Posted on November 12, 2013

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Woodrow Wilson = worst president 22:44:58
TV Show Blacklist portraying patriot/anarchists 22:40:19 Colorado Obamacare Advocate Loses Insurance Plan 21:07:01
You want to improve the world? Treat everyone as a customer. 22:26:28
Rand Paul's speech at the Citadel 11/12/13 (video) 18:41:52
Tom Mullen tonight on The Allison Bricker Show (LIVE) at 7pm EST 18:13:51
VIDEO: "Give Me Your Sandwich" Great Explanation of ObamaCare 17:16:07
Are Libertarians Confused About Capitalism? 15:35:15
Cops Encounter Open Carriers -video- 14:52:37
Stop thanking the troops for me: No, they don't "protect our freedoms" 14:10:36
"We're broke!" Except for a $13 BILLION Nuke-powered AirCraft Carrier: USS Gerald Ford, THE Most Expensive Warship Ever Built! 13:32:08
Former Fed Quantitative Easer Confesses, Apologizes: "I Can Only Say: I'm Sorry, America" 12:17:49
Australia to UN: No More 'Socialism Masquerading as Environmentalism' 11:37:28
New Colorado? Rural voters approve secession idea 11:06:50
Remember ACORN? James O’Keefe Targets Obamacare 10:39:00
New Lampoon The System cartoon - George Orwell Reincarnated 10:38:22
Chris Matthews: Rand Paul a ‘Pissant’ 10:37:30
I'm very happy 10:31:12
Fiat Leak! Fiat Ship Is Sinking. 09:57:03
Are You For Closing Wasteful Tax Loopholes? 07:57:48
Where Is The All Powerful Police State U.S.A. When The Typhoon Victims Need Help? 05:01:49
Video: Justin Amash Speaks At The Charleston Meeting - 11/11/2013 01:28:07
Happy 6Th Daily P Au L Anniversary Promisekept 00:41:14
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Haiyan typhoon appeal 23:59:07
Fed Really, Really Wants to End TBTF 23:41:44
Drone-Own Your Own! 23:35:09
Why Did Congress Pass DOMA Eight Years Before Same-Sex Marriage Even Existed In The U.S.? 23:25:40
SHOCK: Paul-endorsed Brannon beating out incumbent Hagan (D) in new poll! 22:47:43
If Rand Paul Wins The GOP Nomination, And Jesse Ventura Runs 3rd Party What Do We Do? 22:10:04
. 21:58:20
Rand Paul Speaks At The Charleston Meeting - 11/11/13 21:56:46
America honors hired murderers 21:54:08
Scott Walker asks Mexico to open consulate in Wisconsin 21:53:03
On the 50th Anniversay of His Murder, the Most Eloquent Words on World Peace Ever from JFK 21:49:07
The Big Rocks: A Parable 21:28:33
Deadly, rare tropical cyclone hits Somalia 21:24:26
Where does wealth come from? 21:14:43
Made In Japan 20:58:37
La Mer (come back to me): Week 5 - from the Daily Paul weekly poem thread! 20:55:18
Never been a "truther"... 20:55:01
IMHO, this video is pretty clear that JFK was not shot by Oswald. 20:48:18
Ringo: The Ex-Pat Dog 20:33:47
Psychology of Authoritarianism - 1st Amendment Shot Down 2nd Amendment Under Review 20:11:19
Here's to Veterans Day! 19:05:59
Ok Paper Hat Level 6 -recherché Beckian conspiracy 19:00:07
It's business that really rules us now 18:47:03
It's a Spiritual Battle on Earth 18:09:14
Report: Government Spying Causing Self-Censorship, Privacy Fears Among US Writers 17:53:36
U.S. Mint Reports Record Silver Sales in 2013 17:41:14
Liberty Over Dogma 17:37:20
Non-toxic therapy for lupus successfully tested on patients 17:13:21
NSA, CIA Team Up, Tap Cell Phones to Find Drone Strike Targets 17:02:28
How to Talk Like a Sovereign Citizen 17:02:07
Dallas officials, Yellow Cab worked together to thwart Uber transportation app 16:51:14
Venezuela Government "Occupies" Electronics Retail Chain, Enforces "Fair" Prices 16:17:43
Canada goes to court to try to reform, abolish Senate 15:40:56
Tinypass Just Sent You A Refund 15:39:58
OWS branded outfit buys 15M private debt for 400k. 15:29:59
University Students Face Expulsion For Using A Gun To Defend Themselves From A Home Intruder 14:42:58
Rand Sucks Up To The Israeli Lobby 14:42:46
Greg Brannon Only GOP Senate Candidate to Lead Kay Hagan-Recent PPP Polling 14:42:03
Will Elizabeth Warren challenge Hillary Clinton in 2016? 14:31:07
French to spend $4 Billions to 'save' Marseille from armed gangsters 14:13:22
Snowden-level Breaking News: NSA-DHS has RealTime Voice Print Spy Grid! Seattle City Govt CONFIRMS! 13:53:22
Sen Kay Hagan trails Dr. Greg Brannon in PPP poll 13:51:24
G. Edward Griffin interviewed on IW Nightly News w/ David Knight: 100yrs of Creature from Jekyll Island Tyranny - Nov. 11, 2013 13:43:49
Harry Reid calls candidate and asks him to drop out 13:39:57
Peter Schiff, together w/ Max Keiser at Last: LIVE in Russia Today's London Studio - November 12, 2013! 13:36:52
UK home secretary wants to overturn human rights treaties and make terror suspects stateless 13:18:53
Florida Carry fights for gunowner rights and against stand your ground attack! 13:07:21
Left wants challenger for Hillary 12:57:57
NOT Obamacare... Hillarycare/Obamacare 12:45:07
Wow! Barry Soetoro Is A Foreigner. PROOF! 12:40:12
Gerald Celente ~ Trends In The News: Peace Prize Killer 12:34:28
Gerald Celente ~ Any Congressman who supports Israel over US is a traitor 12:30:37
Patriot Terrorists - Southern Poverty Law Center Exposed 12:04:24
Are Republicans an inferior good? 11:47:56
Obama's 'Green Power' Play: The Dirty Pool Involved in its Costs 11:30:09
Snowden running out of money, lawyer says 11:22:54
Low Obamacare Enrollment More Proof of a ‘Disaster’ 11:17:03
Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Defender of the Constitution 11:05:48
9 out of 10 Paid Government Agents Agree - It would be "insane" to vote for Ron Paul 11:00:40
Karen Hudes says FLOTUS is being blackmailed...victim of "honey traps". 10:48:42
Consumer Reports: The great ethanol debate 10:45:55
The Failure of Hope and Change 10:27:24
Forget turkey & football. Shopping brings people together. 10:05:45
Obama implosion is opening the door for common sense conservatism 08:34:27
From June: Hemp Cars Could Be Wave of the Future 04:23:18
I 3D Printed a Gun (video) 04:14:23
Grid X aiming at Wall Street? 01:33:57
RT: Israel To Demolish Native Villages For Jewish Settlement 01:25:49
"They Fought for Our Freedom" (Stories of veterans abused by the cops, IRS, TSA, etc.) 00:59:22
2014 will be HUGE for Bitcoin! 00:28:56
Canadian Rap Star “Drake” Writes Letter To Obama About Use Of Drones 00:14:47
More Criminal Fraud: ‘Obamacare’ Transfers $100-$300 Billion/Year from 99% to 1% 00:02:30