Posted on November 5, 2013

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The Fix Is In 22:42:57
‘Courage Is Contagious’: NSA Employees Following Snowden’s Lead 21:09:51
Cuccinelli Brings in Big Dog Ron Paul to Close 21:08:22
First-Time Gun Owner, Need Advice 20:41:16
Very Sad: Cuccinelli 45% Mcauliffe 48%, Democrats Win 20:27:10
Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CNN's The Situation November 5, 2013 19:58:29
(LIVE) James Babb - Jury Nullification DC Billboards Artist 19:23:14
Police Search For Non-Existent Drugs By Forcing Man To Undergo Enemas & Cavity Searches 17:31:59
ABC News Implicates Alex Jones To TSA Shooter (VIDEO) 15:28:28
Man Subjected to Anal Cavity Searches, Forced Enemas, Colonoscopy for Clenching his Buttocks "Suspiciously" 14:31:58
400+ cities have November 5th rallies 12:57:07
Heard a few minutes of Rush Limbaugh yesterday. Made me think Rand Paul isn't too bad. 12:50:43
Revealed: Obama Campaign Bundler Helping Fund Libertarian In Tight Va. Gubernatorial Race 12:27:16
‘Morning Joe’ Blasts Carney for Mocking Reporters Rather Than Answering Obamacare Questions 12:10:37
Must-Read: Texas Single Mom's Viral 'Thank You' Letter to Obama 11:06:53
Ron Paul rejects libertarian candidate in Virginia for Governor 10:49:46
Judge Jeanine to Barack Obama: "No One Believes You Anymore!" - 08:54:56
6 9 2 R E L 06:14:23
Eco-Friendly Hippy Vandalizes Vehicle and Leaves a Note 04:33:52
Is it a war if only one side shows up? 01:28:48
A Violent Gang of Police Attack Nurse Because She Called Her Supervisor 00:40:58
Mother Jones cover story: Troll vs. Spy - How GOP rebel Justin Amash spooked the NSA 00:22:43
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Free App to Stream Live Video from Your Mobile or Webcam 23:58:36
Post Mortem in Virginia: Ken Cuccinelli delivers election night speech (VIDEO) 23:41:10
Terry McAuliffe narrowly wins Virginia governor’s race 23:24:52
Attorney: Cops in N.M. Colonoscopy Search Case May Have Been Motivated by Victim's (White) Race 22:58:15
Million Mask March Brings Thousands To DC To protest Corruption 22:39:22
Borat - Police 22:39:12
Why Does The United Nations Hate Israel So Much? 22:22:41
Operation Gladio 22:20:46
For those who wish to know what really happened and how it happened... 22:12:00
What If Money Was Based On Functional Ecosystems? 22:03:39
First Wall Street Criminal Confession in a Generation...Still No One in Jail 21:17:16
Bitcoin Self-Defense, Part I: Wallet Protection 21:07:06
Inspiring message of liberty from a Harvard law student 20:44:26
The Rise of Chicago's 99% Against Rahm Emanuel, "Mayor 1%" 20:29:19
Remembering that great feeling I had during the Ron Paul Revolution 20:28:09
I Said Pear NOT Bear! 20:13:29
You Thought Cyprus Was Bad 19:45:03
Crazy so called Libertarian. Sarvis in Virginia pushes taxes on car mileage 19:42:51
Cody Wilson Explains his Bitcoin Dark Wallet Project in an interview With Ernest Hancock on Freedoms Phoenix 19:39:10
We Got To Simplify the Message 19:38:01
Usery: Weapon of Control and Enslavement 19:23:44
Mike Maloney Teaches The Biggest Lessons Of Money 18:50:28
“Remember, Remember” Guy Fawkes’ Gunpowder Plot 18:45:42
Cleveland Crain's 40 under 40 Honoree 17:56:58
RT's Abby Martin Stomps Rachel Maddow's Guts Out for Being a 9/11 Shill 17:46:31
The Road Usage Tax and Two Horrible Ideas 17:21:38
Obama Lied 17:05:39
Remember, Remember the 5th of November...I forgot 17:05:16
Revealed: Obama Campaign Bundler Helping Fund Libertarian in Tight Va. Gubernatorial Race 16:41:52
Member of Pussy Riot Disappears During Prison Transfer 16:35:46
Elderberry Lane - 11/05/2013: Week 4 (from the Daily Paul weekly poem thread) 16:27:30
America's Historical Purge is Happening Now - Video 16:14:24
Authorities Racing Down Highways to Arrest You For Crimes you Didn't Commit (humor...?) 16:08:19
OMG-if you get pulled over don't clench ur butt! vid 15:53:14
DNC Boss Wasserman Schultz: Nothing Obama Said About ACA “Was Not True” (VIDEO) 15:48:33
Looking for solar power enthusiasts, best deals on panels and controllers, anyone here into that sort of thing? 15:45:04
Jim Rickards mocked in 2011 on CNBC for suggesting gold is money, German gold might not be there 15:17:29
Is The Department of Homeland Security Building a MERCENARY Unit?: DHS to Hire “Top Secret” Domestic Security Force 15:13:45
Ben Swann EXPOSED: Pretty Much Undeniable Proof (VIDEO) 14:56:59
(Video) Is silver confiscation coming? 14:56:11
Jim Sinclair on the Inflation/Deflation Debate - 2/26/09 14:55:54
Libertarian Governor Candidate Adrian Wyllie Speaking @ South Florida String Festival Nov 10th! 14:52:00
Unintended (Debatable) Consequence Of Lax Tsa Incident 14:38:50
Democratic RoboCalls Claim Cuccinelli Supports Obamacare, Abortion 14:31:08
Island Of Debris From 2011 Japan Tsunami The Size Of Texas Is Heading Straight For The West Coast Of Us Updated 14:19:33
RT: 9/11 Declared An Inside Job By The American Government 14:09:20
Quigley: Interesting Connection Between Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Secret Societies 13:43:08
An Interview with Paul Craig Roberts 13:06:24
Dr. Paul: Not board-certified, but self-certified 12:41:11
Senator Rand Paul Faces New Charges of Plagiarism 12:38:43
Move or Stay? 12:36:23
The State is Criminal; Long Live the State 12:25:51
Ron Paul To Virginians: 'insane' To Vote For 'libertarian' Robert Sarvis 12:22:12
Rand Paul breaks down ObamaCare in terms only freedom-loving Americans can understand 11/4/13 12:11:45
Original Source: Full 12 Minute Unedited CBS News Video Of Mannequin Victim At LAX 11:28:08
Sic Semper Tyrannis Revealed - New SBSS Coin is Awesome 11:25:14
What are the most hated things that you've said here at the Daily Paul? 11:19:44
Are Constitutional Conservatives Really The Boogeyman 11:17:21
VA. Libertarian Candidate is deceiving Libertarians! 10:37:31
Peter Schiff Outlines Why Gold Is Insurance 11/4/13 10:27:02
libertarians being used by sarvis' funder 10:22:23
The Insomniac Libertarian an Austrian analysis of the Virginia gubernatorial debate 09:07:09
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Brother Ezekiel Emanuel: "President Obama is not responsible for that." 09:02:48
Stand Together Now Or You Will End Up Facing the Police State Alone 08:26:20
Rebel rocket attack hits American Icon! 07:46:01
Bloomberg Runs Story on Peter Schiff, Ron Paul and Gold 06:01:00
Genetic Roulette - An Alarming Anti-GMO Movie 02:03:43
Corporate Fast Food Chains Lobby for Amnesty 01:59:13
Consensus regarding management interference in your ability to perform your job efficiently, effectively and with member focus! 01:54:42
Boy with Down Syndrome Beaten By The Police For Wearing Colostomy Bag 01:38:36
The logical conclusion of "police brutality" and "government oppression" 01:22:03
Is Obama a "Post Turtle"? 01:08:44
Anger Kills 00:57:37
BCSO Task Force Arrest Of PINAC Editor 00:51:10
Monsanto's Very Bad Week: Three Big Blows for GMO Food 00:43:31
Video: Ron Paul Speaks At Ken Cuccinelli Rally 00:42:27
Romney's List of Electable GOPers Does Not Include Cruz (Or Rand) 00:37:17
Ron Paul: What Was Not Said About Iraq 00:28:31
Rather unique view of the 2nd plane on 9/11 00:28:06
11/1/2013: Obama To Boost US Military Support in Iraq 00:24:42
A Poem To Share 00:18:02
Internet Archaeologists Find Ruins Of 'Friendster' Civilization 00:18:01