Posted on November 13, 2013

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Doctor's Observation About Obamacare 23:32:32
This Couple Is Really Good & Her Facial Expressions Are Priceless! 23:24:15
One Chart Shows The Magnitude Of US Naval Dominance 23:04:30
Prayer Request 23:02:35
Hillary Clinton Vows to Reform Broken Healthcare Law! 21:41:26
America and Israel Created a Monster Computer Virus Which Now Threatens Nuclear Reactors Worldwide 21:31:44
Charges For Impeachment Against Eric Holder Moving Foward 21:31:16
I think I might have to start going to church! Hallelujah ! 21:22:54
Rachel Maddow bashed Rand last week, but as usual, nobody watched 21:04:42
The FBI Claims MIT PhD Candidate, Ryan Shapiro’s FOIA Research will “Irreparably Damage National Security” 16:47:28
Rand Paul grills Homeland Security Nominee 16:27:30
1 high-ranking military officer shown the door every 8.8 days since 2009 15:59:39
Nigel Farage - Remembering the 5th of November 15:33:30
Ted Cruz Backs Rand Paul’s Strategy for Audit the Fed Vote 14:36:03
HTGA: Montana Releases Map Of All Gun Owners 13:46:52 Raises The Dead: Taps USPS For Sunday Delivery 13:31:07
Jacob Hornberger, Violence & The Drug War tonight on The Allison Bricker Show (7p-9p EST) 18:57:20
Should cops be required to wear video cameras at all times? 12:26:59
Ryan Ferguson Freed After Spending Almost a Decade in Prison for Murder 11:42:03
It's Your Fault 11:25:26
Exposing the Pentagon’s New African Empire (RPC) 10:46:02
Surprise! Ron Paul left out of history book on 2012 election 10:45:45
Longer School Days in Store for Some in 5 States 10:40:29
Police State - Who’s to Blame for Battlefield America? Is It Militarized Police or the Militarized Culture? (RPI) 10:04:19
RNC Subcommittee Meets this Week to Consider 2016 Presidential Election Changes ( 10:00:20
I support the farmers! 09:56:52
Markets In Turmoil - Stocks Sliding As Bitcoin Tops $400 09:48:52
Federal Reserve Whistleblower Tells America The REAL Reason For Quantitative Easing 09:45:09
Tina Turner formally relinquishes U.S. Citizenship 08:31:16
Rush Limbaugh: We need more people like Justin Amash in congress to save this country 07:22:34
Obamascare - BOOM! One Million Californians Lose Healthcare Insurance, Cancellations Notices Sent Out 06:09:06
Ron Paul- What Some Black People Think 03:12:34
When Words Fail Us 01:59:18
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Ben Swann interviewed on IW Nightly News, Nov 13, 2013: "Just Us" Jury Nullification + Ibragim Todashev FBI-Murder Update! 23:51:16
Russian Lawmaker Proposes Bill To Outlaw US Dollars 23:42:59
Obama, Key Democrats to Pivot to Murder Control 23:26:54
Pentagon acknowledges controversial deals with dozens of companies tied to terrorists;refuses to terminate them 23:22:35
Stone-tipped spears predate existence of humans 23:13:38
Guest Post: Obama’s Secret Treaty Which Will Merge America More Deeply Into The Emerging One World Economic System 23:03:30
Rand Paul: "It was a regulation written by President Obama, three months later." 22:55:45
Tina Turner expatriates the selfish way 22:50:51
Police One's Gun Control Survey has positive results 22:48:05
Our Friends Are Killing Us - Chuck Baldwin 22:46:05
Dark Journalist: JFK Breakthrough - The Lost Jim Garrison Documentary 22:43:31
Anybody with video equipment want to help knock Graham out? 22:35:16
I Would Like To Make A Simple Point 22:28:38
I had $10K stolen from me in Bitcoin! 22:19:47
Laissez Faire Today: Has the Fed Met Its Match? 22:08:35
The sickest video in a long time ! Not for the faint hearted 22:01:14
Interview: Blue Republican successes and future - and the Third Party Debates for 2016! 21:57:39
Edwin Cannan, 1916 England 21:53:34
Israel Makes Biggest Push Forward in Illegal Settlements "in Decades," White House "Concerned" 21:52:25
The Obamacare Exchange Scorecard: Around 100,000 Enrollees And Five Million Cancellations 21:24:30
How the TPP Will Affect the US 21:21:03
College Students Face Expulsion For Using Licensed Handgun to Defend Against 6-Time Felon 21:17:14
Alert: Melissa Melton & Aaron Dykes also targeted by Hackers attempting to entrap REAL Media Journalists w/ Child Porn Emails! 21:06:57
Video: GATA's Bill Murphy on 15 Years of Gold Manipulation 21:03:12
ObamaCare and the Law of Unintended Consequences: 100K Enrolled; 5 Million Dropped from Health Insurance 21:01:01
Supreme Courts Considers Limiting the Right of Unions to Organize 20:57:59
What Does The Fox Say? According To The Free Market: A Lot! 20:34:51
Jim Rickards interviewed on RT's Boom Bust, Nov 11, 2013: Recession of 2014 & Greek Islands for Sale! 20:27:33
Charlie Rose Interviews Ron Paul (9/19/13) 20:22:49
80 People Executed in North Korea for 'pornography' 20:16:47
Freethought San Marcos: Criminal Justice and the Michael Morton case 19:49:09
Wisconsin Takes Historic Step Towards Legalizing Raw Milk 19:26:44
Asymmetric Information: Chick Flicks 19:18:30
Remember Wal-Mart Giving Away Unlimited EBT Access? This Insider Reveals Who Really Paid the Bill 18:47:51
Interesting Developments In France - 18:37:00
Wikileaks: draft text for the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership)- Intellectual Property Rights Chapter 18:22:00
Rand Paul speaks to cadets at The Citadel, blasts Hillary Clinton for failures in Benghazi 18:06:00
Ted Cruz: ObamaCare Is Unfixable, It's Time to Start Over 17:35:27
Do you need to sign an agreement with banks or Sterling Currency Group for buying or cashing in dinars? 17:31:59
Seattle Police Announce ‘Mesh Network’ Deactivation Following Major Document Leak 17:18:00
A 'Man Made' Super Typhoon: Dutchsinse destroys Main Stream Hit Piece 16:56:05
Judge Could Torpedo NSA Surveillance Programs Monday 15:58:44
Graph - Opium cultivation in Afghanistan 15:46:20
11 ObamaCare Ads So Desperate Only Pathetic Losers Think They’re Cool 15:26:43
Grid test open thread, please report poltergeists, email outages, down sites here. 15:01:17
This guy nails it fighting Tyranny. 14:57:19
How the Stock Market Is Rigged, According to a Robo-Trading Whistleblower 14:45:27
Letter Defending A.J. Spiker, Chairman of Iowa GOP (is under fire for being a Ron Paul supporter) 14:37:32
Jim Rogers - All central banks printing at the same time for first time in history! 14:14:39
Central banks are making a terrible mistake - Jim Rogers 14:09:53
Individualism Trumps 13:42:42
A legitimate use for the Utah Data Center 13:17:45
'I used to think US best country for privacy & freedom' - Lavabit founder. 12:59:38
Open thread on the supposed "drill" to "simulate" physical and cyber attacks on America's electrical and power infrastructure... 12:43:22
Macklemore Makes Anti Police Brutality ACLU Commercial. 12:19:33
Congressional Democrats Give WH 72 Hours to Fix Obamacare Disaster 12:04:38
Obamacare's Mystery Woman Says She Fell Victim to Cyberbullies 11:31:43
Distractions 11:24:02
Trial by Forum Jury 10:51:34
'Oldest signs of life on Earth found. 3.5 billion year old microbs... 10:11:28
Syria Civil War collapsing as Syrian Kurds creating own autonomous regional authority 08:30:01
Russian warship visits Egypt for first time in decades 08:20:31
UW to provide training on managing pain with marijuana 08:11:56
Unintended consequences: US ethanol revolution causes 'ecological disaster' 05:34:14
Question: Why is the US Federal Govt in the Business of regulating High-Speed Cameras that film @ 10MILLION Frames Per Second? 04:44:03
Public banking in Costa Rica: A remarkable little-known model 04:36:39
People power! France to postpone contested new truck tax by six months - tax revolt spreads 04:32:44
How China holds the power over the life or death over the entire U.S. financial system 04:28:40
I've seen it, I know I have - Draft of Patriot Act dated before 9-11-01 03:46:44
Give Me Liberty! by Gerry Spence 02:58:20
Israel Halts Plans to Explore New Settlements 02:25:42
Occupy Wall Street Charity Purchases $15M of American Medical Debt 01:54:38
I Wanna Grow Up To Be a Politician 01:53:31
An apparent dead cause! 01:35:41
Bob Dylan: With God On Our Side (Best Version) 01:05:20
OBAMACARE, Cluster PHUCK Of All Time!: Setting Brush Fires In The Minds Of Americans 00:43:06
The 'Legend' in the Raw Flesh: This Is What an Uncooked McRib Looks Like 00:29:36