ireland, and the solution staring everyone in the face 20:57:21
Trusic: the Truth and Music Show 20:45:07
UK: Snowden reporter's partner involved in 'espionage' and 'terrorism' At a London court hearing this week for Miranda's lawsuit 20:35:48
Who Will You Vote For? New Jersey Governor 20:34:33
New York Times: "No Morsel Too Minuscule for All-Consuming N.S.A." 20:22:28
Senate NSA Reform Gives Agency Even More Spying Powers 20:20:15
Riot police deployed to combat thousands of French anti-tax protesters... 20:02:56
Ben Swann and Josh Tolley doing "My Humps", Karaoke at Galt's Gulch Chile 19:48:29
Plugless Power Charging for Nissan Leaf, Chevy Volt 19:04:54
The United States Is Still A British Colony - America Lost The Revolutionary War 18:57:09
Glenn Greenwald's domestic partner accused of terrorism 18:00:46
The Affordable Care Act is infectious and many will be forced into infection! 17:42:44
What do you think of this arrest for inappropriate sexual contact and the court results? 17:34:53
Obama Uses Executive Order ILLEGALLY As An Excuse To Make A Sweeping Takeover Of Nation's Climate Change Policies 17:28:25
Are You A Dreamer? Scene from 'Waking Life' 16:15:32
Million Mask March (November 5th) 16:11:13
John McCain Exposed 15:34:56
Height Of Irresponsibility: Drudge Report Headline: " Iran Committed To 'death To America'" 15:25:50
Government(Al) Body! 15:03:42
espionage (does the US spy on Israel?) 14:14:01
Obama says he's cut the deficit in half. This is definitely the joke of the day. 13:07:43
Tired of seeing bikinis on DP 12:30:16
Last Few Words 12:27:07
I confess: I'm a "Terrorist." Are you one too? 11:37:31
Corbett Report *attacks* the Russell Brand nut hugging 11:26:43
The Corportist Pigs are conspiring again! 10:51:38
Report: DHS employees abusing overtime allowances 09:50:57
Texas women turned away at abortion clinics after court ruling 09:49:39
ObamaCare KO’s 100,000 policies in NY 09:47:41
Japan Alert - Draconian secrecy bill being pushed through by Abe government 08:58:29
Front Page Blank 08:50:57
Prisoner Sent To Solitary For Having “Copious Amounts Of Anarchist Publications” 07:56:46
How not to demonstrate your contempt for banks 07:13:44
Eisenhower's drones: The extraordinary influence of two psychopathic brothers on modern America 04:20:21
VA stops releasing data on injured US vets as total reaches grim milestone 04:12:44
Children on the menu: Predators seek to normalize pedophilia 04:09:36
First study on long term effects of GM corn causes shocking tumors and 70% early death in female rats 03:37:40
A great talent! 03:28:02
Shocking Ingredients in McDonald’s French Fries 02:29:38
Could I pass for an illegal alien? 01:02:09
Conrad the Constitution Episode 6 - Obamacare - Featuring Ron Paul! 00:35:36
Another shooter "drill" leads to an incident 00:26:45
Education Revolution Protest Day and Podcast on Common Core 00:22:25