Posted on November 7, 2013

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BOMBSHELL! Obama's High School Friend: Barry Soetoro "Portrayed Himself As Foreigner" (AUDIO) 23:51:17
Obama: 'I am sorry' for Health Insurance Cancellations 23:38:05
Breitbart: Media Distort Rand Paul Address by Cribbing Off AP Report 23:28:57
Delaware To Ban Private Health Insurance Under Obamacare 22:50:00
Dad ‘unfit parent for refusing son McDonald’s’ 21:28:18
World's First 3D Printed Metal Gun 21:12:22
The Unbelievable Thing Firefox Is Doing Now 19:29:12
(Video 1:31) I Outsourced My Street Art 17:34:50
VIDEO: Officers Ignore Man As He Dies From Severe Allergic Attack In Jail Cell 16:08:05
VA Libertarian Sarvis: 'Ron Paul was basically spoon-fed the GOP misinformation campaign' 16:02:31
*edit* Tom Cruise's "Anti Authoritarian" Movie 15:18:36
House GOP tweaks Obama, schedules vote on Keep Your Health Plan Act, 88 Co-Sponsors (Video) 15:00:40
Gold vs. Bitcoin - Which is better in a financial crisis? 14:50:29
Pro tip: The pledge of allegiance 14:28:06
Golf & Drinking Lesson 14:00:28
6 years today! 13:17:11
Lethal force the only option for two cops and man with shovel 13:16:21
Chris Christie on the Record 12:41:30
Dr. Ron Paul Asking Veterans to Share Their Military Experiences: Month of November 11:30:42
Would you buy a 1 Oz Gold Coin for $25 (when it's worth over $1,300)? Nobody wants it! 10:52:50
Video: Obama Truth-O-Meter 10:33:05
Bitcoin hit $900 and is now back down to under $600 10:02:18
CATO: The Federal Reserve at 100 09:36:23
Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood mock Obamacare at Country Music Awards 09:22:54
Income Tax - Ironic Lesson Learned at Grade School 08:58:25
Sen. Pat Roberts absolutely excoriates Kathleen Sebelius, demanding her resignation 08:57:06
WWE Superstar, Glenn Jacobs, teaches Austrian Economics: Video 06:23:56
Rand Paul Moves Opinion Column To Breitbart News 03:35:16
Why Didn't Obama Use Joomla? 01:33:04
People Like To Believe Bullshlt 00:05:34
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+1 For the First Amendment!: Supreme Court to Restore Right to Pray at Public Events 23:52:36
The GOP's Recipe for Failure 23:35:53
Little Boy Singing "How Great Thou Art" 23:34:21
"Feline Physics" 23:20:05
Punk Rock Libertarians: Surviving The Unaffordable Care Act 23:11:32
Mexican Voter ID Card... NOT for US - for them (See Mexican Photo-ID) 23:06:18
Animated Interview with Jerry Garcia 22:54:13
Oprah Invites Hundreds Of Lucky Fans To Be Buried With Her In Massive Tomb 21:57:22
Political Action Follows Political Philosophy 21:03:32
Plutonium Files: How the U.S. Secretly Fed Radioactivity to Thousands of Americans 20:49:09
Marco Rubio On The Record 20:34:03
Paul Ryan On The Record 20:30:53
Minister Derrick Grayson Tells the Truth 20:27:25
Jeb Bush On The Record 20:02:58
Economy Improving! Oh, Because They Changed the Way They Calculate the Numbers 19:39:16
(LIVE) Scott Horton, Foreign Policy, Peace with Iran The Allison Bricker Show 19:17:28
Gold/Silver Freedom Video 18:55:43
"The Man No One Listens To" ~ And You Probably Won't Either 18:47:00
The Freedom OF Religion - my take! 18:27:39
President Obama - How's He Doing? 18:25:19
Janet Yellen Nomination Hearing - November 14 18:24:55
trading platform for organic, non-GMO, and certified agricultural commodities 18:13:59
Lawsuit: 1.3 Million Federal Workers Entitled to Double Pay 18:12:40
The Death of Self Determination 18:11:51
The Story Behind the Miles Franklin Logo in ‘Silver Circle’ 18:06:17
Did Ron Paul Advocate an Armed Rebellion Against Our Government Over Obamacare? 17:52:39
Texas Tribune Poll Debra Medina Leading At 14% 17:50:27
Ken Cuccinelli for United States Senate 17:37:47
FMCSA Administrator describes "smack in the face" & "much clearer view" after riding in an actual big rig for 2 days 17:33:22
LEGAL Marijuana Market Set To Outpace Smartphone Growth In The United States 17:20:43
Rand Paul: Moderate Like Christie Has Little Chance in 2016 16:10:15
State Senators Elected by County? 15:31:40
Bill Watch! “Keep Your Health Plan Act” 14:51:32
Black & Pomeroy - A Treatise on the Law of Water Rights, 1893 14:43:58
How to censor in 10 easy steps. Ender's Game story. 14:41:09
CIA Pays Telecoms Millions for Your Personal Information 14:25:46
Marijuana Legalization Wins Big in Elections, Is Federal Decriminalization Next? 14:16:44
NewsMax: Rand Paul: Moderate Like Christie Has Little Chance in 2016 13:49:18
Monsanto Deceives Washington GMO Labeling Voters (Video) 13:35:35
Using technology to give the voiceless a voice and the powerless power.. Craig from Craigslist 13:31:01
Deleted - Duplicate Post 13:09:33
Twitter to be added to Dow Jones! Replaces Verizon 12:31:52
FDA Takes First Step That Could Lead to Phasing out Trans Fats 12:03:36
Bitcoin Mania 3.0. Its on like Donkey Kong! 11:58:37
Here’s how people are changing their Internet habits to avoid NSA snooping 11:58:27
Ron Paul Analyzes Cuccinelli Loss on Neil Cavuto Show 11:15:56
New pill treats dumbasses who didn't buy bitcoin. 11:06:02
freedom,Marshall Mathers LP 2,state is immoral,aggression,property rights. 11:02:46
Larry King Interviews Jesse Ventura - Oct. 2013 10:55:02
For the Legal Minds of the DP 10:50:15
Brad Paisley And Carrie Underwood MOCK Obamacare On The CMAs 10:25:03
Brad Thor makes John Stossel's day 09:58:22
Ted Cruz is Right About Growth; Ben Stein is Hopelessly Wrong 09:30:23
Joe Scarborough: Christie is the Man 09:23:07
Is Rand Paul a victim of the globalist agenda to redefine what is a journalist? 08:48:25
'Untrust Us' 07:46:44
Human race will 'split into two different species' 07:12:25
Small Minority of Americans Like When Someone is Watching 04:27:11
I hate Porn 03:36:10
The Art Of The Deal by Donald Trump 02:42:41
crazy hit and run 02:29:15
Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis was co-opted by Obama operatives to ensure Terry McAuliffe victory 02:09:33
Your Top 5 True Heroes In This Life 01:57:39
If Rand Is A Plagiarist, What Does This Make Obama?: 01:11:13
Timothy Geithner's Spook Connections 00:47:28
VOTE: If a High Marijuana Tax were to be directly tied to cutting State Income Tax, would you Approve? 00:38:45
The Samson Option 00:21:25
Gerald Ford Vetoed Freedom of Information Act 00:04:18