Posted on November 10, 2013

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Nullification: Portland (ME) Police Chief to Ignore Marijuana Legalization Vote 22:35:22
The TPP, if Passed, Spells the End of Popular Sovereignty for The United States 22:14:07
Buchanan: The Knives Come Out for Christie 22:06:18
Who here works in the Sheriff's department? 19:35:03
Time to REALLY defund: UN votes to revoke America (the de facto UN, as its chief underwriter)'s "Voting Rights" @ UNESCO! 18:23:21
What I Told The Homeland Security Committee - Michael F. Scheuer 18:06:36
GOCE Satellite Has Re-entered Atmosphere and Disintegrated 11/10/13 17:41:38
Indigenous Elders and Medicine Peoples Council Statement on Fukushima 17:24:58
New American: Lawmakers Push to Impeach Disgraced Attorney General Holder 16:21:41
Mikko Hypponen: How the NSA betrayed the world's trust - time to act (TED talk) 13:13:00
NSA Spying Debate 12:58:28
Chrony capitalist Republicans make fundraising push to take out Justin Amash 12:41:01
Obama Accused of ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ at International Criminal Court 12:26:39
Thomas Sowell Delivers a Smackdown: "Our Intellectual-In-Chief" 11:16:46
Rand Paul and Ted Cruz Are Frenemies 11:12:15
Ben Swann Encourages Libertarians: We Need Chaos in the System! 10:50:56
Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Publishes: "Bitcoin: A Primer" 10:45:37
10,000 feared dead 10:17:53
Evidence of Widespread Voter Fraud Found in Virginia Governor’s Race 08:17:14
No SWAT Gear, No MRAP, No Stinkin' Badges; When Men were Real Men: Way Things Used to Be; Armed Family save Girl, kill Kidnapper 06:52:01
UN One-Ups EPA, Bans all Use of Fire by Humans 02:04:57
The Heart of Dixie 15:03:46
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Manfred von Rommel passed away this year 23:01:57
Ollie North is a Tool -The Russians aren't going to do anything. 22:45:27
Janet Yellen to Testify before Senate Banking Committee, Thursday June 14 22:15:17
Eric Margolis: The Murder of Yasser Arafat 21:58:40
How do you spell Regulation? Senate Committee on Homeland Security to Discuss Bitcoin, Nov. 18 21:53:32
A Veterans Day Tribute: In Remembrance Of My Dad & All Those That Served Their Country (VIDEO) 21:44:12
Where Libertarians Go Wrong on Immigration 21:15:01
SGT Interviews Tom Woods (November 10, 2013) 20:17:03
Why the Libertarian Party is trying to make Excuses for Sarvis and giving us a Socialist 19:58:34
Kentucky Power plant uses algae to eat CO2 emissions 19:37:43
Tatiana Moroz, r3VOL Musician & Show Organizer officially joins Jeff Berwick's Galt's Gulch in Chile! 19:35:03
The Rise of the Sharing Economy 19:01:47
Bad News - IRS Website Down For Maintenance Until Tuesday 18:52:58
Obama Is Now Travelling With a Tent I Kid You Not! 18:50:13
Judo-choppin' Obama-'Care:' Investor Greg Mannarino exposes How You can BEAT BigPharma / BigInsurance using Their own System! 18:15:13
Steven Seagal interviewed by RT's Oksana Boyko: When USG needs an Actor as an Intermediary to talk to Nuclear-armed Russia... 18:07:29
Germans remember 1938's 'night of broken glass' 17:58:20
Bombshell Proof: Time To Call For Impeachment Hearings – Obama Is Lying About “being Sorry…” 17:50:03
Thought exercise 17:38:00
GridEx II, national electrical grid blackout drill, planned for 11/13 and 11/14 17:34:05
To Hope (A poem about freedom) 17:23:22
Anyone who believes he owns all the answers is a lunatic. 17:22:33
Fox Business - Oliver North Predicts Russians Will Kill Snowden: ‘He’s A Dead Man Walking’(VIDEO) 17:14:14
Dr. Ben Carson is against affirmative action 16:54:53
Sandy Hook: The best deconstruction I've ever seen. Absolutely brilliant! 16:53:30
Dishonest "white" politician wins by convincing Houston voters that he is black. True story. 16:47:00
REPORT - BOOM! Satellite To Crash-Land On Earth Sunday Afternoon 16:32:09
Lets keep it simple this time around and WIN! 16:27:04
A Monetary Tale: Request for bid. See Mark Twain @ DailyPaul 15:23:44
Fr. Coughlin explains the Fed, 1940: This privately owned corporation 'thrives on misery' & is 'leading this country into chaos 14:20:41
Ron Paul Revolution: Attention! The People's Voice 1st. Live Broadcast Now! 14:07:25
Rodrigo Canales: The deadly genius of drug cartels 14:06:28
Why Ken Cuccinelli Lost 13:31:41
Glenn Jacobs teaches Austrian Economics: Video 13:06:52
The People’s Voice – A Five Hour Live-Stream With Cutting Edge Guests From Around The World – Starting NOW 12:58:32
Is this the real reason Cuccinelli lost? 12:56:26
Remember, Remember the 10th of November 12:32:36
UNMANNED: America's Drone Wars (full film) 12:24:25
I think the Phillippine Typhoon was manmade 11:56:25
Are Gold and Silver Really "Manipulated"? 11:54:12
Terrorism Is Lurking...Be Afraid! 11:53:56
Happy Birthday Marines! From Oath Keepers 11:46:01
So... if God's all that... 11:04:03
There are only two mistakes ... 11:02:56
AP Only Allowed to Photograph President Twice : Just Don't Call It Propaganda 11:00:39
Weekend Watch: An Overview of Our World 10:27:53
Israeli bombers over Syria: Al Qaeda's air force 07:28:24
David Graeber, DEBT: The First 5,000 Years 07:17:31
Sovereign Citizen Lesson Course 07:11:22
Why Ken Cuccinelli Deserved to Lose 07:08:31
Scheduled Online Downtime 06:49:07
Guns & Ammo Editor Steps Down After Gun Rights Column Stirs Outrage 03:17:08
Welcome To My New Website Ron Paul's New Site. 01:29:40
Quite a car! 00:49:18
Lost In Translation 00:23:02
Obama Eyes Bill To Increase Minimum Wage To $9 - Judge Andrew Napolitano 00:14:54
Send In The Clowns (VIDEO) 00:13:00
Judge Andrew Napolitano - The Story of Money 00:01:24