Posted on November 16, 2013

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Heart warming story of the evening... Vietnam Sentences Two Bankers to Death for Fraud 20:57:52
State cop shoots at minivan full of kids. 20:48:44
Texas law professor: ‘Time to repeal and replace the Second Amendment’ 19:02:25
Any interest here in reading my letter to the CEO of Monsanto? 2 of 3 pages completed! 17:12:02
Dark Journalist: JFK Media Cover-Up & The Lost Jim Garrison Documentary! 15:22:42
New 3-D Printer Makes Ladies Panties by the Millions 15:01:53
Justice for Rosie the Dog - Des Moines WA - Cops Shoot and Taze Dog for their own Thrill and Laugh About It. Dash Cam Video 12:00:39
Obama struggles to save his cherished health law 11:46:24
What is so interesting about you that you're worth spying on? Part II 11:40:34
Step by Step Inch by Inch 09:50:07
Constitutional Crisis. Obama has claimed powers of a King. 09:24:09
My son Kyle on Fox 59 this week 08:23:21
I can't believe how much courage this doctor has. 08:17:18
Stand With Rand... Audit the Fed 07:38:07
Liberty, Charity and Defense of the Weak 02:24:20
"If You Liked Your Plan... What Difference Does It Make At This Point!" -Hillary 01:59:11
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Why I'm Leaving The Daily Paul 23:57:28
Town's Teen-Pregnancies Spike Due To One Impressive Youth 23:29:45
WSJ: UnitedHealth drops thousands of doctors from insurance plans 22:33:45
Who Will Be the First Congressman to Say 9/11 Was an Inside Job? 21:39:36
Any Good Recipes for Road Kill? 21:08:23
No Catcalls, Please. I’m Offended and You Are Violent. 20:44:16
You Will Never Drive A Hydrogen Car (Or a Thorium Car btw). 20:32:04
British Journo Details America's Coming Decline in 1973 19:25:23
Why? 19:23:12
ACLU Jumps Into Dzhokhar Sixth Amendment 'Right to Counsel' Motion, Opposes SAMs 17:22:03
Brazilian State Banker flees to escape prison 16:37:49
Jonathan and Jan on climate change. Part 2 15:56:07
Jonathan and Jan on climate change. Part 1 15:52:23
US Vets Peace Team Tear Gassed In Palestine By US-Made Tear Gas 15:36:17
It can no longer be fixed! 15:28:49
Libertarian Party needs "your help for some upcoming ballot access battles." 13:23:54
Bitcoin at $450: China's 'boundless' bitcoin boom is driven by savings ethics 12:06:55
I wonder what Snowden thinks about Pussy Riot 10:53:20
12 Reasons Why Obama Is One of the Best Presidents Ever 09:55:36
CIA personnel asked to sign additional non-disclosure form after Benghazi attack 09:37:32
A fateful decision that might have saved JFK's life 05:38:43
"Audio Wars". Using soundwaves to disable electronics. 05:27:07
A neuroscientist's radical theory of how networks become conscious 05:19:40
Increasing exploitation of labor: The United States in the last forty years 05:15:24
Congressman Louie Gohmert Warns of Obamacare “Secret Security Force” 05:08:49
Robin Temple American Servicewoman has a video going viral that tells a harrowing tale about her experience with the VA 04:01:12
Self-Identified Liberals and Democrats Do Badly on Questions of Basic Economics 03:17:15
Republican Gun-Grabber Lamar Smith Exposed 03:01:57
Funk! 02:50:30
Swedish govt tells hotel made of ice to put in fire alarm 01:45:55
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