Posted on November 6, 2013

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Police forced a second man to have invasive procedure 23:39:20
Ron Paul: Christie Will ‘Go the Way of McCain and Romney - Video 21:51:47
LAND: Look what is happening in my neighborhood! 21:42:45
Chris Christie to Help Re-elect Senator Lindsey Graham 21:23:54
Rand takes a swipe at the Fat Boy 21:21:17
Stockman: Brace for the mother of all bubbles 20:58:14
GA Vet & CCW-Carrier banned from her Daughter's School for FaceBookPix! REAL Bigotry: Hoplophobes hate Empowered & Armed Blacks! 20:38:18
"Very Low" Obamacare Enrollment Admitted As Young People Just Say No 20:10:23
Ron Paul On Virginia Election: Big Corporations And MIC Got Candidate They Wanted 20:09:45
Brace Yourselves! POLITICO: Rand Paul meets separately with both Roger Ailes & Rupert Murdoch! 17:33:21
Adam Kokesh pleads "Guilty" to Weapon & Pot Possession; Local ABC News Station Confirms 15:45:58
Serial LIAR: Video Of Obama Blatantly Lying 36 Times While Squeezing His Butt Cheeks (VIDEO) 14:21:44
What if more Doctors move to cash-only service. Can we avoid Obamacare this way? 14:07:02
Wake up the sheeple and have fun doing it! 12:50:17
Million Suspicious Butt Clench March Announced in WDC! (Adult content warning) 11:46:16
Dianne Feinstein To Make 1 Billion Dollars Off Us Postal Properties ? 11:42:34
Colorado Voters Approve 25 Percent Taxes on Recreational Marijuana 10:54:54
Jan brings Congressman Burgess around 10:34:29
Obama Secret Service Agent: “It’s Worse Than People Know… and I’m Not Trying to Scare You Either”(VIDEO) 10:30:10
My Video has made it as a finalist in a short film festival! 10:13:56
All 9 Texas Amendments Passed! Texas loves Big Government! 08:44:15
NFL Player Walks Away From Game. Will Start Political Podcast And Grow Own Food 08:35:59
Cuccinelli Campaign Says National GOP Abandoned Them: 'We were on our own' 08:13:25
Washington Times Ends Rand Paul Column After Plagiarism Allegations 03:34:15
Lavabit and Silent Circle team up: Launching open source "Dark Mail" initiative 00:33:52
Hey GOP, wake up! You NEED us! 00:32:41
Roger Stone, O.G.Politiko/Nixon Insider: LBJ killed JFK! Along w/CIA, the Mob, and TX Big Oil + James Corbett on LAX False Flag! 00:30:18
Tommorow's Headline: Cuccinelli Loses, Is the Tea Party Finished? 00:18:54
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Cats & Teenagers 23:56:17
If You Have Nothing To Hide You Have Nothing To Fear 23:52:01
Watch This...! Ronald Reagan: Americans Will Never Surrender 23:47:53
Lovely Infographics: Legalizing Pot Won't Close Any Budget Gaps 23:33:22
A strong whiff of cheese is pervading on the DP these last few days. 23:24:49
Harry's War ! 1981 23:04:12
Exit Strategy? What Exit Strategy? 22:48:01
If You Like Your God, You Can Keep Him 22:24:14
Just posted today, some who knew Obama growing up, Watch and spread as quickly as possible 22:09:24
Help me crowd fund a "Marijuana is Safer" billboard campaign in Nashville TN 22:02:19
Obizzaycare 21:38:38
The Same Conversation Every Two Years 21:38:00
Alright, The Attacks on Rand Has Hit a Boiling Point 21:32:21
Gary Johnson Turns Up the Heat on the NSA 21:21:36
Judge Napolitano Rand Paul Can Lead Us To An Era Of Prosperity, Happiness Small Government 21:15:58
Fake exit polls in Virginia just like fake polls before election mean nothing, LP gave election to a socialist 21:02:44
Fun With The Roflbot 20:58:07
FBI Monitored Anti-war Website ( in Error for Six Years, Documents Show 20:51:03
EPJ: Very Bad News for the Ron Paul 2012 Campaign 20:28:56
Nick Gillespie (In Time): Stop Scapegoating Third Party Candidates For Election Results You Don’t Like 20:12:56
Animation shows how Fukishima fuel rod removal will happen. 19:43:49
The Freedom OF Speech - my take! 19:39:55
EXCLUSIVE: Russia Today goes to Guantanamo; Unprecedentedly, DoD allows RT Cameras to pierce Camp Delta for PR Tours! 19:34:08
Separation of Church and State: Keeping Church at Arm's Length From State 19:09:53
Lobiondo still doesn't know ... ( or just doesn't care ) 19:03:15
Ben Swann: Why the 1st Amendment is Truly Important: In Essence, It protects Your Conviction, and Your Ability to Express Them! 18:14:55
Art Robinson Is Running For US Congress Again, Endorsed By Ron Paul Twice! 18:14:33
Janet Yellen Exposed –The Truth Behind The Myth 18:10:42
Families suspect SEAL Team 6 crash was inside job on worst day in Afghanistan 18:09:07
796. Kenya and Al Shabab are US puppets (10/28/2013) 18:07:51
Portland, ME Legalizes Marijuana While IL Approves Same-Sex Marriage 17:50:59
A historical comparison to this purge and those of Hitler and Stalin - Video 17:18:20
Ron Paul coming up on Cavuto to discuss VA election results 17:04:44
Dragon Day Movie ! 16:38:56
Obamacare explained 16:26:01
History Channel: Secrets of body language 16:21:24
China is spying on you through your KETTLE 16:08:19
Will TSA Officer's Death Allow The State To Grow TSA Powers To Lethal Levels? 16:03:51
FBI monitored for 6 years, a favorite website of Ron Paul 15:17:38
Russell Brand joins protesters; launches fireworks at Buckingham Palace 14:43:47
Doug Casey explains how to protect your money all forms of government confiscation 14:41:31
Plagiarism Rand Paul: How to get this issue to go away, Start looking at Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz writing and speeches 14:27:47
NSA nears perfection of Tantalus Field Obama soon to have ultimate power. 14:24:21
Doug Casey explains how to protect your money from the US government 11/6/13 14:19:17
Peacekeepers? Africa ATTACKED!: UN Troops In DR Congo Shell M23 Rebels Near Goma 14:03:02
Half Of The World's Richest People Come From Just 2 Families 13:26:03
You're invited to Charlotte for a Campaign for Liberty Leadership School! 13:19:45
Are DPers Familiar With H.L. Mencken? 13:19:19
Publius Huldah on Nullification - Raleigh, NC - October 19, 2013 13:13:49
Video - French protest new 'eco-tax' 13:03:58
Fake Libertarian candidate in VA governor’s race supports tax hikes, state tracking of cars 12:31:14
Fake Libertarian candidate spoils Virginia governors race 12:30:06
FOCUS. It is Constitutionalism; Not Conservatism or Libertarianism; 12:17:39
Would you Challenge Religious Freedom? 12:12:36
School allows transgender boys into girls bathrooms (VIDEO) 12:12:09
Ghandi 12:11:11
It Really IS Bush's Fault 11:26:58
Is America Being Deliberately Pushed Toward Civil War? 11:03:36
Reader Poll: Is America Doing Enough to Provide Services and Support to its Military Veterans? 11:00:20
WAKE up GOP let VA be the call! 10:54:49
Need ideas! How to protect a 401k from collapse with out pulling out? 10:27:01
Bitcoin Is Broken 10:23:48
Protesters gather around the world for Million Mask March 10:13:45
I think it's the same actor interviewed at LAX shooting and 9/11 twin towers 06:39:39
CNN exit polls on VA governor race 08:10:03
Failing to stop at stop sign results in anal cavity search! 08:07:53
Potential Ruler Weighs Options 07:16:21
Despicable Politicians 06:04:29
Mind For Sale. Price One Cent. 04:47:16
Bitcoin Reaches All Time High 01:24:27
Duplicate Post 01:02:54
JFK Letter: ‘War Is a Dirty Business’ 00:53:48
TheTruth 00:53:38
3 Million registered Virginia Voters did not vote, Republicans Still Blame Sarvis 00:40:08
US Drone Bombs CNN, MSNBC and FOX News — 198 “Militants” Killed 00:30:20
I don't believe this. I just got a "Facebook Friend" request from Jim Rogers. 00:07:44
Island of Debris The Size of TEXAS From 2011 Japanese Tsunami Is Headed Straight For The U.S. 08:51:40