Posted on November 14, 2013

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Car Mechanic Dreams Up a Tool to Ease Births 23:43:42
What Is The Real Agenda Of The American Police State? Paul Craig Roberts 22:50:25
Lawrence O'Donnell Calls On Hollywood Liberal Organization To Honor Ron Paul! 20:19:32
Puppycide: Can a Documentary Save Dogs? A call to action to end unaccountable shootings of house pets by police 19:53:41
Video: Stossel investigates 'The Rise of Libertarians' and interviews Ron Paul (full episode added) 19:45:35
US crushes 6 tons of illegal ivory to send message to poachers 19:44:11
Letter to my CO 19:42:08
Public Outrage Over Seattle Police “Spy-Fi” Surveillance System 16:01:36
Little boy shuts up drill sergeant, fast. Sometimes children need something other than discipline. 15:25:28
New Fed Chair Nominee Yellen Opposes Rand Paul’s ‘Audit the Fed’ bill 15:15:59
Judge Napolitano responds to president's allowing people to keep cancelled healthcare plans.. 14:43:45
“Will the Paranoids Please Raise Their Hands?” 14:16:11
ObamaCare Pace Car 13:54:36
CNBC Video - Peter Schiff: "Gold Is Being Undermined By The Fantasy Of A US Recovery" 13:34:36
Justin Amash calls into radio show, owns Brian Ellis 13:33:46
Sen. Rand Paul: 'Hillary's Inaction To Provide Security In Benghazi Should Preclude Her From Ever Holding High Office' (VIDEO) 13:14:50
Rand Paul On Senate Floor: "Enough Is Enough! Mr. President You Said We Could Keep Our Health Insurance" (VIDEO) 13:00:00
Ben Swann: Did FBI Execute Ibragim Todashev, the Friend of Boston Bombing Suspect, During Interrogation? 12:45:03
"Let Me Be Clear..." 12:14:32
Eustace Mullins Predicted the Obamacare Theft 20yrs Ago 11:01:56
Obama’s Secret Treaty Which Will Merge America More Deeply Into The Emerging One World Economic System 10:01:05
Drawing memories from childhood #homeschooling ideas 07:30:16
What is the Libertarian Stance on Mandatory Labeling? 07:23:24
Earth Poles shifted? I agree w/MSDNC's Larry O'Donnell? Yes, Hollywood SHOULD praise Ron Paul endorsing an End to Death Penalty! 05:26:56
Video - Women of Masanjia Slave Labor Camp 02:52:44
America’s Largest Children’s Book Publisher, Scholastic, Erases Israel from the Map in a New Children’s Book! 02:51:25
Just wanted to say thanks. 01:57:25
Ben Swann vs Luke Rudkowski: Journalistic Ethics 01:46:38
NSA Can Track Your Location Even When Your Phone is Turned Off 01:22:55
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New Mexico Liberty Senate Candidate Unites Factions 23:43:44
Your Favorite Music Album of All Time 23:22:20
Super Edgy Comedian, Bill Maher, Tells Hilarious New Rape Joke 23:18:33
. 23:13:04
new cameras and white boxes in my town this week 23:03:23
Another woman stripped naked by male guards, tased. Other women recorded naked while using bathroom, changing 22:41:42
Sandy Hook Prosecutor Sedensky seeks to hide 911 Tapes 22:34:37
Homeland Security must disclose ‘Internet Kill Switch,’ court rules 22:10:39
Boston Globe Says Todashev Died in a "Shootout" After Being Shot in the Back of the Head 22:02:27
Florida Man Accused of Impersonating Cop for Discounted Doughnuts 21:42:07
The Myth of Enlightened Leadership and the Challenge of True Freedom 21:24:36
Hunting Trip 21:18:35 - EXCLUSIVE: President Obama Once Again Says You “Can Keep Your Coverage” 21:08:02
Woodman Is Talking About It - 3 years ago... 20:57:36
Help Starving Children In The Philippines. 20:39:09
Washington State Will Not Allow Continuation Of Policies Cancelled 20:30:03
Unexpected links in the murders of JFK, John Lennon and Olof Palme 19:43:52
The rise of the libertarians? 19:37:56
Do you want to know what its like to be in a rocket? Chris Hadfield gives an awesome interview. 19:31:23
'Killer Robots' could be outlawed 19:04:04
Bernie’s Rainbow Lighter Belt in ‘Silver Circle’ 17:29:41
House Republicans to try to impeach U.S. Attorney General Holder 17:18:53
Live Bitcoin Debate Challange 17:15:42
More Taxpayers Are Abandoning the U.S. 17:03:44 - What seems obvious to me is that it is being used as a tool... 16:38:03
Idiots Deluxe 16:06:29
In Times of Tyranny, Democracy Is Liberty's Friend 15:59:02
Kodak Moment 15:57:40
Were you a delegate to the 2012 GOP National Convention? Notre Dame needs you for this survey! 15:56:16
America Need More People Like This: Internet Owner of Lavabit Faces $10K Fine For Protecting His Users From Federal Spying 15:54:25
Rand Paul: Gov. Christie won because ‘he got a lot of federal money for his state’ 15:53:55
Obama: ‘OK. On the website, I was not informed directly that the website would not be working’ 15:39:39
"What Is Free Banking, and Why Should I Care?" | LearnLiberty 15:11:57
The Two Types Of People And Why Hobbes Was Wrong 15:04:15
Doing Business in America 14:32:00
Toad The Wet Sprocket new studio album "New Constellation" is really good. check it out 14:30:45
Russian Lawmaker Proposes Banning the Dollar 14:22:51
Authoritarians with guns: Mysterious military exercise leads to gruff encounter 14:22:40
Where does Obama get the authority 14:20:43
What the... Hacktivist Group "ANONymous" just ''-ed Warning: Imminent False Flag Attack vs LA scheduled for Nov 15! 14:16:05
WhistleBlower: Secret plot to nuke parts of US. 14:14:07
Boston Globe Tailors Print Edition For Three Remaining Subscribers 13:56:31
A Process of Change... 13:52:34
The Guardian documentary NSA files : Decoded... Coming soon. 13:10:59
Opium production at all time high in Afghanistan according to U.N. report. 12:51:52
23,000 Ethiopians surrender themselves in Saudi Arabia 12:27:57
Developing: Janet Yellen: "Very Concerned Audit Legislation Would Hurt FED Independence" 12:05:53
Call to Action Daily Paul: Let's get Amash to endorse Lee Bright for Senate 12:03:02
Blind man, service dog kicked off US Airways plane; passengers object 12:02:13
NSA tapping links between google and yahoo's data centers infuriating engineers 11:52:59
Obama to Allow Insurers to Renew Canceled Plans, House Democrat Says 11:49:12
Snapchat Spurned $3 Billion Acquisition Offer from Facebook 11:46:02
Adam Kokesh interview on his jail time and 2020 Presidential run, also a donation link-Ben Swann 11:40:58
Chicken SH*IT: USDA To Allow U.S. To Be Overrun With Contaminated Chicken from China 11:31:07
Greg Brannon's Speech | Red State Gathering 2013 | New Orleans, LA 11:23:58
Life’s Best Things 11:05:43
President Obama follows racist twitter account 10:52:19
Buying the Wrong Book, DVD, Got 5,000 Americans Put On "The List" 10:28:45
Americas' Personal Data Shared With CIA & IRS 10:26:18
How to end NSA's snooping on all of us 10:18:17
Obama’s Refusal to Respect Iran’s Sovereignty and Treaty Rights is Leaving America on the Self-Defeating Path to War (RPI) 10:14:15
Mexican fisherman "gang raped". Twice! 10:13:12
Exclusive Interview: Adam Kokesh Opens Up About Jail Time & 2020 Presidential Bid ( 10:11:20
Senate Hearing on Federal Reserve Nomination | Live 10ET 10:09:22
The Economic Recovery is a Fuagzi, a Fake. 10:06:02
Elizabeth Warren to Regulators, Congress: End ‘Too Big to Fail’ 09:38:00
Wearable Tech Is an Expensive Joke 09:24:04
Uk Guardian: Google and Facebook may be our best defenders against Big Brother 08:59:12
Mark Wahlberg Responds to Tom Cruise: "How F*cking Dare You" 08:53:51
Elon Musk. What kind of a name is that? 08:47:46
$900M TSA program to spot bad guys isn't working, gov't report says 08:42:51
Sen. Rand Paul's Veterans Day Speech to the Citadel 08:35:03
Maplight: How Lobbyists Helped Make Our Kids Fat 07:47:18
Elvis the seeker 07:34:12
Russian Lawmaker Wants To Outlaw U.S. Dollar, Calls It A Ponzi Scheme 04:15:16
Time better spent 02:22:47
When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It! by Yogi Berra and Dave Kaplan 02:13:27
Democrats Give Obama 72 Hours to Fix Obamacare Disaster 01:57:42
Rand Paul: I Don't Think America Has To Be In Every War, But I'm Not An Isolationist 01:32:00
The rest of the world no longer wants to be like U.S.- here's why 01:29:22
Congresswoman Jackie Speier - Clear evidence the Pentagon is filled with war profiteers.. 01:21:53
Join The Navy! See The World! And Plunder The American Taxpayers! 01:12:03
TSA Behavior Profiling Not Effective, GAO Report Finds 01:05:58
Occupy Wall Street activists buy $15m of Americans' personal debt 00:26:16