Posted on November 9, 2013

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Strategic Move By Gov't Could Open Obamacare To Widespread Fraud - Judge Andrew Napolitano 23:55:13
The Atlantic: The Effort to Stigmatize Privacy as Anti-American 23:17:19
For the First Time Ever, a Prosecutor Will Go to Jail for Wrongfully Convicting an Innocent Man 20:23:15
Need A Hand? 19:35:43
White Guy Wins After Leading Voters To Believe He’s Black 17:25:51
Do you drive? Do you drink? You need to be be prepared. 16:42:43
Homeless Veteran Timelapse Transformation (video) 14:39:57
If sitting in a prison cell was a job, it would be one of the most common jobs in the United States. 13:53:08
Knockout 10:36:46
NA 10:10:17
It's Official! Ron Paul's New Site: 08:55:49
What is so interesting about you that you're worth spying on? 06:57:56
TSA Penis Scanners Ensure Traveler Safety 06:24:34
Fortunate Man! 01:39:53
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JFK is a 1991 American political thriller film directed by Oliver Stone 23:49:31
Remember The Food Stamp Riots in October? Food Stamps Will Be Stripped From Abusers 23:29:40
Obama resorts to sign twirlers on Calif. streetcorners seeking Obamacare Enrollees 23:00:26
She’s shook up, she’s sliced up, but she’s alright,” said Ryan Arceneaux, 22:55:19
It Is God, not the Soldier, Who Gives Us Freedom 22:50:16
The Origins of Sovereign Citizens 22:39:53
Love the Post-'Retirement' Ron Paul! UNLEASHED: Dick Cheney the "Super Chicken-Hawk," "sounds so Pompous" and "Disgusting!" 22:04:03
f^ck 22:01:16
Egyptian Lawyers Charge Obama With Crimes Against Humanity 20:16:41
Alison Lundergan Grimes to Mitch McConnell: ‘When you're not pandering in DC, come shoot with me’ 20:16:41
How about some Dead Head Bread? 19:26:59
New invention 'harvests' electricity from background radiation and could be used to beam power to remote locations 19:13:51
Anarchist on TED talks shares her experience in Afghanistan 18:59:39
Chicago Fed Bitcoin Essay "Bitcoin does not truly embody what Hayek and others in the “Austrian School of Economics” proposed." 18:46:25
Feedback ? Based upon court documents, what can WE do ? 18:10:19
Ron Paul On Charlie Rose - September 2013 17:33:10
End the Fed Rally = Jacksonville, November 23, 2013, 2:00 PM 17:07:55
_ 16:39:37
Libertarian Pres. Candidate Ron Paul Speech at the 'Economic Club of Detroit' in 1988 16:20:40
One Fathers Testifies to the Dangers of GMOs 16:19:37
Newsweek: What's the NSA Going to Do With Your Data? 15:29:28
Wow! Meet The Silk Road Employee That The Dread Pirate Roberts Allegedly Tried To Murder 15:17:21
Doing some market research on long term coffee storage w/ green beans. 15:12:04
The Fed's Taper Bluff Going on Five Years 14:40:41
Congressional hearings on Bitcoin 14:28:27
Something's very wrong with this story about a marijuana dispensary owner from Newport Beach CA 13:14:25
Poaching on an 'industrial scale' - poor elephants 12:44:38
Details of Chinese abuse of Human Rights Lawyer and family 12:22:36
"American Values Around the World" International Treaty? 12:20:18
Adrian Wyllie is running for governor of Florida and he's awesome. 11:09:21
Rick Santorum On The Record 10:55:16
Sucker's Paradise: Schiff, Grant, Turk, Faber: "Long and Wrong" on Gold 09:26:56
Fire Trivia 08:23:10
REPORT: 52 million Americans have lost or will lose health insurance... 07:20:48
Did you know that drinking tea can be good for you? 05:24:12
SafeFlame torch turns water into fire 05:10:06
Government Opening Free Gas Stations in Poor Neighborhoods - HUMOR 04:59:33
There is Hope! 04:57:19
Study: Multiple vaccinations may actually cause autoimmune diseases. 04:54:24
How to Unwind the Fed’s Balance Sheet 04:46:56
The Cross- Billy Grahm 04:32:57
Church - my take! 03:57:42
Hate - my take! 02:59:45
New Liberty Dollar Silver QR Coin Obtains Live Bitcoin Prices 02:07:52
So who is my most devoted spreader of ideas! 01:32:33
Good News: Right Wing’s Surge in Europe Has the Establishment Rattled 00:38:34
How Does Ron Paul do it? 00:25:14
I hate churches 00:00:51